Wednesday, September 19, 2007

honey, i'm home!

according to luna maya, nicholas saputra was in kalimantan, shooting, last weekend. there goes my dream, all shattered. yes! i seriously meant luna maya.

apparently to meet indonesian stars, you have to be real comot + busuk, if your baju smells of your cat it's even better (my baju had bunnyguy's smell + luna maya, appeared). on the day we were all stylo + wangi, complete with light make up, none of the indonesian stars made appearance. chet!

a picture of bunnyguy (who likes to sleep in bags, be it handbags, backpacks or suitcases), by emi

meet dewi sandra (yes ... that's my tangan at the corner, doing the enter frame)

meet pasto, an r'n'b group, under glenn fredly

and the shy keyboardist, we like!

to husbands, fiances, boyfriend and potentials, who may be reading: don't worry, the cowok2 gantang are all mine, the girls are innocent, they were forced against their will to come along with me. :op


gravtkills said...

nie trip utk berjumpa artis2 indon ke?

wegra said...

nie trip mencari cinta (read: nicholas saputra)

mummy-o said...

i want the pics!!

Stupe said...

fuiyoo...if i'm thre, i'll be starstrucked until i froze. that is, provided i know who they are....

wegra said...


lets meet up!


to be honest ... i didn't know who they were ... my friend pointed them out + we ran after them


mental muz said...

omg luna maya omg omg omg

anis said...

are they femes in m'sia? the shy keyboardist is hot, no?

wegra said...


she's tall ok ... real tall!


hi babe! my phone got barred, banyak sangat make calls kot in jakarta.

i'm not sure if they are fames in malaysia but the boys can really dance + the shy keyboardist was yummy hot!

:op said...

shy guy,i loike.;)

gravtkills said...

so tak berjaya la?

Erra said...


is shrek shy?


biarlah rahsia

dzu said...

nicholas saputra tak jumpa eh?
i'm not that jealous then..

wegra said...


memang laa nicholas saputra tak jumpa ... but we've made connections with his friends ...

jeng! jeng! jeng!

nicholas saputra ... i love you!!!!

superdzu said...

oh..ok now i'm jealous.

eh dont forget dzu ok...kalau ada chance nak jumpa dia.
he he

coz i love him too

wegra said...


you sure or not ... nanti bila jumpa face to face ... you diam, tersipu2 sorang2 ... when he's gone baru berani shout "i love you!!!!"

the next trip circa nov + dec, tiena nak itoot! said...

oh yeah,i nak itoot.sbb nk jmpe nicholas saputra jugek.heheh :p

word verification: agusg

c u dis saturday agus!:)

wegra said...


you pun nak tompang jumpa nic???

Anonymous said...

jumpa kat mall mana ni?

wegra said...

Senayan Plaza + eX