Wednesday, February 20, 2008

what's up? what's up? wednesday what's up?

often, when i bumped into people or them who apparently used to read my blog decided to say hi to me, i'll be asked why i've ceased blogging. i'm always tempted to cook up some high drama explanation for it but i'll end up answering, "sekarang sebook la".

the truth is a social geek like myself would always have an internet outlet, somewhere. :op

true, facebook being one of them.

on the work front, i'm currently excited that we're working on a project with a graphic designer i've always admired, there's only one + i've mentioned him in one of my posts. i've always been told by people who has worked under him that he can a bitch, when it comes to work. i don't care, as long as i can learn from the best!

and i recently discovered that after midnight, my brain sports a 6 seconds lag. everything that can be processed in 1 second would then be processed in 6 seconds. say if you were to ask me a question, it'll take 6 seconds for me to register the question, another 6 seconds between fully registering the question + coming up with an answer. once i have an image or answer in my head, i'll need another 6 seconds to be able to verbalise them.

calling me late night for an intellectual discourse is definitely a bad, bad idea. unless you own a telco.

my IQ would also deminish tremendously, not that i'm smart to begin with. hence, the boys at pictionary would have an edge, past mindnight. you want an example? sure, i'll share one.

once i was asked to describe a place in london, of course i was excited because i've been to the stadium. it's a piece of cake. i started drawing a tennis court, a tennis racket, i even drew the ball flying path after being given a backhand stroke, complete with a sound effect. of course my partner was able to guess what it was ... "wimbeldon" she shouted. instead of being excited that she was able to guess the word i'm supposed to draw, my face turned white.

wembly stadium is not a lawn tennis stadium ... it's a football stadium. i bet i looked like the biggest bimbo ever at that precise moment, maybe i should bleach my hair blonde.

well i guess, i'm not that young anymore ...

oh ... knitting/crochet is the new yoga y'all!


Anonymous said...

yes wegra,
wembley stadium is a footie arena
and whats with the 6 sec lag?
dah tua...

daddad o

razz said...

hi wegra,
glad you're back again on your blog...yeay!
so keep on writing coz we like reading your stuff! :)


anisism said...

eh kita sebaya laa.
18 tahun kan april nanti?


wegra said...


look who's talking ...



kene menulis ka?



ye ke?

HI ANIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gravtkills said...

my brain has a 10seconds lag time if i am hungry

mindlessreality said...

Hello there. I'm positive that it was you who left a comment on my blog about koko kaina's performance today. If it was really you then I'd like to say thank you so much for doing so! I enjoyed it immensely. Take care.

wegra said...

sorry about that, i'm guilty as charged. i was desperate, trying to locate her fans. glad that you went + enjoyed the show. you should've said hi! :o)

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