Sunday, January 29, 2006

List of Racial Discrimination in Malaysia

these are being discussed in the parallel world and things are normally being blown out of proportion due to lack of interaction between both worlds.

an independent body, BBC online news, stated in their "country profile" that Malaysia has "multi-ethnic and multi-religious society encompasses a majority Muslim population and an economically-powerful Chinese community".

malaysia airlines new guy at the helm is a non-muslim and non-malay bumiputera, why not highlight that?

statistics can be manipulated, and the spirit behind some of the government policies was misrepresented.


The list was posted here:

Friday, January 27, 2006

non-hollywood foreign films

my hunting list this long weekend, just so i don't forget:

thank goodness for DVD bajakans, you'll never find them films from mainstream retailers.

parlez vous francais?

thanks to reading Nad's blog, now i have this french kiddie song stuck in my head. ladies, yes you who are familiar with the song, please sing with me ...

Je m'baladais sur l'avenue, le cœur ouvert a l'inconnu.
J'avais envie de dire bonjour a n'importe qui
N'importe qui et ce fut toi, je t'ai dit n'importe quoi,
Il suffisait de te parler, pour t'apprivoiser.

Aux Champs-élysées, tu du du du du, aux Champs-élysées, tu du du du du
Au soleil, sous la pluie, a midi ou a minuit,
Il y a tout ce que vous voulez aux Champs-élysées

Tu m'as dit "J'ai rendez-vous dans un sous-sol avec des fous,
Qui vivent la guitare a la main, du soir au matin".
Alors je t'ai accompagné, on a chanté, on a dansé
Et l'on n'a même pas pense -- a s'embrasser

Aux Champs-élysées, tu du du du du, aux Champs-élysées, tu du du du du
Au soleil, sous la pluie, a midi ou a minuit,
Il y a tout ce que vous voulez aux Champs-élysées

Thursday, January 26, 2006

humbling, sobering flick of bitter truth

Title: LA ULTIMA CENA (The Last Supper)
Director: Tomás Gutiérrez Alea
Country: Cuba
Year: 1976

This brilliantly acted scathing black comedy from Cuban satirist is a dish that’s bitter to taste and hard to stomach. Alea got into the soul, and the ancestral Cuban codes: the religious syncretism, the racism, the superb, the old glories and the absolute lack of respect for the human being.

The movie depicts the tension between the powerful, wishing to reach a narcissistic climax (be like Christ), and the abused wishing to reach freedom. This hugely enjoyable result, evoking both Brecht and Buñuel, is a trenchant and ironic fable of religious hypocrisy.

Christianity was once a great tool of oppression and domination. This film exemplifies what Christian hypocrites did to decimate the African world-view.

The majority of Alea's picture takes place at the dinner table. As such, The Last Supper is predominantly a conversation piece. My favourite scenes involved storytelling, done in the traditional African manner, by different slaves.

That powerful statement pronounced by the leader of the slaves when he masks with a pig head and says, "One day the lie machete the truth while it was sleeping and since then the body of the truth walks around the world with the head of the untrue", still resounds in my mind and spirit.

The Last Supper offers a thought-provoking meditation on master hood and servitude, freedom and bondage.

Go for this unusual and strong film.

P.S. Cuba was able to produce a provocative movie with such fierceness and dark poetry in 1970s, it’s no wonder THE absolute imperial state insisted on imposing sanctions on them.

Chicken or what enche semak? Pok! Pok! Pok! Pok! Pok!


Izan made me go brisk walk twice last weekend. She came abruptly in front of my house on the two occasions with her bicycle and she made me walk by her around the block in my bohemian skirt, tak sesuai! (Yes, I’m lovingly complaining about you trying to help me.)

Getting the subliminal message she’s trying to convey, I bought a kickboxing DVD. I was all excited to do kickboxing again. So, Monday night I went through the routine.

I felt good.

Come the tummy toning exercise which had required me to recline, I suffered amnesia. Suddenly, I heard a man’s voice roaring into a laughing fit. I remembered I was the only one at home, I got confused and so I peeled my eyes open to see my brother in his full uniform. He went, “Macam mana boleh zone out masa exercise nih? Tak logic laa Ya.”

