Friday, December 29, 2006

old mates

even where the affections are not strongly moved by any superior excellence, the companions of our childhood always possess a certain power over our minds which hardly any later friend can obtain. they know our infantile dispositions, which, however they may be afterwards modified, are never eradicated; and they can judge of our actions with more certain conclusions as to the integrity of our motives.


out of the blue, they came knocking at my door, the best gift, definitely a brilliant start to the new year.

meet jern-fei + thuan ahn (the boys in stripes), friends from a levels.

meeting the boys again made me realised how sorely i miss the ctc clan, the malaysian chapter especially, since they were like family back then.

jern-fei has always been the sensible one (he's a barrister, i don't want to get him into trouble with the law, on the account of his previous sins, if any but he had none, none that i know of. ske lah! i nak sound silly.). but seriously, he was real sensible + straight. the rest of us? well, i'll let you into one notty feat. we once had an illegal barbeque + sleep out right smack on brighton beach next to the pier. it was during the cold bit of spring. teehehe! the boys thought they were strong macho swimmers, at one point they jumped right into the water, seconds later they came out running + screaming. whilst clattering their teeth, they spitted out "the water was icy cold", like obviously. i know, you need not envy me; i was blessed with smart friends.

oh dear, i really miss them. out of curiosity i searched their names on the internet and i found chee-kit's cv. ayoh! acomplished nyer ... demmit! *wegra sits down to plan for world domination*

perhaps us connected few should track everyone down + work towards a reunion summer 2008? 10 years after we went our seperate ways mengejar mimpi.

it'd be fun catching up, i bet we'd be kids again. :op

oh and peeps, thanks ever so much for the wishes, 28 on 28 eh? wasn't able to reply to all text messages because i haven't paid my bills. will do that in a bit ya, after this submission.

again, eid mubarak + have good fun this new year weekend!


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

i bid thee adieu

2006 was interesting, colourful. i went through a lot of learning, some are peculiar, most are typical, regular learning.

a bell has started to ring, the big three-oh related, since it is looming not very far ahead. that realisation had sat me down to think. closer to 'home', my sister had made me realised, "no sister, no cry, no sister, no pokai ... everything's gonna be alright, only if i hit the jackpot aight, everything's gonna be alright, everything's gonna be alright ... no sister, no pokai ... ooOOOoooOOOoo ... no sister, no cry".

in 2006, i stumbled upon a handful of old friends. also, i found a few more good friends but them good friends found are getting younger. erk!

am i wiser? i don't think so, well maybe slightly, since i still have my bouts of puerility in addition to the fresh hymen of calming acceptance, or perhaps wisdom straight up? :op

... colours of 2006, just a tiny fraction ...

(ok ... blogspot is now spitting out other pictures i've lined up ... demmit!)

when i look back at 2006, i had this song playing in my head ... pinjam orang punya video 'cos the fat boy slim's remix tak de video clip ... apasal this song eh? perhaps because someone has just whispered that that certain someone's planning to spend his new year bossoms watching on a beach in thailand. or maybe because there was a babyboom this year + all of my friends looked like pornstars post giving birth? or ada yang tersirat rather than tersurat. :op

it is time to bid farewell to 2006, for 2007, and all that dwells therein, bekons ...

happy new year y'all!

thank you for being part of my 2006. :o)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

someone please call 911

'cos it's a bittersweet symphony ... that is life

'cos it's a bittersweet symphony ... yeah
'cos it's a bittersweet symphony ... yeah
... that's life ... that's life ... that's life

'cos it's a bittersweet symphony ... yeah
'cos it's a bittersweet symphony ... yeah
... my life ... your life ... their lives

in case you're wondering what was 'the cat' quotation in my earlier post all about, it was an opening to this book i was reading. i've just finished reading louis de bernières's 'birds without wings' as a preamble to one of my 2007 to dos - read tolstoy's 'war and peace'. :op

(in one british newspaper interview, de bernières illuminated his tolstoyian ambitions, “I’m one of those writers who’s always going to be trying to write War and Peace, failing, obviously, but trying”. so de bernières, a preamble to tolstoy ... hahaha? ... ok not funny. demmit!)

to me, 'the cat' is a metaphoric representation of many multi racial, multi religion communities today, well, many faces of society today - what's happening within. 'birds without wings' illustrates the complex and fragile intricacy of the fabric of any society. it also makes you appreciate the oddballs in your own community; everybody has a place.

all i want for christmas is an edenic environment, ethereally beautiful, where people from all walks of life live convivially together.

far fetched? perhaps. but hope keeps spirits upbeat, hope keeps one going, hope keeps one alive. i shall keep on hoping, living in semi-denial perhaps, painting life into a beautiful bed of roses, letting the occasional thorns cutting into my flesh pass by. someone please call 911 ...

