Wednesday, January 31, 2007

strange + beautiful

thanks to youtube i'm falling in love with aqualung all over again. to many, his songs may be a tad bit too whiney but i reckon they are beautiful, in their own way.

'strange & beautiful' by aqualung

enjoy the music + have a good day off

oh ya! anyone for gwen stefani + kanye west?

p.s. boyz ii men's (not men ii gramps, tiena) stuff has got to wait, i've not downloaded them, sorry.

Monday, January 29, 2007

motownphillyness ey?

we're back + i'm swamped!

widie almost died sitting next to me at the gig. she suffered having to hear my professed undying love towards shawn of BOY 11 MEN, distance saved zizie + huda. i can't write much about the gig as my blog is being watched + i have been warned that a big portion of the trip should stay off record. demmit!

i'll upload my few images from the gig + a video clip soon. i went all bonkers that night, so much so i forgot that i brought my camera. saw a lot of people as well, some i managed to tegur, a few i couldn't.

anyways, for the girls ... as promised, tattva by kula shaker


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

music is power

i can't wait for friday.

you know, when there's more than one girl from my school at a venue ... you'd definitely need an earplug. the girls may wear an innocent, quiet look ... don't be deceived. they are very the gila, weng, psycho!!! if you see a bunch of them, run for your life!!!

you donch believe?

ask the husbands + boyfriends, who were at the 10th year reunion. lucky they survived. :op

the video clip below reminded me of how secondary school was ... well, the singing in parts + turut tut pap ohh ohhh bit of it (hehe!) ... but then songs from early/mid 90s weren't as hip laa, they were agak fehlong + slow mo ya ampun ... apparently memang dari zaman tok kadok, the girls sokmo melalak ... oh well, i don't blame datin seri rosmah for loving to sing. :op

boys ii men punya pasal laa nih ...

hefle told me, last night her dream was in three parts. in one of them, she saw widie, zizie, hudrah + myself in a car heading for genting (for boys ii men, i presume). the car was having a hard time climbing, it was taking way too long to reach genting. well, i wish you could come with us too, ropies! :o)

ly-d laks going to the spital this weekend to beranak, hence no boys ii men for her. good luck, babe! donch forget the tv guide eh? ;o)

lets not wait for the next 10 years for a reunion, ey? the next reunion red house misti win! nanti miss vicky upset weh!!! do your homework, girls.

so jadi, have a smashing one this weekend peeps, 'cos i definitely will.

*lari buat kerja*

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

ne me quitte pas

character is like a tea bag- you never know how strong it is until it gets in hot water

the side of me not many would know - i listen to nina simone (yeah! booOOOooring). i like her version of jacques brel's 'ne me quitte pas'. i do agree that brel sang the song with more passion, emotion but simone's has got that 'class' in her delivery. (ok! please don't shoot me! i'm merely sharing my humble opinion)

if you're in a melancholy mood, this song is the perfect song to listen to. if you're not, it will make you wistful. :op

'ne me quitte pas' by nina simone

why 'ne me quitte pas' suddenly? i just saw the trailer to yasmin ahmad's mukhsin. it's beautiful, it moved me (it may not be the trailer, perhaps it's just me). you judge ...

mukhsin's trailer

can't wait for 08.03.2007!

p.s. in the movie, mukhsin did the same handwave i like to do. see, tiena + cik pms, i'm so normal! auuwww ... and i'd like to hear adibah noor sing 'jauh jauh' by jimmy boyle again. rindu! she delivered the song hauntingly beautiful, the goose went up the bump, i couldn't sleep that night. is anyone listening to this request? (hint! hint! enche azlan abu hassan) :o)

Monday, January 22, 2007

we are family

// ibrahim + hazima

// arif + haritha

'brighter than sunshine' by aqualung

on a different note, i kind of agree with nad on this. but then again, advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth. you can digest my opinion on the matter but it's still your call.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

this is my confession

now that i've discovered i'm not alone, there are quite a number of you like me out there, i'll confess...

some weekends ago i got home at 10ish in the morning after a night of berkampung sakan in the office. everyone had gone out, so i went walking around the house thinking of something to do. i was playing with my phone for a bit, when suddenly an idea struck me. jeng! jeng! jeng!

i did another round of checking the rooms, making sure no one's at home. i even locked the cats + kittens in their cage. positive that i've secured the parameters, i tip toed into my room and shut the door.

i stared at my mobile phone for a while, pulling my courage to do it.

it being? another ... jeng! jeng! jeng!

... i pressed the video cam button ...