Yeah, funny!


I just discovered that my senior from A levels is a grandson of Muhammad Asri bin Haji Muda, that explains everything. I used to find this senior intimidating, the way he used to try to slice my mind open to have a peep. Whenever I see that coming, I’ll put my Perempuan Gila II (as Ray introduced me to his friends) mask on as defence.

(If you are one of my passive readers, well a shout out to you … hehe!)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

cuban crux?

cuban films: a reminder

The Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in collaboration with National Art Galleryrequest the pleasure of your company to the screening of Cuban films in conjunction with the visit of Mr. Sergio Corrieri Hernandez, renowned Cuban moviedirector and actor


National Art Gallery
No. 2, Jalan Temerloh,Off Jalan Tun Razak53200 Kuala Lumpur

Cuban Films Schedule: ( Wednesday, 25th January )
Un Hombre de Exito (A Successful Man) @ 4.00 p.m.
Miel Para Oshun (Honey for Oshun) @ 6.00 p.m
La Ultima Cena (Last Supper) @ 8.00 p.m.

All screenings are free and with English subtitles.

For more information, please contact The Embassy of The Republic of Cuba
Tel: (03) 2691 1066 Fax: (03) 2691 1141

pesanan penaja

key remarks by Fidel Castro Ruz

Dear compatriots:

At the onset of this march on the perfidious and provocative representatives ofimperialism, I wish to reiterate what I said on Sunday in my closing remarks to theheroic people of our beloved homeland, to the noble American people and to the worldpublic opinion. "The United States government is deliberately in pursuit of the following objectives: "First, the release of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, who was trained by USauthorities -Bush Sr. included- and used to perpetrate monstrous crimes against theCuban people. Recruited in 1961, this repulsive character was trained to carry outspecial operations during the Bay of Pigs invasion. He and Orlando Bosch, officiallypardoned by Bush Sr., subsequently received rigorous training to execute despicableacts of terrorism against Cuba. Likewise, he was given instruction to take part inOperation Condor, an international terrorist organization responsible for odiouscrimes against Latin American personalities. He is the mind behind the midairbombing of a Cubana de Aviación airliner, which claimed the lives of 73 people, offthe coasts of Barbados, on October 6, 1976. Taken out of a Venezuelan prison by theCIA on August 18, 1985, he immediately became involved in the dirty war againstNicaragua, supplying weapons to the 'contras' in El Salvador and introducing drugsin the United States in the same planes that brought them weapons. For over fourdecades, Luis Posada Carriles maintained close ties with US intelligence agencies,received financing from various administrations and was used by the Cuban AmericanNational Foundation in attempts to assassinate the Cuban head of state. Efforts bythe current US President, and a pardon signed by Panamanian President MireyaMoscoso, finally secured his release from prison on August 26, 2004. Then, taken toa Central American country under protection from the US government, he wasauthorized to secretly enter the United States. Between March 18 and 20, 2005, heentered the country on the Santrina, a yacht captained by the notorious terroristSantiago Álvarez, a man who, strangely enough, is also being held for weaponstrafficking and gross violations of US national security laws. These are irrefutablefacts. "Second, the current US administration has utterly failed in its efforts to isolateand stifle Cuba economically. But it does not accept this failure, and growsdangerously desperate. "Third, the government of the United States has done everything in its power toplease the Cuban American terrorist mafia, which resorted to fraud, in Florida, toput President George W. Bush in office. "Fourth, President Bush and his administration have committed themselves toimplementing a macabre transition plan in Cuba, an act of flagrant interference inthe internal affairs of our country, which would return it to a state ofbackwardness. "Fifth, the government of the United States has implemented every imaginable measureto deprive Cuba of completely legitimate sources of income. It has made it moredifficult for people to send remittances to Cuba and even, callously, forbidden, ormade it next to impossible, for Cuban-born US residents to visit their relatives onthe island. "Sixth, under pressure from the Cuban-American mob, and as one their next step, thegovernment of the United States is intent on openly violating the US - CubaMigratory Accords. "Seventh: The government of the United States is looking for any pretext to prevent,at all costs, the sales of agricultural products to Cuba, which have been growing,while our country has paid every cent on time during five years, something thatgovernment did not expect from a blockaded nation facing constant aggression. "Eighth, the government of the United States, unhappy about President Carter'sdecision of May 30, 1977, is intent on breaking the minimal diplomatic links whichexist between Cuba and the United States today. The gross acts of provocation of theUS Interests Section in Havana do not and could not have a different objective. "The Bush administration is well aware that no government on earth can tolerate suchan affront to its dignity and sovereignty. "Cuba's attitude, and its response to the empire's provocations, will be entirelypeaceful, but we shall counter the insult with all the strength of our moralfortitude and we shall persist in our determination to fight to the death, againstwhatever act of belligerence of the restless and brutal empire that threatens us.Let no one for a minute forget the oath of Maceo, our Bronze Titan, when he saidthat 'whosoever attempts to take possession of Cuba shall conquer but theblood-soaked ground beneath his feet, if he does not first perish in battle'. I will be witnessing this march together with our spirited children and studentswho, from the Anti-imperialist Square, will encourage our brave and combative peoplethat will be marching today on this perfidious and provocative representation, thesame as they will march on to battle against any aggressor.

