Tuesday, February 27, 2007

kehadapan kengkawan terchenta

(photo credit: huda)


i'm agak terharu ... only a few days ago i posted an update sharing my kesedihan bekos i lost my catalogue of pictures ... i went to my e-mailbox today + saw e-mails of pictures from friends.

thanks ever so much, y'all!

korang gegila best!

and apparently my going MIA, not answering + returning calls made a few friends, old + new, worried. ampun + maaf dipinta! true, i'm in a kelam kabut state but this time round i'm facing a good problem. pray it's a prosperous year for us this year so that i can pay off my debts as well as belanja korang makan sokmo ya! :o)

to "nor ni" + not "nonie" (blur gegila right?) ... 'everybody's free (to wear sunscreen)' by baz luhrmann

i gave muse a miss on sunday, the reason being i perasan busy gegila, planning to do work sunday evening but was later tempted to see stonebay perform (got supir). i missed dinner with my girls too, i'm so sorry (i did berangan to slot you guys in, tapi kereta kene kidnap senyap2). apparently, stonebay has got an australian manager, micheal (who's the maker of junction amps) now + are recording their first album. did not boogie that night because i noticed some changes in their music arrangement, so was busy listening to the 'details'. ok lah, micheal did a good job 'ironing out' their music (but i was not happy with 'perfect love song' ending, i don't find it 'complete' yet).

i have to admit, i used to be a real snob. the first time i saw stonebay was because of cik pms, otherwise, i'd give it a miss. but they surprised me + they have the best drummer as well (when i compare them to their peers).

all in all, i reckon they are now ready for the main stream. watch out for stonebay's first album.

if you're curious, tomorrow night they'll be performing at the laundry.

please, friends who went to muse - shut up!

on sunday, at hartamas square, we bumped into quite a few people who went to muse. general feedback, it was a brilliant gig. i was at the verge of crying, then. i should have gone!

tiena, please don't let me repeat this with kanye west + gwen stefani.

*back to work*

Saturday, February 24, 2007

sweet serendipity

remember my cousin, imran. well, he's been away in london for quite a while now. he claimed it was for work, i suspect he wanted to be near *cough* her. ;o)

anyways, i love this picture by him.

it triggered jack johnson's 'better together' playing in my head.

what song do you hear in your mind looking at the picture?

it wasn't just the picture keeping me awake tonight. i met an old friend earlier. me smiling + not being able to sleep a wink is because of the bistro session with this old friend.

he was relating his recent experience to us.

i noted this particular pause in his naration, where his eyes sparkled + he exhaled quietly. i noted the way he lighted up when describing tiny details about *cough* her (i'm happy for you man).

you were given that 'hint' six years ago. you didn't do anything about it. today, it came knocking at your door again. don't tell me, yet again you're going to ignore?

if you ask me, i'd say ... go for it, 'girlfriend'!

anyways, baz luhrmann pesan "get to know your parents, you never know when they might be gone for good. be nice to your siblings; they're your best link to your past, and the people most likely to stick with you in the future. understand that friends come and go, except for the precious few you should hold on. work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle because the older you get, the more you need the people you knew when you were young." and last but not least, "wear sunscreen".

have a great weekend!

take good care of each other.

Friday, February 23, 2007

post traumatic stress disorder

>gambar sedih (hoih! tak de gambar lain laa)<
>photo credit: widie<

i could hardly believe it
when i heard the news today
all the pictures since two years ago are gone
i remind everyone to do back up
ofkos laa i didn't make any back up
otherwise i wouldn't be altering the lyrics, so you see it's true
so tell me all about it, tell me what a bimbo i am for not having back up
then tell me one thing more before i go

tell me how am i supposed to live without them
now that i've been lovin' them so long
how am i supposed to live without them
how am i supposed to carry on
when the catalogue of my past two years is gone

Thursday, February 22, 2007

hard candy + friends

"4 out of 5 doctors agree, i'm insane" ... in a getting to know conversation, would you think the other party is being funny or telling the truth?

i'm a sucker for tight, clever scripts. intelligent flick flooded with verbal sparring would get me glued to my seat (please don't ask questions then, i'd definitely ignore you, sorry).

hard candy is a two characters in a single setting film (precisely, rather difficult to pull off). hayley, a pixie-cute freckle-cheeked teen girl, in her red hooded jumper resembles little red riding hood pretending to be the bait stumbling into the big bad wolf's trap + planting a breadcrumb trail to play along with the wolf's act.

jeng! jeng! jeng!

a provocative piece, it stirs up serious questions about point of view + empathy.

