Thursday, June 29, 2006

engelbert experience

so i went to engelbert's gig. i invited weed to come with me, i'm glad i did. she knew all of engelbert's. i felt music dumb sitting next to her. :op

engelbert is definitely a brilliant performer. though i'm ignorant, thoroughly enjoyed his stuff.

that's us with engelbert's drummer, a good one at it, a show off as well.

at the foyer, there was a grand piano. we were chatting + of course, i had to tell him that weed is a music genius, who played by ear. you throw any music instrument to her, she'd definitely be able to produce music with it, you let her listen to a song once, she'd be able to play it on piano.

so he asked widie to play a song. he started humming a tune + weed played it on the piano perfectly. he went excited + raved that widie has got good ears. he went, "you should leave the pond + get into the sea, you know what i mean?"

the thing is widie never got into the pond pun. :op

oh! we saw jimmy choo + a malaysian shoe chain owner (forgive my ignorance) + went "jimmy choo! can we take pictures with you please". *eye lashes went battering* come on, who can resist us?


meet two volunteer gate keepers, who had to crowd control us. yes! we were that ganas, they had to request for back up. what? you donch believe???

grrRRrrRRrrrRRrrrRRrr ... amcam? believe or not?

in case you were wondering how come them gate keepers look familiar? well, apparently they were in explore race 3. remember, "why you so like that ah? why you so like that? why you so like that ah? why you so like that?"

they were almost effective in refraining us from getting the below. :op


cikPijah said...

waaa!!! best kan?

ker u tido?

Sunday! 3 pm! Jgn lambat tau! :P

Erra said...

eh gila laa cikpijoh

resolution presentation habis kul 12:30, takkan guwe terus lesap kot?


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

tak mintak discount kasut ke?


and i was talking bout datuk choo.

bertique said...

jadik gak ek mamat nih. i thought dia sakit, and doctor nasihat kat dia tak buat that gig.

sepatu kristal dr jimmy choo tak dpt ka? at discounted rate? no? tak pe la .. kat s'pore nak start sale, g sana la shopping :P

superdzu said...

wah jimmy choo!
ada tak dia kem salam kasut kat superdzu?
and did you see my mom?

p/s :see you on sunday!
jgn lambat!!!!!

Erra said...

cik pms + bertique

i kan pemalu ... but we've got an invite to his protégé punye show ... ok lah tu! :op


korang ni ... tau laa nak tengok suparrrMan ... ingat i ni apa ... event abish at 12:30 ... nak kemas2 lagi ... 3 pm dah suh terpacak kat cineleisure


*wegra abusing secretariat room's facility*

agus said...

wow wow! englebert! jimmy! very the glitter yewww