Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

honey, i'm home!

according to luna maya, nicholas saputra was in kalimantan, shooting, last weekend. there goes my dream, all shattered. yes! i seriously meant luna maya.

apparently to meet indonesian stars, you have to be real comot + busuk, if your baju smells of your cat it's even better (my baju had bunnyguy's smell + luna maya, appeared). on the day we were all stylo + wangi, complete with light make up, none of the indonesian stars made appearance. chet!

a picture of bunnyguy (who likes to sleep in bags, be it handbags, backpacks or suitcases), by emi

meet dewi sandra (yes ... that's my tangan at the corner, doing the enter frame)

meet pasto, an r'n'b group, under glenn fredly

and the shy keyboardist, we like!

to husbands, fiances, boyfriend and potentials, who may be reading: don't worry, the cowok2 gantang are all mine, the girls are innocent, they were forced against their will to come along with me. :op

Friday, September 07, 2007

the eloquence of silence

switchfoot - crazy in love (beyonce's cover)

(note below: i actually love the cover version by 'world mestizo ensemble' feat. marian dacal ... but youtube doesn't have a video of it)

okidokk ... i'm all set for sunday + i certainly hope i'm all set for monday. i've prepared something for tomorrow + i think i can leave for mummy-o's place in a bit. woohoo!!! makan time ...


sigh! i had to postpone bangkok. i have to susun sepuluh jari, pinta ampun + maaf dari che tiena. hopefully, with the additional time, we can kompol more money, which should enable us to pack the whole chatuchak home.

assuming ceteris paribus, a bunch of us are leaving for jakarta next friday. woohoo!!!

during my first trip to jakarta, this year, we bumped into this particular bloke, who's seriously love struck, like it's written all over him. he didn't even realise that we were eavesdropping, registering word by word. :op

i later learnt that bunga citra lestari is the romantic interest.


he was practically floating in cloud nine, he queued for the wrong flight.

will we bump into him again? it would definitely be interesting, if we do.

i somehow regard jakarta as a romantic city. some of you might have rightly guessed why. i hope the hand above would answer my prayers...

ya Allah ya tuhan ku ...

let us bump into nicholas saputra + let him fall in love with me bekos i'm the only one in the group with no binding contract ... moreover, it is intriguing that we both like the same movie (cinema paradiso) + we both like the same author (haruki murakami) ... very the sesuai, don't you think? ... + the fact that he dreamt to be an architect since small, like wow!

so that with our union, we can bless the world with more cute children.

amin ... amin ya rabbal 'alamin

tabarakAllah hu mein hum

Monday, September 03, 2007

like magic only!

to be honest i don’t believe in ghosts, neither do i believe in hocus pocus.

when i lost an amount of money, which could buy me a pair of good shoes from nine west, someone told us that there’s toyol in the vicinity, i allowed that explanation even though i don’t believe in it, i let everyone believed it because that’s way better than them being suspicious of each other. either way, people would learn from what happened to me + be extra careful with their money.

anyways, recently i had to send a document to a hardworking someone in rhb islamic bank, circa maghrib. as i was walking towards the lift, i saw a lady in a chiffon like long white dress walking into the lift. i followed behind her and stopped in my track right at the entrance …

errr … there was a strong gust of wind blowing out from the lift shaft

errr … the lift was dark

errr … the lady was not in the lift

ok … i know i consciously saw the lady because i thought to myself, what’s her problem pakai flowwy dress like that to an office and then she disappeared … is david blaine in malaysia?