Saturday, September 30, 2006

they start early these days :op

remember adeeb? no, he’s no longer afraid of me or even my mama when our tanduks are out. in fact, he’s rather cheeky now that he’s all grown. i think he learnt it from us all; the big bullies.

that’s my younger sister, bibots a.k.a. ita, carrying adeeb. she’s all grown up now + she’s got wisdom, i tell you. she’ll only be 22 in november october. her taste in movies is like huh! she digs la marche de l’empereur + at the moment she’s having a good time with my collection of bajakan + a few original dvds. poor mama, she’s gonna freak out; my movies are dead boring to her, bibots’s are no different. oh ya! sorry muz, she’s got a boyfriend. :op

anyways, this post is about adeeb.

lets get back to this tiny tots named adeeb, who’s one year and a bit. yeah, adeeb. don’t you think his picture shouts mischievous, a bart simpson in the making? no? what? he's cute? fine. oh and he’s a drama king as well; i just couldn’t comprehend why the elderly could fall for his exaggeration. my sister and i just went, “tsk!” + ignored his tantrum, after a bit, he suddenly stopped in bewilderment. gotcha!

a warning to you ladies out there: i know, i know, you’d want to hug him, kiss him. “oooOOoooOOooohhhh he’s so adorable.” yeah, yeah, you bet! but really, if you see adeeb + you’re wearing a press button kebaya, stay well away from him. i mean it, this is no joke. i live to tell my experience...

gila ke nak cerita kat sini?????

but if you must know, not even two seconds after that incident, adeeb impudently went laughing. hoih!!!! oh, and this was at a felda perdana wedding. full house.

i assume no one was aware of the incident for it took place well before dinner was served + peeps sure ate heartily. so no! no one saw.

Friday, September 29, 2006

old friends

they were my lepak-in-central-market-to-watch-this-indonesian malay-bloke-busking friends. those were the days.

jaja + ghose were with us as well for berbuka.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


the current demonisation of the muslims, the never ending brutal slaughter and destruction taking place in the name of ethnic and national conflict; they all exist because of one reason, which is unfortunately a sordid aspect of human nature - the yearn for 'exclusivity'.

part of the challenge for human civilisation is to tame the atomistic tendencies towards greater and greater disintegration based on exclusive identity.

i reckon, we should not ignore or deny the need for such identities, but work at them by fusing them with more inclusive sense of identity and by helping people to recognise and nurture their commonality with others instead of always glorifying and celebrating the differences and exclusivity.

islam teaches solidarity and respect but we too fall victim to this desire. we frequently condemn others; their religion and their way of life. all because we're muslims and they are not; the desire for 'exclusivity' contributed to this. the hunger for 'exclusivity' gave birth to al-arqam, al-maunah and the like.

bersempena ramadhan, lets reflect.