Homeland or death!We shall overcome!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

bapak guwe


my parents married young; when they were 20. when they started working, they had to play adult and raise me and later my other siblings. now that we've all grown up and can take care of ourselves, they started playing kids. :op

the story:

my father is doing his part-time PhD for the fun of it. hence, him hogging the PC but luckily he's buta IT so he won't be flirting online like some people do. *wink! wink!* my mom warned him to not bring the cars to university and so bapak goes to uni on his prize winning vespa.

bapak never had the chance to be a mat rempit during his youth, so his new found adventure is making him leave his cars. sometimes, when we are going to the same destination, he'd take the bike and we'd go with the car. if ever we berselisih, he'll do little stunts to entertain us. bravo!

anyways, last night he came back from uni all excited to pour his heroic mat rempit-ness adventure. when relating his story, he'll append sound effects as well as stunt demonstrations.

my mom and i, of course, had to put our dead interested mask on.

last night was different, there was an additional twist in the plot. he goes, "bapak dah sampai bus stop, i saw stream of girls lining up for the bus. lepas tu bapak ......". i was puzzled, "lepas tu bapak apa?". mama told me, "tengok laa tu!"

i turned to look. oh bapak ku! he kempiskan his perut............

Monday, January 23, 2006

mind boggling, heart rendering

the multitude of events uncovered last weekend made me think.

maybe the puan sri(s) and datin(s) were right. maybe there's no such thing as true love. maybe my previous relationships with non-malays, non-muslim really dulled my senses and blurred my sight. made me blind to the fact of the matter; there's no such thing as fate, soulmates or true love for the malays. in their world, fate, soulmates and true love does exist but not in ours. in our world, the code of conduct is marry the woman of your choice, 1, 2, 3 or 4. titik!

such romantic i was! what to do, my grandparents conned me into believing that there are soulmates. they were so lovey dovey til-death-do-us-part. when one is not in their best state, the other would sense it. i guess back then maybe, everything was simpler, the social values and belief system were different then.

henceforward, i concluded - relationship, after the romance is over, is about making best with whom you are with.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

broken children?

yesterday, an old friend who i've not seen for ages rang and told me that he needed someone who listens. brilliant! a code for, "hey perempuan, i need to nick you for a bit so that i can entertain you with my problems". yup! when bogged down with baffling situation, only then i get to see these friends. i was like, "sure we can meet for a bit". with that i dragged my feet to the famous mamak spot i'm sure you know which.

his problem? typical...

i felt like shoving my pair of flip flop (not the red Gap, definitely) down his throat.

i mean he and his wife are blessed with the cutest boy one could ask for. like many other parents, selfishly they embroiled themselves in "adult fights" forgetting that there's a little person hurting. don't assume that if you do the fighting in your room or outside, your children wouldn't know, often they do.

i've done voluntary work with children from broken homes and i've seen the damage parents do unto their children. and i've got friends who as adults are still bleeding from watching how dysfunctional their parents' relationship were. one friend, at the age of 31 is still reliving over and over the trauma he experienced up until he was 15, after which his parents split, the wound is still sore. he doesn't believe in marriage now.

