Friday, April 28, 2006

an invite

once upon a wedding

the couple

the family

the sweet + innocent bridesmaid


have a good weekend y'all!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

breast cancer education

yesterday we organised the first pc of a pr exercise for this NGO i menyemak with. i know wednesday mornings ada dewan rakyat sitting so a PC would be a big no no but since the 'client' insisted that the press would be mature enough to decide after having heard my justifications, guwe jalan je laa. for the first time in my short pc organising days, i had full turn up from the chinese press. thanks for the love, man! bernama ada, two chinese headed english titles and 3 tamil titles.

as suspected, malay headed newspapers went berlari to cover the dewan rakyat sitting + sent no rep to ours. this morning to my embarrassment they reported female divorcees are gatal, quoted from dewan rakyat sitting, on front page laks tuh.

yet they wonder laa pulak, how come deaths from breast cancer are higher amongst the malays, then indian and last chinese when breast cancer incidents are higher amongst the chinese, followed by the indians and last malays.

Monday, April 24, 2006

honey, i'm home

it was a blast ... bandung is so stylo ... and i love the fact that at every corner you see people playing either the guitar or chess ... i've listened to good musicians in my short stay ... and watched them bandungites play chess; they really strategise and put a lot of thoughts in their game ... i was impressed ... best gila!!!

in the past, i've heard peeps describing the indonesians as one emotional lot; they act ikoot perasaan and only think after ... i noted that same traits in their folklore ... ikoot perasaan sungguh + agak ganas ... what does our folklore tell peeps about us?

oh! ... and dalam my kejakunan + excitement observing the marriage of contemporary architecture with indonesian intricate workmanship in kampung daun, i jalan stright masuk longkang ... oops!!! ... thanks for laughing your heads off at me, mereka yang nampak ...

hugs to all blogger mates!!! really miss you guys ... :o)

p.s. dzu ... i left your number on air asia's sickbag ... i have a picture as proof. do wait by the phone, your prince charming might just ring. :op

Thursday, April 20, 2006

hi fauzi baadila!

(unless the hotel ada internet connection + i got a laptop with me)
speak to you peeps when i get back!
have a good weekend, peeps!

p.s. jangan gatal2 call my mobile, i'm diambang broke!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

secretly tagged by nadio


tiga, three, san, trois, telu

standard 1 – 2 srk taman melawati
standard 3 – 6 srk sri subang jaya
form 1 – 5 tunku kurshiah college

any jejak kasih?!


had a taste of both world, but not so hero ok! ok-ok only


was a teacher’s pet during primary school, a levels + at university but was never one in my secondary school, nak buat cemana terpaling bodo amongst terpaling pandai + the teachers oso tot i was a taiko, when i’m actually sweet + baik + innocent, just that i pick and select rules that i think i should follow.
ala ala 9 naga ... "manusia terbaik di Indonesia adalah seorang penjahat" ... fauzi baadila i lobe yeww!!!


english + malay … them two confirm As … yang lain kene put extra2 effort, itu pun tak sure leh score or not :op


my guru angkat in primary school – she noted that i was bored with school syllabus + fed me with loads of workbook activities + let me hangkut buku bebanyak from the library balik rumah … yup! am a geek since like forever

a science subject teacher in secondary school – when i was picking up my spm results with my parents walking behind me, this teacher went up to us giggling + went “hihihihihi … maryam, awak pass ke pun subject saya? … hihihihihi” how rude? ok, she used to pick on me like that but in the presence of my parents? i replied, “dapat A1, cikgu” you should see how her face turned black

my accounting teacher during a levels – after being mentally tortured in secondary school, she made me realised that i ekceli smart oso, hehe! she used to bowl with us during weekends, but i'm crap at bowling, i went to just clown jest. we went karaoke together gether in china town. went for movies together gether. we hung out at hers during christmas + easter. she's so kind! rindu laa pulak...


SuperDzu - i know she's a geek, but how much a geek is she?!
Cik Pijoh - another geek
Agus - geekier than Cik Pijoh
Cik PMS - geeky?! - before i kick your (perasan) phat behind, i wish to know you better
Widie - nak ajak go down memory lane together gether
Bertique - sila2
Ifzan - since tak de idea what to put on his blog as update

Monday, April 17, 2006

post gubra

the lamps are different, but the light is the same;
it comes from beyond.
if you keep looking at the lamp,
thou art lost.
for thence arises number and plurality.
fix your gaze upon the light.