... i pressed the capture button ...

patah sayap bertongkat dagu
(demmit! lupa lyrics)
la la la laaa la la la laaaAAa laa

i went laughing like a mad hyena at 'play'.

impressed with my hidden talent, i recorded one song after another, from shiela majid's 'antara anyer dan jakarta' to britney spears's 'toxic' (yeah! shoot me), from p ramlee's 'bunyi guitar' to justin timberlake's 'my love'.

then there had to be an interruption laa kan ... it was a text message from anis, which had read - *yawn*


talking about shattered dream...

anyways, i recommend you check this band out - 'we are scientists' (keith!!!! i love you!!!! you're so hot!!!!). if they can produce an album + tour the states + the uk, so can we. :op

'end of the road' cover by we are scientists

don't forget to have fun this weekend ya!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

OMG! she's singing y'all


*mobile phone video camera CAPTURE*

di keheningan malam
ku dakap mu
dakap erat
ku cinta pada mu
janji tak akan lepas lagi
di keheningan malam
di keheningan malam

shuwap shuwaa padum
shuwap shuwaa padum
shuwap shuwaa padum
shuwap shuwaa ohh ohh

shuwap shuwaa padum
shuwap shuwaa padum
shuwap shuwaa padum
shuwap shuwaa ...

so before the light
hold me again with all of your might
in the still of the night
in the still of the night
in the still of the night

keh! keh! keh! geli tak the malay translation? credits to widie. down memory lane, girls? ;o)

didn't we like sing 'in the still of the night' for police cadets camping's bonfire night? the whole platoon sang to widie's strumming of the guitar. we used to love singing harmony ek? like every single one would sing, me the suara katak inclusive, there's music at every corner of the college ...

woohoo!!! demam boys ii men bermula y'all!

to all who grew up to boys ii men ... lets jom peeps! yok jom peeps! moh jom peeps!

you guys suck!

p.s. eh, tetiba teringat shai - 'if i ever fall in love again' ... i'll mobile phone record me singing this song next! anyone for back up harmony + dancing? :op

Monday, January 15, 2007


i think i'm a cross between an idealistic slacker + a materialistic yuppie. both carries the want of more money, more challenging work, more beautiful things, more love, more time to travel, more time to read good books, more time to watch dvds + sleep, more time + resources to do social work, more time to do an mba or another degree. i want to do everything, yet nothing. to be everything, yet nothing. i can't quite figure out what is it that i want or i think i lack. i don't know if it's because i'm confused, i'm too busy or simply because i'm having my pre-mid-life crisis.

in case you haven't experience a real pre-mid-life crisis. let me share with you, it's actually very simple; everything just suddenly goes into crisis mode. alarms get triggered, code red everything. you start wondering where you are heading with everything you do, everything you are, everyone you're with. i have become rather moody, temperamental, unnecessarily emotional ... now that i think about it, it sounds like i'm experiencing a prolonged pms or is it an early menopause or am i becoming an artist? :op

of course i do talk myself out of this neurosis but half of the time the accumulated wisdom seems to abate. you, renegate! deserter!

it's a bit of an escapist mentality but being able to get away, out of the daily routine once in a while really helps to ease my stress. being in a totally strange environment for the first time, embarking on a new adventure never fails to put me in a surreal frame of mind, completely pulling me out from reality for a while. if only i didn't have loans to service, bills to pay, i'd make travelling for vacation or simply escaping a monthly affair, especially now. if only ...

yesterday, i read gavin yap's column with interest. i was just pondering over it the night before - what maketh a malaysian?

if you didn't read the column, gavin wrote that a friend got him to read a blog criticising him for the article he wrote on weak handshakes. the blogger condemned gavin for not appreciating the fact that firm handshakes aren't part of asian culture + therefore it was unfair of him to lash out at fellow malaysians who do not subscribe to it (don't worry gavin, i have firm handshake). a valid point but the blogger went on to say that the sheer 'ignorance' had made gavin unmalaysian. gavin touched on 'issues' like accented english, not picking accents after being abroad (as sign of not socialising, thus it's better to study locally? tsk! tsk! tsk!), a face that doesn't match a name being used to determine the level of malaysianness. gavin concluded that they should not matter because we are where cultures meet.

(hmmmm ... do you think this friend of gavin would stumble upon my blog + ask gavin to read this blog as well?)

*wave @ gavin yap*

anyways, i do agree with gavin that they shouldn't matter but for a different reason - they are all superficial.

i use me as an example. i'm more comfortable writing in english than malay. i've got more western clothes in my wardrobe, with less than 10 baju kurung + kebaya put together. i did absorb some foreign cultures during my student days. but in my heart + soul, i'm as malaysian as can be, my attitude towards many things - family, relationship, social interactions, money.

to me it takes more than window dressing, a person's malaysianness is something in the heart.

you know when we as a society insist on worrying about irrelevancies, it only reflects on the depth of our thinking. and such lack of depth does not bode well for the future.

i'm reminding myself too.

i leave you with 'social drugs' by lauryn hill

Friday, January 12, 2007

learning to see

A SIS Study Session:

Title: 'Understanding the Nature of Religious Hate Discourse: Why Context Matters in the Working of Conspiracy Theories'
Speaker: Dr. Farish A. Noor
Date: 17 January 2007 (Wednesday)
Time: 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm (refreshments provided)
Venue: SIS Office, No. 7, Jalan 6/10, Off Jalan Tinggi 6/12, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

