Monday, April 30, 2007

peculiar saturday

saturday evening, i took off early from work (work ends at 10:30 pm).

mummy-o's daddy-o + myself went wedding crashing in kl convention centre.

on the way to the wedding, he mentioned wanting to promote me at the wedding + instantaneously i had rings on the strategic fingers (wedding band patut kat which hand eh?).

"hi! are you ninie's friends?"


"are you dennis's friends?"

"no ... we're actually wedding crashers"

we were open about who we were at the wedding but people seemed not to believe us, assuming that we were trying to be funny (and failed).

as usual, i didn't bring my camera. our tablemates went busy taking our pictures though + told us that they'll upload the pictures onto their myspace (probably, they finally believed our claim). unfortunately, we didn't bother finding out their myspace url (do tell if you stumble upon the pictures).

nonetheless, it was a beautiful wedding, with killer dessert; i devoured two + 1/2 plates.

later that evening, daddy-o suggested karaoke. initially, we wanted to con mummy-o, telling her that we brought along our club wear + were planning to go clubbing after. unfortunately, mummy-o was better prepared. mummy-o + e-shak came in their tee + jeans, whilst daddy-o was stuck in his suit + i in my kebaya.

daddy-o brought us to this dodgy karaoke gig in yow chuan plaza i didn't know existed. the place was so dodgy that we had to witness a fight between two people + their slaggings included "gangster kampung pisang", upon which we had to sniffle our giggle.

i was excited about the karaoke session, thinking it's time for me to shine but i fell asleep as soon as i sat myself on the seats. i hope i didn't snore. (did i?)

well, i managed to sing two, three lines.

the night ended with me speeding up the ldp from kota damansara at 4 am to ...

Friday, April 27, 2007

and the world will live as one

imagine - john lennon

blake lewis is my idol!

i'm working this weekend. we're holding a charity bazaar outside cineleisure for orang asli kids education fund.

if you're feeling generous, do drop by. if you want to avoid me, skip the curve this weekend. :op

things to do this weekend ...

make your way to kl international book fair 2007 ... a cambridge graduate launched his novel titled 'pulang' or something like that :op ... a fiction based on true accounts of norita shamsudin's case ... it'll be in bookstores from july but you can buy them immediately at the book fair

if you wish to do some voluntary work ... zoo negara is celebrating earth day with the theme 'Conserving the Natural Heritage at Zoo Negara' ... there'll be a big ass gotong royong on Sunday, 29/04/2007 which i'll have to miss, thanks to the curve

if arts is your thing, i recommend "EYE-llusion" @ wei-ling gallery this saturday ... i ske chin kong yee's vibrant colours

anyways, have a brilliant weekend!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i'm not handicapped yo!

apparently, one fine day ...

daddy-o: arina, bunyi cow macam mana?
arina: mooo

daddy-o: bunyi dog?
arina: uf uf

daddy-o: bunyi cat?
arina: meow

daddy-o: bunyi monkey?
arina: uk uk

daddy-o: bunyi daddy macam mana?
arina: yo, what's up!

right ... daddy-o belongs to the 'animal kingdom' eh? :op

i'm easily excited over small details ...

at widie's, it was her massive covered balcony/terrace and her kitchen; i even imagined widie having a dining table at the balcony/terrace + having guests over for dinner party with candle scattered all over (kuat berangan minah ni rupa2nya).

at nor + man's, it was the fact that man used black plastic food cover (tudung saji) as outdoor lamp shades at the terrace, the pictures adorning the wall leading to their second floor. apparently, daddy-o is into gardening ... oits! bila nak start gardening ni?

at razz + riz's, it was their wall colour scheme, their comfy dining set and the whole township.

at izan + hash's, it was the reception area leading up to the apartments.

so jai + jam had a house warming in conjunction with jud's first birthday, (jam a.k.a. clock is trained an architect) you imagine my jakun-ness stepping into their crib for the first time ... i have one word, aesthetic. their house is a shrine to quirkiness, simplicity and functional minimalism.

i love the fact that the wall separating the two entrance into the kitchen and dining room was filled with a sticker mural of their two kids standing at a traditional kampung house window. i love the unfinished finish. i love the marriage of malay wood ukiran into the modern interior. i even went excited when i saw the clock hanging in their dining hall. stylo ok! :op

if you need an interior designer, i'd highly recommend jam a.k.a. clock. no, i don't charge introduction fee.

