Thursday, April 27, 2006

breast cancer education

yesterday we organised the first pc of a pr exercise for this NGO i menyemak with. i know wednesday mornings ada dewan rakyat sitting so a PC would be a big no no but since the 'client' insisted that the press would be mature enough to decide after having heard my justifications, guwe jalan je laa. for the first time in my short pc organising days, i had full turn up from the chinese press. thanks for the love, man! bernama ada, two chinese headed english titles and 3 tamil titles.

as suspected, malay headed newspapers went berlari to cover the dewan rakyat sitting + sent no rep to ours. this morning to my embarrassment they reported female divorcees are gatal, quoted from dewan rakyat sitting, on front page laks tuh.

yet they wonder laa pulak, how come deaths from breast cancer are higher amongst the malays, then indian and last chinese when breast cancer incidents are higher amongst the chinese, followed by the indians and last malays.


bertique said...

yeay no 1.

betul la i oso wonder why? sebab duit ker? i read some papers and they said that reason why kita senang dpt breast cancer psl "susu". segala produk berasaskan susu. they quoted no of penghidap breast cancer in china, yg remakably low - just because they dont really like susu et all. hmmm betul kers?

and, hehe it's good to note that you quote another earth-shattering news from dewan rakyat which make the top story in our newspaper - the gatal story. haiyah!

on a lighter but serious note on bandung trip - yes. i'm very serious. why dont we set a date, or poll let's see brapa byk yg nak g.

bangkok oso sounds good actually, takut i cannot refrain myself with all the dugaan :D


bertique said...

giler pjg si betikrul komen.

sorry, minggu ni cuti pjg - tak de event menarik utk dilakukan bersama? riadah futsal ker? paintball ke?

or, playing monopoly/chess/risk at kedai kopi mahal?

any takers?

ps: yaya, biler daa nak main risk?

hmm den no dua gaks.

Erra said...


not really bro

bukan pasal duit sesangat, ingat all chinese filthy rich ke?

melayu suka gi bomoh instead of going to the doctors + ada one case i pernah post dulu, husband tak kasi gi buat treatment sebab tak de orang nak masak kat rumah. ignorance + no interest is what i'm getting at.

melayu paling kurang cases of breast cancer sebab rajin beranak + confirm breast feed. tapi younger generation malays lifestyle dah converging with the chinese lifestyle. :op

ada studies kata susu kotak ada accelerant or something like that


tak malu ke report dewan rakyat sitting discuss mende2 cam tu? dah laa fleeting statement laik that, tak de backed with concrete evidence or anything ...

i shy ok!

cikPijah said...

mcm ngok je kan menda yg dia gaduh kat dewan rakyat tu. such kurang asam statement/accusation with no valid/strong evidence.

eh! pasal susu tu betul ke? but i need calcium and susu is sedaps.

cikPijah said...
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Erra said...


beli laa susu kambing fresh from bertikrul ... errr ... susu kambing leh minum kan???

alah ... segala makanan canned, kotak-ed, processed not good for us ... our environment pun hampeh ... i donch have the solution but one thing i know for certain, with cancer early detection saves lives ... and asal bukan bone cancer, kita leh fight macam gila + survive

Erra said...


ada study suggests a correlation between high calcium intake and prostate cancer ... research laa kan, it depends on the sample etc etc

hmmmmmm ... nanti i korek balik the milk in carton + cancer article tu

cikPijah said...

yeah! nanti dah jumpa article tu kasi tau ok! i'd like to read it. thanks! i have to take milk cos my dr. said that my legs always cramp at nite due to tak cukup calcium. malasnye nak telan obat.

Erra said...


go take calcium tablets by shaklee, opis diorang kat glenmarie shah alam ... research by two brothers, the company existed since the 50s, US based

i've seen laa their products do wonders on people i know

Cosmic_GurL said...

Kenapalah mulut MP-MP PAS ni smtimes tak berinsurance? Such a dumbass remark! Sigh...

Erra said...


kesahnya ilmu di dada kot ... tak pun he was possessed with the demon of patriarchy

yang press pun nak pick up the story, apa kes nyer? front page laks tu ... ada propaganda di sebalik ke? ;o)

jeng! jeng! jeng!

*wegra mengaruts*

say no to sensationalism

bertique said...

i oso shy.

shy like cipan want to beranak ok baca stmt mereka. wahhh .. ni dah jangkit i nih :P, hehe dulu i'm alone .. not that you are on the same ship - i think we could move the mountain!

btw, camna projek2 gathering dan mainan kita? sonyap ajo.

superdzu said...

the trip to uk dah kena cancel?
betul ke?

hi betik!

superdzu said...

we told your mom yg we want to join next year.
that day pergi just to gain knowledge and i nak go check out the tuan pengerusi.
eh the tuan pengerusi siap bagi his mobile number kat i ok.
cakap he likes to help young people in business.

fyi your mom is cute.

superdzu said...

btw...still no credit.
sorry maam.

minum this sunday jom?

Anonymous said...

yo weg!!

how about our plan to play galah panjang kat kota london? still on ka??


Erra said...

hi lady bugs!!!!!!!!!!

on laa weyh! kat hyde park tapi kene postpone to 18 july punya week ... that's for malaysian festival in bracknell 2006, confirm on ... tengah design the magazine now ...

eh? you ajak reramai gi bracknell nanti ... 3 days event ... kalo rindu malaysian food mesti datang ... last year corus hotel siap import cook from penang to masak char kuew teow ... sedap ok!

best nyer! lama gila tak main galah panjang ... main kat mesia sure orang pandang slack!

do keep in touch ya!

anisism said...

belilah pink ribbon dari saya.
raikanlah ibu.

touch a life ~

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...


eh this weekend apa cer?

sunday. any takers?

Starbucks, the Curve?
for chess, risk, or just plain baca buku for free + sembang.
how? say 3pm? said...

saye cadangkan dewan rakyat dibubarkan.

saye cadangkan wanita2 malaysia lakukan pemeriksaan sendiri barah payudara setiap hari.

saye cadangkan hari ahad nih kite minum2 di sunway pyramid.:D

cadangans diterima.


Erra said...


our goal are the same but our approach differs

cik pms

road tax dah mati ... lets try pyramid ... best! jin jang jo yo!

i second your proposals