even the band, papa roach, are deeply hurt and outraged by their dysfunctional families, what is amazing is how profoundly they feel about their youth experiences in the midst of their current success.

in their song "broken home" they expressed grief at an absent father. everything from crime to emotional instability rises dramatically when the father is "never ever there". the value of a father in a child's life cannot even begin to be expressed. it is no coincidence that most juvenile delinquents were fatherless growing up. single mothers can raise up great children with a lot of hard work and love, but there is no replacement for a strong, caring male in the household.

if musical groups are now singing such heartfelt songs, how many thousands of them children must be feeling exactly the same way? without, of course, an audience that cares to listen.

you bring life into this world, with it comes responsibility. (psst! pinat, a good excuse not to have babies?!)

so parents, listen up, this kid who hasn't eaten enough salt has got something to say. do everything, everything in your power to give your children the best you have — time, love, patience, listening ear, or whatever else they need. they need it. they want it. if there are problems in your hubby-wifey relationship, don't laa amplify, try to solve it amicably, kesian us children. *wegra tengah perasan children, perasan cute*

mama! bapak! where are you? you two go dating, you leave me at home alone with the cats! uhuk! uhuk! uhuk!

*gambar ibubapa prihatin sebagai perhiasan*


Dear friends,

We are continuing to collect signatures for the petition on the Islamic Family Laws as it is far from over!

You have heard by now that the Cabinet has put on hold the gazetting of the Islamic Family Law Act (FT). While this is good news for women in theFederal Territories , women in 12 other states continue to be subjected to these amendments, which were made to their respective Islamic family laws over the last few years. Also, women throughout the country continue to face hardship and injustice due to many other discriminatory sections in the rest of the Islamic Family Laws.

The passion, commitment, support and action of many Malaysians created the significant and historic Cabinet decision. So, let us keep that momentum going because this is only just the beginning and the demands are as urgent and valid as ever. We need to ensure that the government hears our collective demands for a Muslim Family Law that is truly just.

So, do sign on and forward this to your friends as well. We sincerely appreciate your support.

1. The link for the petition on-line is

2. If you would like an email address to communicate with, theaddress for this petition is

Warm regards,

Toni Kasim

Friday, January 20, 2006

my toyboy

Since everyone is blogging about their girlfriends and boyfriends...

Meet my toyboy, Balakrishnan A/L Applanaidu, who I fondly call Bala. His Muslim name is Bob, but I didn’t sunat him because I’m not that skilled a photographer, it’ll mean harder work to produce good pictures if he gets sunated.

Bala has been loyal to me since I started work. He requires special 120 medium format film, which I had to buy from a Kodak sales and marketing guy. The stupid sales and marketing guy is moving to another company next month, which means I have to tackle another sales and marketing guy so that I’ll get my usual supply at supplier’s price. Ish!

Bala is a simple plastic camera; nothing like Cekya’s Lumix, Ah Beng’s Nikon or Enche Zul’s Leica and even the cameras Enche Zuhri is contemplating buying. Wegra paid about 45 quid for Bala. Bala is also very the stubborn, ala ala degil terlampau gituh! I feed him a composition with detailed specs, he’ll produce something else. His end results always baffled me. Oh, but then maybe it me; I'm the crappy photographer here. Nonetheless, people compliment our team effort as creative. Even the light leaks people say creative. I always shy2 cat and answered that it was Bala, he’s got that creative soul. But after saying that people would look at me one kind, probably thinking I’m a looney case. So now I take the compliments and stash them under my bed. Sorry, Bala!

Here are sample pictures by Bala’s siblings owned by other Holga enthusiasts. *Wegra doesn’t have the time to scan our photos and upload here*

p.s. visit the Mancunian lomographers' site:



The Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in collaboration with National Art Gallery request the pleasure of your company
to the screening of Cuban films
in conjunction with the visit of Mr. Sergio Corrieri Hernandez, renowned Cuban movie director and actor


National Art Gallery
No. 2, Jalan Temerloh,Off Jalan Tun Razak
53200 Kuala Lumpur

Cuban Films Schedule: ( Wednesday, 25th January )
Un Hombre de Exito (A Successful Man) @ 4.00 p.m.
Miel Para Oshun (Honey for Oshun) @ 6.00 p.m
La Ultima Cena (Last Supper) @ 8.00 p.m.