(note to self: take more pictures of your friends, not their kids!)

on a serious note, a junior from school pointed our in her blog that wong chun wai wrote in his column, asking the people of ijok to vote for barisan nasional:

As we wait to celebrate the country’s national day, the people of Ijok should vote for Parthiban, not because he is an Indian or a Malay, but because he is a Malaysian. Likewise, no one should be voting for Khalid because he is a Malay as it would be a seriously unhealthy political trend.

adeh ... deh ... deh ... so, do you understand why i've never been inspired to register to cast my votes dalam arena pilihanraya. in the past, when i vote for someone, i'll vote for a person who i believe can deliver and fights for what i believe in bukan pasal skin colour.

esok cuti ke? kalo cuti, happy cuti!

Monday, April 23, 2007

there comes a time when everyone must fly

remember them?

they got engaged over the weekend, to be married in june. a whirl wind romance, it was love at first sight.

images @
remember them?

they were awesome, they rocked the hall. it was the best gig i had in malaysia after black eyed peas (sorry), even kanye failed to match up. we boogied to their ska + i sang along to three songs i apparently know. i thought i picked them songs up from my school days but they were recent songs. so it has to be from recent acquaintances.

images @

tiena objected to my deleting of the earlier post.

so yeah ... i’m not battling anyone, period.

certainly not the two a dear friend is doing battle with ... though i have to thank one of them for thinking that i was high on weed. i had a great laugh! it was ice cream overdose + sleepiness. i don’t hate them though but if they want to hate me that is fine with me.

and yeah ... i don’t see the point of the fight to show who is more superior ... secondary school was like yonks ago. if you are the first to come out with an album, i’ll cheer for your success. if the boys are to come out with an album before you, i’ll cheer for them as well but fret not, i will not jeer at you.

why did i delete the post?

it’s too petty, too puerile. i felt like slapping myself hard after reading it. :op

true, being involved in social work depresses me; sometimes i think staying ignorant is best.

runaway love – ludacris feat mary j blidge

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pencarian 80s Cartoon Grandmaster

my schoolmates who blog have started this down memory lane ‘shrub fire’, infecting everyone else on the network of friends to talk about growing up in the 80s; with a full on 80s nostalgia mode. quite a number went on to posting old pictures (lucky i can't be bothered to scan old pictures, that takes too much time, you see).

so i’m out to test your 80s cartoon knowledge (since i failed miserably on the porsche pop quiz by gravt kills, i want to be in that position of casting out questions). are you ready for the challenge?

try matching these 80s cartoon theme songs lyrics to the 80s cartoon …

1. “… more than meets the eye”

2. “… they’re the worlds most fearsome fighting team”

3. “… there’s something weird, and it don’t look good”

4. “… feel the magic, hear the roar”

5. “… he’s the greatest, he’s fantastic”

6. “… dance your cares away, worries for another day”

7. “… there’s a race to be on the top, the competition doesn’t stop”

8. “ … where will you wander? hither and yonder, letting your heart be your guide”

9. “… next time you’re feeling blue, just let a smile begin”

10. “… so much to see, waiting for you and me”

probable matching 80s cartoon:

denver the last dinosaur + fraggle rock + transformers + jem + inspector gadget + heathcliff + snorks + strawberry shortcake + ghostbusters + smurfs + care bears + gummi bears + mighty mouse + danger mouse + ducktales + my little pony and friends + spiderman + teenage mutant ninja turtles + thundercats

(go tiena! go tiena! go tiena!)

anyways, tonight i'll have my first taste of punk rock ... wish me luck!

woohoo!!! i'm 'excite'!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

NoFX live in kuala lumpur

About NoFX

NOFX is a punk band from San Francisco, California, United States, formed in 1983 in Los Angeles.

