Sunday, September 30, 2007

a story began



The Momster said...

ooo i like this ad too! :D

TunaTurner said...

omg super-cute!:D kenape i tak penah tgk kat tv pun??

Anonymous said...




i haven't seen the ad before as well, simply because i haven't been watching the tv ... it's been ages since i last sat in front of the tv!

Anonymous said...

p.s. yasmin ahmad nyer voice yang doing the interview ... tak yah carik talent ramai2 ...


cHikAnoZ said...

this is my one of most fav advert so far.. catch this in tv last weekend..coll sgt! best!

Anonymous said...


i wouldn't say this is my favourite petronas ad but it did leave me all warm inside.


che'fara said...

i just love how the way the boy tarik tangan romantic.

gus said...

selalu show kat local tv time.

teringat masa budak kecik dulu, darjah dua i think.

A girl, Elisa, asked me who I liked among all the classmates and I mentioned a name, Flora, her good friend. She then told the whole class and people started teasing us whenever we spoke or even when we were standing close. We were so embarrased that we ended up not speaking to each other for years. We did our best to avoid each other. It's really sad how kids (my classmates) do the stupidest things. Back then it was taboo to like a girl, and telling others about it brings total condemnation.

Anonymous said...


sweet kan????


i'd normally be home flat out + i leave home early morning. i only do dvds, when i can.

hehe ... the ad reminded me of primary school as well. we lost touch when i went to boarding school. apparently, he cycled to my house to look for me even in secondary school. my parents laa nih!!!


Anonymous said...

budak ni ada tokoh jadi millionnaire/banker/filthy rich when he's all grown up. he just got the look.

hee hee hee

i just love the way he says 'i dont want the whole world to know!'

heee hee heeee

Anonymous said...


kalo i buat plastic surgery, sempat lagi tak jadi filthy rich, multi millionaire?


i still have this dodgy smile everytime i play the ad, eventho i've seen it oh so many times now.

cute nyer!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i oso like this ad
sort of like me n nor la..mase darjah dua
luckily we ended up married kan yang kan?hahahaha


Unknown said...