All screenings are free and with English subtitles.
Ting! Tong! Cekya mau ikoot?! Their movies are very the class...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

how time flies

apparently, this was one year ago ...
... was it because of my wedding gift or my parents' that baby zana came quick? ;op

happy anniversary you both!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

arina's first birthday bash

more preety peektures @

proyek komunitas propinsi subang jaya

Last night I was relating to my mate, Hefle about this old friend who rang and didn't sound normal; this time round his voice went all menggeletar. I thought, "Apahal mamat ni?", cut the conversation short and hung up. Apparently, according to "How to tell if a guy likes you" magazine articles, I'm not supposed to do that. And more, that could be a sign that he's got a crush. Oops!

Yeah, come on, call me daft! Yes, do laugh at me! Oh wait, let me lay a rug on the floor so that you can roll on it. Rather, I should tickle myself as well so that we can roll together gether.

Hey, this is embarassing OK. Like I'm two years over quarter century old, yet I'm as blind as a bat. I cried you know (whilst laughing with Hefle at my blunder, poor friend...)

Sorry kids, you have to find other KAKAK for advice on boy girl matter. This KAKAK is very the useless one.

Oits! What to do laa wehhhh ... I haven't been doing the meeting boy game for almost 6 years now; been in the longest fruitless relationship. Dah berkarat OK.

Oh and Kairin recently enlightened me that if a guy out of the blue asks you out it means on a date, not bergebang kengkawan style. Really?! No wonder THEY went running like a speeding bullet, after. Sigh! Talking about missed opportunities.

The remedy, according to Hefle, is to drop the ilmiah books/magazines and to start reading the bodo bodo magazines (in her own words), especially on "How to tell if a guy likes you".

So, babes, any recommendation?

Monday, January 16, 2006

mere gibberish

Yesterday, I attended a talk, just as an observer; curious to find out what the hu-has was all about.

I saw my other favourite writer, yet again. Sigh! My Nenek Taiping used to tell us about his cousin who had gotten into a car accident with his wife; this writer's parents. Anyways, this writer went asking the panel a question. He joked, "Hi! I'm ..... (name ommited to protect his privacy :op). I'm a Muslim man, I'm sorry!" hehehe! He's so cute! Well, if others don't find him cute pun because I was so smitten by his first book, whatever he does I find most adorable. :op

From reading books by Afghan authors, watching Afghan movies and hanging out with an Afghan bloke, I realised the way Islam is being taught in Malaysia is similar in that of the Afghans prior Taliban. This regression; the reduced and ignored women's rights in the new ammended law I find most disturbing. And the fact a Malay bloke in his 30s/40s stood up to say that the panelists does not have authority to speak on this matter as they do not hold a degree in Islamic Studies was a let down. Them being well read, well versed means nothing, I suppose. It's like he is saying I cannot be where I am for I do not hold a degree in arts and design, business studies etc? I have to find a job in auditing firms or what banks, simply because of the piece of paper I hold? Oh and I'm confused, we are not Catholics here, or are we?!

Since I'm in the whining mode, lets continue whining. To members of the press with cameras: When your victim is having her "contemporary" kuih lapis, admiring the pisang the cook managed to wedge between the lapis, don't laa go and sergah her. When she goes shell shocked and went staring into your camera blankly, sapa rugi, your rolling filem jugak. So, please take note ye.

But I guess there is still hope, this morning I read a letter to the editor from a Malay lad in Ipoh, praising the PM for putting the gasettement of this new bill in FT on hold. I'm not sure if he realised, tho, that this means a temporary reprieve for women in the FT ONLY but women in 11 states in Malaysia are ALREADY affected by the laws that were passed in their states. I know, we still live in a patriarchy society. We are from privilaged background, we are educated, this new bill may never steer close to our doorstep pun. If our man buat hal, we can always pick up the pieces and move on. It's our sisters who are not empowered and their children this fight is for, I presumed.

I nak pindah Morroco lah; it has the best Islamic Family Law... boo-huhu! Hurted Malay men don't sayang their women...