The original lineup included singer/bassist Fat Mike (Mike Burkett), drummer Erik Sandin, and guitarist Eric Melvin. Since 1991 (and after several line-up changes) El Hefe (real name Aaron Abeyta) has played second guitar and trumpet. The band's sound is diverse, utilising elements of punk, hardcore punk, ska, and other music genres. Their lyrics generally satirise issues such as politics, society, various subcultures, racism, the music industry, and religion.

NOFX has released 10 studio full lengths, 10 EPs, and many 7" singles. The group has sold over 6 million records worldwide, and is one of the most successful independent bands of all time.

if you're into punk rock, you should not miss the gig

if you're an arden fan of the simpsons, you should not miss the gig

if you 'love' president bush (like i do), you should not miss the gig

if you're working around klcc, instead of battling the traffic, do make your way to ruums after work this thursday

tickets are priced at RM 75 + are available at the door. the door opens from 5:30 pm. if you need further details, call zeekaa at her mobile 019.600.7813 or e-mail her at

hope to see you thurday evening!

i leave you with 'franco un-american'

and snippets from 'the simpsons' featuring no fx

p.s. i donch lobe yew anymore

astaghfirullah al azim ... before peeps accidentally stumble upon my goofy pictures ... let me own up to them ... of us, on widie's blog ...
you can blame the above on star boys ... apa khabar mamat tu?
does anyone remember how does our kawad polis gila go?

i recommend all of us meet up at the 1st may 2007 do, lets keluarkan all the going to 12 years suppressed perangai bebudak. eleh! i know you want to ... don't be shy! :op

Monday, April 16, 2007

cómo estás?

'besame mucho' by the brilliant cesaria avora

a corner is an intriguing element
it is not nearly the equivalent of a crossroad
yet in many ways, it is far more suggestive than one
it marks a nodal junction
it lends to a termination
it presents a beginning
and the turn around the corner extends itself

a corner is a contradiction
it may encompass as much as the above
or it may simply, just disappear around the bend

happy monday!


lets celebrate a friend's success, shall we?

we were there: nadd, razz, arianna, razz's sisters, razz's in laws + myself. riz was all jittery + fidgety on stage, he shouldn't be because sms votes had been casted; he won!

sapa yang belum congratulate them, please do so now. thank you.

as usual, these images were songlap-ed without permission from Nadd ... she didn't post the picture i took of her, probably sebab tak lawa. :o(

this is the most expensive picture ... i present to you ... the spacing out effect ... teehehehe!

Friday, April 13, 2007


friday the 13th

he's away backpacking

his guitar dah sampai rumah

his amp dah sampai rumah

are you thinking what i'm thinking?

hint (specifically for cik pms): i wanna be a rockstar!

song for the weekend: good song by blur

have a brilliant weekend!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

my dome is where fate is

bapak had his children’s life planned out, he wanted us to be professionals; an accountant, an engineer, a doctor and a lawyer. well, the ‘accountant’ negotiated for the cheapest ‘professional’ degree course because times were uncertain when she was going to university. otherwise, it was architecture, which would cost a bomb.

some of you would know that the older three digressed away from his plan at one point or another. my youngest sister is the only one still studying; his hope.

recently, bapak asked if my sister is planning to practice law. my sister answered no and gave her justifications; the last being going to the bar in london would cost 10 thousand quid.

bapak, defeated, went, “pegi je to the bar in london ... minum”.


dapat green light minum!!!

anyways, since demam kanYe tak habis lagi, i leave you with ...