it is the most disturbing work i've ever seen. it is a sick movie, demented. a lot of people would not like this film; you're left feeling filthy for having seen it. but if you're into a well scripted, well acted drama + are open to the subject matter; pedophilia (through insinuation as opposed to graphic portrayal), do give 'hard candy' a try.

if you need something light yet clever, go for 'lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events'. similar to 'the wizard of oz', it is a film whose driving force is the inadequency of adults, even of good adults (ha! tak terfikir laa tu, gi tengok balik!). movies like them make me want to stay 'kakak', afraid of transforming into the tube of imperfect adults who cannot listen to children's voices, causing them children much pain + frustration (ok tak excuse?).

otherwise, choose 'dreamgirls' for stylo 70s bhajus (during the show, for a brief moment, i was inspired to go back to a UK size 6/8 ... only in that brief moment la tapi)! i love most of deena + effie's bhajus. *drool* do check them out!

we're your dreamgirls, boys!
we'll make you happy.
we're your dreamgirls, boys!
we'll always care.
we're your dreamgirls...
dreamgirls will never leave you!
no, no...
and all you have to do is dream, baby,
we'll be there!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

great minds discuss ideas

was having breakfast with my family, when my dad threw a statement on the table.

"small minds talk about people, average minds talk about events, great minds discuss ideas"

instantaneously, the table was replaced with 'great minds'. thoughts were thrown around, concepts were discussed, ideas were born.

one day later, i'm running out of 'ideas' to discuss. help!

hence, here i am in the office (partly, running away from dad). my excuse, thursday would be too late to be our first day at work, so i'm opening the office today so that the 4th day of the chinese new year would not be our first day at work. aci tak cam tu? :op

oh ya! my 4 years younger brother has just bought a semi-D, not speculative investment this time. that caused alarms to go off. harks! incidently, 'failure to launch' has been the in topic i discuss with my mates lately.

but then there's a scientific name to 'failure to launch': agoraphobia - an anxiety disorder which primarily consists of the fear of experiencing a difficult or embarrassing situation from which the sufferer cannot escape. agoraphobics may experience severe panic attacks in situations where they feel trapped, insecure, out of control, or too far from their personal comfort zone, i.e. home.

shall i hide behind that? *snigger*

selamat tahun baru ya or dalam bahasa ong puteh, xing nian quai le!

p.s. and for tiena, agoraphobia by incubus ... nyanyi, jangan tak nyanyi!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

happy narcissistic voyeur

here we go again …

like most of us humans (if you’re a nonhuman + are another species of animal instead, like a donkey, tortoise, or whatever, then congratulations on learning how to read), i am always searching for answers. sometimes, i don’t even know the questions + yet i need answers. sometime i know the answers + i need the question, but that’s only when i’m watching who wants to be a millionaire (do bring your earplug if you wish to watch the show with me, thank you).

i mean, tell me, if someone’s really lying, are their pants really on fire?

if their pants are really on fire, would their knickers be on fire too?

are pants + knickers the same thing or did the person go ‘rambo’?

mind you, these are serious questions (do blame them at hanging out with married friends; excessive dosage is definitely detrimental to singletons’ mental health).

money likes money. ever put two fifty sen side by side? they look happy, don’t they? money likes to be with other money, it attracts its own.

how many people do you know who have ‘penny jars’ at home? my brother has got one. amazing how those babies fill up (even after i secretly dip my fingers in it). it ain’t by accident yo!

they have a scientific (all forms of currency actually have an electromagnetic attraction to each other) and spiritual necessity that most of us aren’t aware of; to be with each other. while there is no ‘hard’ data to back this up, it is painfully obvious to those of us who ain’t got it that the ones who do keep getting more! ever heard of the saying, money makes money? (there’ll normally be someone’s logic behind a saying)

another saying goes, money can’t buy you happiness. don’t believe them, definitely a misrepresentation from bitter people who ain’t got it. if you were found guilty in possession of ‘syabu’ (what’s that? how does it look like? i see a blank picture in my head when i heard the word) the punishment would be either pay a fine of rm 100k or face a jail term of 5 years. don’t tell me you’d find happiness in doing the jail term? well, unless that’s your thing.

then again, not everyone can find happiness (with or without money). what’s ironic, the pursuit of happiness can be one of the main sources of unhappiness itself. should you pursue ‘happiness’ at the risk of being unhappy? should you postpone enjoying 'happiness’ now, so that you’ll enjoy a total bliss like ‘happiness’ later?

if you ask me, this is your life, right here, right now, it don’t wait for you, y’all!

have a great Thursday, peeps! i might not though, 'cos i hate numbers. eurgh!