Friday, January 13, 2006

adik2 guwe

happy nyer diorang ...

my brother, emi and elle

my sister, ita and fiezzy

this may, i'm going over to bully them. miah! miah! miah!

and while we're on the topic UK, lemme introduce to y'all another beautiful addition to the neo-soul family; the UK duo - Floetry. Their album "Flo'ology" is pure honey. Their sass and soul tracks that I love - "Let Me In", "Lay Down", "Feelings", "Sometimes You Make Me Smile" and "I'll Die".

Word of warning, not suitable for them who doesn't understand the Blacks' twang or rather lingo.

Floetry - I'll Die

If I stay right here,
I’ll die inside.
Ran out of tears,
I can barely get by.
It’s fair to say,
That we tried.
You know I wanna stay,
If I do, I’ll die.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Kanye West

Uji just messaged me over friendster to tell that Kanye West is coming over to Dublin next month. He's tight and all with John Legend. Mana tahu... Uhuk! Uhuk! Uhuk! But next month is my black period, manyiak hal.

Nad, you dah start kerja ke? Can you go for me?!

Nak pergi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diamonds from Sierra Lione - Kanye West

wedding planner


so yesterday, lady_bugs and myself planned our joint-wedding, on my date 08.08.08, in the evening. venue; a mamak bistro in Subang Jaya with yummy naan. we'll have free flow of teh tarik as well as nescafe tarik + the roti(s). we'll have the mamaks tarik the drinks and toss the roti as entertainment.

the date is 2 years away but ...

the other half remained nameless. :op

back up plan, i'll have a live sized poster of orlando bloom as my other half and lady_bugs, josh hartnett.

did i miss anything else, lady_bugs?!

all are invited!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Nenek Taiping

Thoughts meander down outlandish cobwebby paths when we are greeted by that dreaded call, the harbinger of loss.

The call came when I was in the office that afternoon, almost a year ago today. It was one of those uneventful days, the kind of day that doesn’t leave etch in the greater scheme of life, that serves only to pass from dusk to dawn, an effete reminder that there’s always tomorrow.

“Nenek is dying”, short was Mama’s words. I panicked. I rang Wawan; he too decided to take an emergency leave and cancelled his Shanghai flight. I remembered Shanghai because Wawan had been talking about the flight - the bonus flight that would make him RM 1K richer than usual, so he joked. 50% is for me, so I replied. We made a 2-hour record dash to Taiping, dragging Abang Dan, who’s just got home from Jakarta, along with us. Alas, Emi and Ita were away, I’m positive they too would drop everything for Nenek.

I was shattered and strewn to see Nenek. I hated having to admit that Mama was right. Only the day before did he laugh at me and I shared the laugh. Only the day before did I hear him uttered his thanks after my attempt to make him comfortable. Only the day before did I watch him finish his meal and shared a smile. I had only left Taiping the night before.

He had never been seriously ill before, after the hospital blunder he deteriorated fast. I believed he’s getting better; he’d pull through, being the strong fighter that he was - I was wrong. Shortly after we arrived at the hospital, we saw him leaving us.

Leaving us - such is my euphemism of death.

My meandering thoughts, you asked. Hmmmm … maybe if there’s a USB port somewhere; you can copy the image files from my brain cells to your thumb drive? I can’t really verbalise them.

I have my regrets; for not telling Nenek how much I loved him, for not telling Nenek that he meant the world to me, for not telling Nenek that I felt fortunate to have him as my mirror, for not thanking Nenek enough for his love, his stories, his jokes, the pocket monies even after I started work, the discussions, the debates, the literary intercourse, the maths drill and all that he taught me.

Nenek, you are dearly missed… a little al-fatihah for Nenek.

a couple and their baby

them not too long ago ....

... them today.

them pictures say it all, doesn't it!

Monday, January 09, 2006

selamat hari raya aidiladha

i found out there's actually more passive readers here than i envisaged.

a shout out to all of you, especially to figette and hudrah. met them both in klcc last weekend, only after three bear hugs too many did i manage to start a conversation with them. hehe! too many images from them old days went flooding in laa babes!

wishing all of you a selamat hari raya aidiladha!

let's take time to reflect on the nobility of this occasion, be grateful of what we have achieved thus far and spare some thoughts for the underprivileged.

love you lots: wegra

Thursday, January 05, 2006

that time of the month and i'm on a ....