brand new rhymefest feat kanYe west

Monday, April 09, 2007

i will touch the sky

sapa kata khairy + wifey don't hangout together anymore, they partied together tonite

to a particular government agency, thank you for censoring five songs off his song list

(****** **** ****** ****** ****** ****)

two album mash + three full songs + there wasn't even an encore?!


to tiena, rugi you pergi jepun

and finally, a shout out to diane + her mates, it was great fun boogie-ing with you peeps, i hope you peeps enjoy your stay in kl

i still love H.E.R. teriyakiboyz feat kanye west

p.s. words on the street, a certain group is trying to get justin timberlake to include malaysia into his june 2007 asian tour, do me a favour ... if he's coming + you're going ... at his gig, don't just sit on the bleachers throughout ... believe me, that's just plain rude ... stand up + participate ya! :o)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

placid idiocy

i hate to generalise, but you can always tell a person's personality by the words they use, the photos they capture, the cars they drive, the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, the books they read or don't read and, perhaps, the movies they watch too?

but once again, that's just a generalisation.

here's what i'm really trying to say - if we don't want to define ourselves by things as superficial as our appearences, we're stuck with the revolting alternative of being judged by our actions; by what we do.

which is another type of generalisation.

there are the issues of good and evil as well.

murder is evil, stopping your car to let a pedestrian cross at the zebra crossing is good. if either of these statements are news to you, you should log off your pc, grab your car keys, go to the nearest police station and turn yourself in. they'll know what to do with you there.


however, i wish to deal with a smaller issue. i mean what's the point of risking a brain damage over the big issues, right? so lets sweat over the small stuff, shall we?

i want to blabber about something which is neither good nor evil but by which we judge ourselves anyway. the little things we do and the countless situations we find ourselves in that conspire to make us feel like fools.

am i familiar with the feeling of idiocy?

if i had one sen for every time i felt like an idiot, i'd be filthy rich! but i bet i'd be too embarrased to open an account for my 'idiot money', let alone spend it (someone's bound to ask, how did you manage to get that many one sen + i'll have to spill, mama kata tipu berdosa).

if i were to spend it, say to buy a luxury item like a house in the sexy bukit jelutong township or an armanee tarrace appartment worth RM 700,000 cash, i'd have to carry about 70 million pieces of one sen + that would make me feel even more like an idiot (i bet it'll be news worthy, i bet it'd be on the front page of our tabloid-ish broadsheets). though the good news is i'd get another sen for it. this could be a moot point.


what's the gibber on idiocy all about? well, i'm getting there ...

i was walking towards my car in one utama's carpark over the weekend when a sleek Mecedes-Benz CLS 350 caught my eyes, the design went searing through my soul. i glided softly, somewhat slowly over the car, eyeing every tiny details of the design. it's been a while since i've seen anything that handsome.


ok lah, i confess i accidentally walked into a moving car.

to the shell shocked driver + his young family, especially the crying baby, "my bad ... all apologies".

(no, i didn't dent myself)

oh ya! i shared the accident with tiena + cik pms on tuesday expecting some sort of belas kasihan, they stared blankly at me + tiena added that's expected out of me.

huh?! some friends i have ...

(note to self: in a situation like such, add a dash of drama, like pretend to pengsan or exaggerate on a non existing pain, to reap empathy from others)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

and it all falls down

small prints: the picture was songlap-ed without permission from a friend turned reuters photographer; nadia

i've got a short concentration span + i get bored easily. in my world things are ephemeral; i'll get all passionate about one thing + the next thing you know i'd be trying something new.

i dump junks into my blog, i think because i've lost interest.

i no longer carry my digital camera around in my handbag, i think because the pictures produced no longer surprise me.

i'm in dire need of a new 'toy boy'.

a new item on my wish list:

oh ya! if you're thinking of buying dina zaman's 'i am muslim', please do. i love the playfulness in her writing + the typo errors growing in number as you approach the final page are forgivable.

have a good day!