*back to work*

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

isi rimba

the journey to adib's birthday party last sunday proved to be the most challenging journey to a two year old birthday party. at one point, i saw my car tyre rolling right on the edge of the cliff, whilst crossing another car. my heart went tergolek-golek off the cliff. (dyd, sampai hati bully kitorang cam tu ... nasib baik ada widie who took over the wheels on the journey back, otherwise i'll berkampung in the rimba)

unfortunately, as soon as i got off my car + did a drama swasta to the car park attendant showing off my trauma having to drive through the small 'denai' off a cliff, i got all smitten with isi rimba's charm. demmit!

i loved isi rimba, i loved the birthday party but i wasn't happy for being discriminated against. there was a game for husband + wife teams, being the only *cough* kakak around, i was asked to 'bibik' widie's zana.

a babysitter for hire ... anyone? someone? :op

i planned to timber into the stream, imagining a massive splash. alas, them peeps in the sungai were all 12 and below. them 20 and above were all lazing about having serious intelligent adult talk. with heavy heart i pushed my swimming 'kit' under the car seat. :op

last night i was discussing the fact that there's only 1,000 police officers in petaling jaya, taking care of 1.5 million population with my sister. she suggested maybe the national service 'graduates' could assist the police in case of blood diamond like chaos. i told her that during my younger days, i shot guns, i did bungee jumping, i went rock climbing, i went hiking + slept in hutan + all, but on sunday i freaked out when driving to isi rimba. she commented, "that's a sign of old age". ouch!

word of warning to all parents: if you invite me to your kid's birthday party + you want to give me one of them yummy party packs (i love them, i want them), make sure i'm not holding or carrying a child. in isi rimba, i went all excited when dyd handed me a party pack, i forgot i was holding imtiyaz + he fell. oops ... sorry nina!!!!!

now, gambar time...

sekian, terima kasih.

Friday, February 09, 2007

wedding songs

izan : maryam, would you be my bridesmaid?

wegra : i'd be honoured! ... thanks! ... hmmmmmm ... 5 times a bridesmaid

izan : 5's a lucky number

wegra : .....

betik said since i'll be doing my fifth bridesmaid-ing, i'll only get married in 10 years time. apparently, one time bridesmaid-ing equals to 2 years 'delay'. i'm not going to stop at 5, i think i'll cap it at 7. well, 7 because my other lucky number is 22.

there's 2 spots available, now, any takers? someone? anyone? :op

for the same wedding, i was asked to compile songs. that i like, especially when adibah noor's singing for the wedding. phewwit! i'm still looking for an mp3 of 'kangen' (piano version) by maliq + d'essentials + i've found 'when i fall in love' cover by glenn fredly + dewi sandra. i somehow picture mode + adle singing the song ... pure bliss! i bet they'd deliver it better. :o)

hmmmmmm ... if i want to get mode + adle to sing that version of 'when i fall in love' at my wedding, according to betik's theory, i have another 14 years to bodek them. heh heh heh

'grow old with you' by adam sandler

Thursday, February 08, 2007

sipping at the balcony

sometimes we have to give up a lot of things, or take a lot of risk to pursue a dream. sometimes when we got there we realise that the dreams achieved are merely a different reality. but i guess what matters most is the process of getting there.

and on your way, never forget to take time off to look up at the stars.

i leave you with 'one night only' by jennifer hudson from dreamgirls motion picture

Monday, February 05, 2007

longest weekend ever

not too long ago a pilot was detained by the police for murder. he was getting ready for work, he wasn't allowed to ring + notify the airline. living on his own, imagine the chaos. of course he was innocent, it was a mistaken identity. but since, friends call him 'murderer' anyway. :op

"oii murderer! wassup yo?!"

if you're detained, innocent or otherwise, framed or otherwise. word of advice, break your sim card. trust me on this.

never bring new found friends home, if you smoke it at home. never! even if you feel this new found friend is a best friend material. too close too fast? what's the agenda? flushing it down the loo is the best method, out the window is plain stupid.

take care of each other.

have a good week!

Update: alamak! i'm not implying anything, just a general reminder, since most of them reading that i know are generous + trusting. the best, drop the spliff eh? but if you feel you need to, be smart.

Friday, February 02, 2007

thank you

acoustic 'thank you' by dido


dear friends (+ foe, if any)

with truck loads of work to do, deadlines to meet, lovers to please, friends to entertain, bombs + assorted disasters to avoid, there's really not much time we can spare to contribute to world peace, though we should all start playing a part towards global harmony + happiness.

so take your first step towards contributing to world peace - smile + have a wonderful weekend.

ta very much!