I refer to our discussion and your presentation on the above subject at the premises of Yayasan Nurul Yaqeen on 25th August,2005. I would like once again to congratulate you on your splendid presentation. I think you have covered all the salient features of the NEP very clearly.

The NEP came about in consequence of the 13th May 1969 racial riot when a state of emergency was declared. Parliament was suspended and a National Operation Council had the power to pass laws and administer the country in a state of emergency when the whole country was also declared a security area under the Internal Security Act.

The racial riot of 13th May 1969 made everybody in the country realize the importance of racial harmony and national unity. This realization gave birth to the NEP. I know the root of the NEP was Articles 153 of the Constitution of Malaysia which had existed from the first day of our independence. The Malays were unhappy because they felt that the government had not implemented fully the provisions of the article, while the non-Malays were also unhappy because they felt they were unfairly treated. The NEP was compromised solution. Many people including me at the time were puzzled why those concerned had the understanding that the NEP would last only for 30 years, when Article 153, the law of the land, applies-perpetually. Many of us involved in that process already doubted that we would archive our objectives in that period and we felt that there should not be a deadline.

Of course now the non-Malays are upset with the proposal to rejuvenate the NEP. Indeed some of them have argued that the NEP was a success and does not warrant a revival. One such example in the article in the EDGE as attached.

Our argument should be that Article 153 is still valid and has perpetual application. The government in power has the obligation to implement the provision of the special rights of the Malays and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak. Article 153 is an entrenched provision and cannot be amended without the consent of the Conference of Rulers. It also cannot be questioned by anyone even in Parliament. The questioning of the existence of Article 153 will constitute an offence under the sedition Act. All these were introduced during the 1969 emergency with the objective of promoting national unity. I have once written to the press on this matter. Please see a newspaper cutting attached.

Article 153 was introduced through a social contract or a trade off deal when some immigrants were made citizens on independence day in exchange. This move was a strategic decision, but the real justification for article 153 was as commented by Professors Sheridan and Groves at page 385 of the book “ The Constitution of Malaysia” which is reproduced hereunder:

“Commentary: article 153.
This article had its inspiration in the protective discrimination provisions of the Indian constitution; but it is fundamentally different from those provisions, because the largest class in whose favour the discrimination operates in Malaysia is the class which possesses political control, the Malays. The theory behind the protection of Malays is that if they were not specially favoured in government employment, scholarships and the other matters provided for, they would be completely overwhelmed by the other racial groups, particularly the Chinese, who already the economy and dominated the professions”.

The Malays were completely overwhelmed by other racial groups especially the Chinese on Independence Day and has continued till now, as you said in your paper which I quote below:
“Time may have changed but the issues remain the same as they were in 1970. The country may be developed, but the Malays are at the bottom of the economic, productivity, and income ladder because they are excluded from mainstream development of their country. They are increasingly being marginalized in their own country”.