- jalaluddin rumi -

it's your birthday


weekend activities:

+ carried out serious market intelligence a.k.a. window shopping
+ tiramisu-ed cik pijoh's birthday
+ worry over the geeky gift choice
+ realised how brain lazy i've become + worry over my failing concentration when it comes to non-work details
+ succeeded in geli2 with cik pijoh in the cinema but failed to make her shout, she only went, "haha! haha! HAHA! HAHA! geli, geli"
+ intrigued by agus's non-defensive response when i jampi serapah at some gubra scenes
+ finally saw gubra + understood the attempt to communicate
+ ate the best potato salad (ly-d, nak lagi!) + chocolate cake (puji my cousin, chiop!) + sandwich (froggie, you the man!)
+ pasang telinga on "the hubbies" punya discussion on current market scenario @ lynor's yummilicious
+ got panicky with hefle over something we never cared too much before
+ imitated zana + joined her spraying widie
+ admired arina's impressive concentration span + determination, was impressed with the fact that she recognised which keys are padlock keys
+ kejar + kicked man 3 times in the butt for being notty

sekian, terima kasih

p.s. wegra still belum charge her camera, kindly derma the gambars from the weekend. merci beaucoup, mes tres jolie amies! je t'aime!

Friday, April 14, 2006

nonton gubra notice

cinema : tgv one utama
movie : gubra
date : sunday 16 april 2006
session : 6:30 pm

tickets booked : 12 + 1

confirmed names
+ cik pijoh*
+ cik pms*
+ gro
+'s date
+ suparrrdzu*
+ suparrrdzu's date
+ stolen car
+ ifzan
+ angel eyes
+ desparil
+ agus
+ wegra

the ladies with (*) has got my mobile number, you can get in touch with me thru them (if you don't already have my number). kindly notify guwe kalu2 ada any last minute changes - at least one hour before the show. i'll collect the tickets 45 mins before the show.

merci beaucoup!

see ya peeps sunday!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

kene saman!!!!

bapak kechoh - surat saman for speeding sampai rumah
he terus blame my brother the F1 driver
my mom panic + pucat 'cos she pun an F1 driver

guwe dengar tapah + kuala kangsar, i know it was me ... erk!
guwe terus mengaku salah jadi F1 driver (demmit yewww red alfa 147 driver, thank you for ajak-ing me lumba on the road)

bapak tak percaya, he insisted it was my brother
keh! keh! keh! best nyer!!!

note to self: kindly switch the speed alarm on when driving + if a driver wink wink ajak lumba, kindly buat bodo. thank you.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

my google-ing bapak

my dad confessed yesterday, he googles. i went what have you been google-ing, he replied, "nama mama". oh please bapak! kemon laa bapak!

*wegra banging her head with a kuali*

i thought that was the end of that, tetiba he continued, "i found emi's fotopages through google". erk! i panicked. he then said he's been to my fotopages as well. haiyoh maakkkk!!! i very afraid now. lets not have my fullname anywhere on this blog. and who taught bapak how to google ni wehhh???

boring laa like this ...

but if bapak ever sampai sini, "hi pak! peace! errr ... we go kfc jom, ya belanja."

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

break the night with colour

got bored + felt like throwing up after a movie marathon of 15 DVDs, books at home failed to excite me and so i made my way to borders. i get to catch up with mummy-O and baby arina at dinner as well.

got 2 books; one is the title i've been looking for since last year - 'sightseeing' and another i bought out of curiosity - 'the end of faith: religion, terror and the future of reasons'. ske the latter, it echoed my theory on a person's belief system! auuwww!!! ok lah ... perasan lebih but what to do, we think alike ... but the religion bit i'm not too sure ... is it really system problem or is it user problem?

i'll save 'sightseeing' for bandung ...

ok ... i've done updates albeit a dry one ... stop komplenin!


p.s. jom go "gubra" together gether, y'all
p.s.s. i got my bandung dates wrong ... penat je excited sorang2, no wonder the rest chilling masih ... goh!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

why not nothing?

last nite i saw allya
this morning she flew back
i'm missing her already


thanks ever so much for richard ashcroft, darling! hugs for shazlan. can't wait for jakarta. ;o)

Friday, April 07, 2006

9 Naga

saw 9 Naga VCD with my dad last nite, mama dah zzzZZZzzzZZZzzz

‘tis a bloke-ish movie
directed by rudi soedjarwo
macam biasa the cinematography cun

9 Naga is
... about 3 childhood friends
... about 2 orphaned brothers
... about a husband + a father
... about loss
... about guilt
... about finding courage
... about finding kemaafan

korang tengok lah sendiri

p.s. ske fauzi baadila in the last bit, cute!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

remember him?

remember this kid? yup. i made him cry by bullying him into calling me "kakak". he got frightened by my enthusiasm, i presume laa.

anyways, his name is adeeb. adeeb is a male name, isn't it?! he's 7 months old and he's my cousin's eldest.

my mom sees him more often that i do. apparently, only last weekend did she realise that adeeb is a boy.
kemon laa mama ... shy only ...