Wednesday, October 03, 2007

this, on the other hand, made me cry

once again, i ask ...

when is the best time to ask for forgiveness?

once a year?

during festive seasons?

or while you still can?

i wish all of you reading a selamat hari raya filled with love, joy and forgiving.


zezz said...


black eyed peas @ genting on the 26th oct!!!


wegra said...



wegra said...


of course i'm game ... they are one of the best performers around!

PiN(u/a)Ts said...

wei, iklan raya petronas untuk tahun ni ke?

berderai air mata aku tengok.. huhuhu..

i'm coming back for raya babe! ;) said...

ask for forgiveness while u still can..i wish it is as easy as saying it.

selamat hari raya,weggy.maafkan segala kesalahan zahir dan batin..:)

wegra said...


i miss your daughter!!!!



it's all in the mind + the ego ...

but i'll forgive a someone is when she pays my RM 2K ++ and return my 9naga.

thank you.