Friday, April 14, 2006

nonton gubra notice

cinema : tgv one utama
movie : gubra
date : sunday 16 april 2006
session : 6:30 pm

tickets booked : 12 + 1

confirmed names
+ cik pijoh*
+ cik pms*
+ gro
+'s date
+ suparrrdzu*
+ suparrrdzu's date
+ stolen car
+ ifzan
+ angel eyes
+ desparil
+ agus
+ wegra

the ladies with (*) has got my mobile number, you can get in touch with me thru them (if you don't already have my number). kindly notify guwe kalu2 ada any last minute changes - at least one hour before the show. i'll collect the tickets 45 mins before the show.

merci beaucoup!

see ya peeps sunday!


cpj said...

yeay!!! see you guys on sunday!!! kena bawak ape2 ke?

Erra said...



hadiah untuk wegra sempena besday cikpijoh

terima kasih, i lobe yewww!

gus said...

see y'all after the show yah....


bertique said...

have fun guys! (i know you will)

why do we hurt the most .. the one we love the most ...

sob .. sob ..

TunaTurner said...

hi cik pms..!

eh cik pms..??*give pms a questioning look*

Erra said...


cpj said...

erk! hadiah? sebotol air sirap ok tak?

owh! now i get wht u mean! wah wah! all bring date eh tomolo nite.

*pijoh termenung sat... sigh*

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

ni blog ke tpt buat pengumuman perhimpunan?

Erra said...

cik pijoh

donch worry ... you are not alone

cik pms

whatcha doing here ... 5 purnama merajuks ok!