anyways, for some reason, i have this track playing in my head right now

so cold
sometimes i feel like i'm a prisoner
i think i'm trapped here for a while
and every breath i fight to take
is as hard as these four walls i wanna break
i told the cops you wasn't here tonight
messin' around with me is gonna get you life
oh yeah, yeah
but every time i look into your eyes
then it's worth the sacrifice

someone please call 911, yeah, yeah (pick up the phone yo)
tell them i just got shot down
and it's piercing through my soul, (i'm losin' blood yo)
feel my body getting cold

a character in 'birds without wings', iskander the potter, who likes to quote proverbs, says, "man is a bird without wings, and a bird is man without sorrows".

i need y'all to do me a favour, someone please call 911!

disclaimer: i was suffering from a bad flu when i saw 'cinta' last night. even before we went into the cinema, i was doing a fast sneeze rap, my nose was doing more than running, it was practically 'crying' + my eyes were long swollen. chop!

Friday, December 22, 2006

the cat

she was licking
the opened tin
for hours and hours
without realising
that she was drinking
her own blood.

+ spyros kyriazopoulos +

anyways, i'm excited ... an indonesian flick, "berbagi suami" has reached our shore! phewwit! to me it's the best indonesian offering since like ages. this is no "heart" prank, i repeat, this is no "heart" prank. :op

"berbagi suami" is from the same production, which had produced "janji joni" by the way. from their soundtrack, cinematography to everything, they are real moving. well, in my opinion, a good movie makes one feel. right? (pijoh, i ain't romantic yo! a realist ok, a realist!)

if you're feeling generous, and you can't wait for the release date of 11 january 2006, you can attend sisters in islam's charity gala premiere:

Malam amal tayangan perdana filem Indonesia bertajuk 'Berbagi Suami' yang akan di rasmikan oleh YB Datuk Seri Utama Rais Yatim dan Datin Seri Masnah Mahmud

Tempat : Cineleisure Damansara
Tarikh : Khamis, 4 Januari 2007
Waktu : 8.00 malam
Harga Tiket : RM 5.00 (students), RM30, RM50, RM100, RM200
*Tiket hendaklah di ambil di pejabat kami.

Berbagi Suami merupakan filem Indonesia arahan Nia Dinata yang telah pun memenangi anugerah. Ia dipaparkan dengan begitu mendalam dan penuh sensitif melalui kacamata tiga orang wanita dari latarbelakang kehidupan yang berbeza tetapi saling berkaitan juga. Filem yang berkisar tentang cinta, kekeliruan, konflik dan juga kelucuan, berupaya mengenengahkan beberapa isu penting yang amat relevan dengan masyarakat kita yang mana poligami seperti yang dipraktikkan memberi kesan terhadap kesejahteraan keluarga.

Sila hubungi Cik Nurul atau Yati di 03 7785 6121 / 7784 2733 / 7784 4357 untuk mendaftar diri untuk forum sebelum 29 Dec 06, membeli tiket atau untuk mendapatkan keterangan lanjut lanjut.

that is if you don't already have invites from the sponsors. and you'll get to meet shanty, i think she hot! :op

okidokk, good weekend peeps!

oh, and happy birthday, shaun.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

blurry twirl around the table

i remembered "black", i remembered "the house is on the main road as you turn left into hillview", i remembered "there's loads of cars outside". with that little information in hand, i drove up to sha2&dino's + parked my car outside the first house fit the description. there was a barbeque + loads of people but no familiar faces. i quietly tip-toed around the garden , did a silent u-turn + made a dash. once outside the gate, i rang raz + realised i had just excitedly waltzed into the wrong house.


anyways, a blurry twirl around the table

last but not least, the two people responsible for the pictures. yup! we're starting adeeb dzakwan young + he loves taking pictures of himself because he's "encem". nadd was there + went home before i recovered from the shock of salah rumah, so were the hubbies + errr ... best friend ke boyfriend(?!). (keh! keh! keh!) saw nelly as well. i met chiep a.k.a. ayu's little family as well. oh! my cousin, farouk + his hanim were there but i wasn't that friendly. sorry ya! was still in terrible shock.

hurmmm ... ok, i think i need to spend more time with my single friends next! yoohoo! where are you? i'm coming your way!

before i 'pen' off, meet baby zaara alyssa ... not only does she look like zt, in my humble opinion, she inherited zt's motherly calmness as well. but zt complained at home zaara cries a lot, she'll only calm down when juk carries her. and that is bad, why?

bagus la kan? tak yah pening kepala kene buat everything on our own, the baby dah help make sure her dad helps out. :op

okidokk, tonight i've agreed to something insane. wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

come out and play

i received a one word text message from shaun at 3 a.m. which had read "dinner". it occured to me that shaun turns 27 this week. from that instance, i had this track playing in my head like a broken record. erk!

anyways, it is a child's privilege to enact the dreams that are denied to the sane ... ;o)

a weekend with some of the blog connection (read: cik pms, tiena, mental_muz + friends)

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we're not insane, we're merely 'children' at play ... now, you go out and play!