The synopsis of his upcoming talk:

When addressing the question of 'Who speaks for Islam?’ the question can also be posed otherwise: It is not so much the case of who speaks for Islam, but rather who is listened to. Why have some voices become more dominant and why have others been sidelined or silenced? Does this have more to do with the subject -position of the speakers themselves and how they are seen in the wider public context? In the Muslim world today the struggle for discursive legitimacy and the right to speak on Islamic issues is defined not only by access to knowledge and information, but also by the subject-position of the speakers/authors themselves. Much of the ground-setting that goes into the articulation of religio-political discourse is and has been configured by external variable factors including the relationship between the speakers themselves and their relations to power and the constellation of power on a domestic and international level. We therefore need to look at how the configuration of power-relations helps as well as inhibits the freedom to speak on Islam and determines the validity/authenticity of what is being transmitted by those who engage in debates on religious issues. In this light, conspiracy theories - including claims of collusion, co-optation and partisanship - have an immediate effect on those who wish to engage in the debate on the norms and praxis of popular religiosity today.

please confirm your attendance by 15th January 2007 as there are limited seats available. Pls contact Nurul at 03 7785 6121 or e-mail at If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

on that same wednesday ... there's another invite

the opening of wei-ling gallery's first show of 2007 by Hamidi Hadi entitled "Alun" (i love the cord series, please don't ask me why) on Wednesday, 17th January 2007 from 7.00pm onwards.

Lim Wei-Ling
Wei-Ling Gallery,
No. 8 Jalan Scott,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.

take your pick! :o)

enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


saw cik pms, tiena + shrek for a bit, on monday. on our way to grab a bite, shrek started singing 'tender' by blur. la chanson a touché moi, mon cœur saigne, mon cœur pleure (boleh tahan fehlong jugak minah ni, hehe!). i've got the song stuck in my head since.

but i want to have joss stone's 'right to be wrong' playing right now:

well i guess, the biggest risk in life IS, really, not taking one.

oh ... i can’t wait for “the inheritance of loss” by kiran desai to reach malaysian shores! ke dah sampai? i can be very much ketinggalan zaman ... most of the time. hehe! kiran is anita desai’s daughter. i’ve read a snippet of the book over the net - aesthetic! the book illuminates the consequences of colonialism and global conflicts of religion, race, and nationality in its narration. beautifully written, at least the part that i read.

sorry ... i can't help it, harus nerd talk a bit. teehehe!

have a great week, what remains of it.

take good care of each other.



2007 travel itinerary
may - hanoi
july - kuching (rainforest world music festival)
august - bali
september - bangkok
motive of announcement: to tell the world that i'm temporarily pokai, for real, kindly postpone all plans until i'm back quids in. thank you.:op

oh ... and i'm excited with FAX code sharing plan to manchester, this would mean shoestring travelling to europe is within my reach (with manchester as a transit). fine, you'll have to pay for flight food, entertainment, blanket but who cares. woohoo!!! and i so miss urbis ... i so miss CUBE ... i so miss the lowry ... i so miss cornerhouse ... and justin timberlake will be at MEN Arena in may 2007. demmit!

Monday, January 08, 2007

an honest man is always a child - socrates

+ + + +

"level with your child by being honest. nobody spots a phony quicker than a child."

+ mary maccracken +

i believe in that + i think a toddler could better sense another person's motives + attitude towards them + would openly reciprocate. hence, me declining to hold a baby younger than six months old. they can always sense my anxiety + would go crying every single time. takoot laa pegang baby kechik, nanti salah pegang, tergolek dog how?

what's up with the talk about babies? well, yet again i spent the weekend surrounded by toddlers. even when i'm hanging out with my single friends, we got dragged to the company of them toddlers. it's like they've decided to beramai2 invade my world. come on! there's other interesting people to pester out there, why me?

shooh! shooh!

yesterday, i met little 2 1/2 year old isyraf; he's adorably smart, sharp + curious. after the short "cak! cak! cak!" of getting to know each other, he gave me a bearhug. ayoh! touched siot by the kind gesture. bye bye cik pms! it was me he hugged. but then i didn't have the stamina to lambung2 him non-stop, now thank goodness for cik pms, who even doubled up as a guitar teacher. i ended up being the english teacher going through his vocabulary, offering the right pronunciation, "pumpkin" ... "eekin" ... "pumpkin" ... "eekin" ... "nose"... "nosh" ... "nose" ... "nosh". :op

on saturday, there was a birthday party. nad has got brilliant images from the do, mine seemed too amateurish compared to hers. shy ok! so, i'm supplemeting my overview to her detailed observation of arina's birthday party. more images + reporting @ nina’s+nad’s

i deliberately left out all images with the clown bekos he called me, "auntie". :op