The non-Malays have therefore no justification to be upset.
As decided at out meeting the other day, we have to move this issue head on to the government. There should not be any delay.
I wish to take this opportunity to highlight a number of issues which I think should also be addressed to the government. One of the issues is that some time ago the government came out with an unwritten-policy of “Business is Politics and Politics is Business”. The other issue is that some time ago the government also came out with an unwritten policy that some Malays be given the opportunities to become rich so that they can help other Malays. We should find out whether such unwritten policies are still applicable.
In my view such policies are bad as they invite very serious consequences. In fact all the problems we are facing now such as money-politics, corruption, mismanagement and many other social evils stems from there. The policies also have damaged the very foundation of the NEP when bodies like UDA, PERNAS, LEMBAGA PADI, some MARA companies, MAS etc; which were established to help Malays under the NEP were privatized and given to Individual Malays who unfortunately have only helped themselves.
We need to advise the government to re-look at these bodies and may be we create similar bodies again when we implement the NEP. But this time the government has to ensure that they are well managed and meticulously monitored. No stone should be left unturned.
The crux of the matter is actually the issue of the inequitable distribution of wealth. Over the years the country’s economy has expanded very fast and have registered strong annual growths. In that process the gap between the rich and the poor has widened and the majority of the poor are the Malays and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak. The situation is getting worse. Poverty in both the rural and urban areas among the Malays has worsened.
In summary, I wish to say that it is clear the Malays have the special rights which cannot be questioned. Both the Malays and non Malays understand the concept and intentions of the NEP. The Malays do know that they have been severely marginalized in their own land. The Malay politicians and indeed the Prime Minister himself have asserted their stand that the NEP must continue as there is an unfinished business. The Malays welcome this stand and are having high expectations. I think they are already tired of listening to slogans and emotional outbursts. They want to see the theories being translated into actions as fast as possible. The non-Malays on the other hand are resisting, but they are doing it very cautiously for fear of having a head-on collision with the Malays. This argument is simply that the Malays were given 30 years or so to correct themselves and if they have failed, the non-Malays should not be blamed for that failure. The non- Malays themselves have to go on with their own life and they argue that fairness and non-discriminationary principles must pevail.
Obviously, there is a delicate situation in the context of National unity striving for peace and harmony. The leadership of the various racial groups must have the political will and foresight to ensure political stability. It should be noted that care and skill are required in implementing the NEP so as to avoid negative consequences.

With best wishes,


Volunteerism refers to the group of all volunteer activities; be it in the form of part-time volunteering or full-time voluntary service - carried out either domestically or abroad for the common good, on the basis of a free and informed personal decision and commitment to volunteer philosophy, within the framework of private or public non-profit organisations, on the basis of a volunteer agreement for an unpaid and non-profit making activity, which does not replace paid labour force but adds value to the organisation.

As a student I did quite a bit of voluntary work, when I first started work I continued looking for causes that I wanted to fight for. Alas, our local NGOs are full of politics, which had really turned me off.
At one point I was really close with a group of children from broken families under an NGO. The called me Auntie Cinema. :op
Somehow UMNO sects managed to infiltrate the NGO and the whole thing got politicised. I dropped out 'cos tak tahan the pening. 6 months later, I went to visit the children, they hated me, they said I abandoned them, I betrayed them. Looking back, in a way they were right.
Anyways, I stumbled upon KanWork last year, it's an offshoot of a cancer education joint venture project between UPM and Cornell University. Most of the volunteers are either cancer survivors or are still fighting with cancer. At KanWork we offer outreach programmes and support group to cancer patients and care givers. In Malaysia, most of other NGOs concentrate on awareness programmes. Once a person is diagnosed with cancer, they are alone emotionally especially them in rural areas. That's where we come in.
Ada one case, the wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and her hubby didn't allow her to go on treatment. When asked why, he replied, "siapa nak masak kat rumah nanti." Wahhhhh ... rasa nak terjun bangunan!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Allya has found her way here

"I'm so happy 'cause today
I found my friends
They're in my head"
- Lithium by Nirvana

Welcome to my latest lepak corner ya bibik Allya!

The way we were way back in Cambridge Tutors College

... and 7 years later with Izan MIA (sapa suruh tak gi the fashion show?!)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

the 8th factor

just went over to Jaring restaurant in Sunway for a quick tapau. saw Adnan Abu Hassan, he knows me still, this small flea. erk! terharu ....

7 feel good factors

last weekend was a good start to the new year ...
allya made a long distance call just to say hello. she made my day!
a relationship which was going through a turbulent earlier is now showing signs of pulling out ok. that observation of mine made my day!
saw baik punya cilok. that movie made my day!
saw peterpan with izan. sigh! made my day!
saw tsunami photographic exhibition. the message of hope through the images made my day!
read noam chomsky's interview which echoed my theory. that made my day!
found out, after 3-4 months searching high and low for DVD bajakan, finally Pride & Prejudice hit Malaysian shore. that piece of news made my day!

my feel good factor is all time high.

Happy New Year, all!

Monday, January 02, 2006


i'm in love with peterpan, enough said.

thanks izan for temaning me boogie under the rain and leave the stadium as though we've just been to a sawah bendang. mintak mahap yerk kot masa excited wa splash mud to your white track. :op