Thursday, September 28, 2006


the current demonisation of the muslims, the never ending brutal slaughter and destruction taking place in the name of ethnic and national conflict; they all exist because of one reason, which is unfortunately a sordid aspect of human nature - the yearn for 'exclusivity'.

part of the challenge for human civilisation is to tame the atomistic tendencies towards greater and greater disintegration based on exclusive identity.

i reckon, we should not ignore or deny the need for such identities, but work at them by fusing them with more inclusive sense of identity and by helping people to recognise and nurture their commonality with others instead of always glorifying and celebrating the differences and exclusivity.

islam teaches solidarity and respect but we too fall victim to this desire. we frequently condemn others; their religion and their way of life. all because we're muslims and they are not; the desire for 'exclusivity' contributed to this. the hunger for 'exclusivity' gave birth to al-arqam, al-maunah and the like.

bersempena ramadhan, lets reflect.

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