Tuesday, April 11, 2006

break the night with colour

got bored + felt like throwing up after a movie marathon of 15 DVDs, books at home failed to excite me and so i made my way to borders. i get to catch up with mummy-O and baby arina at dinner as well.

got 2 books; one is the title i've been looking for since last year - 'sightseeing' and another i bought out of curiosity - 'the end of faith: religion, terror and the future of reasons'. ske the latter, it echoed my theory on a person's belief system! auuwww!!! ok lah ... perasan lebih but what to do, we think alike ... but the religion bit i'm not too sure ... is it really system problem or is it user problem?

i'll save 'sightseeing' for bandung ...

ok ... i've done updates albeit a dry one ... stop komplenin!


p.s. jom go "gubra" together gether, y'all
p.s.s. i got my bandung dates wrong ... penat je excited sorang2, no wonder the rest chilling masih ... goh!


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

babe, you went to borders? like, today? i is there also..!! no see me? alaa.. ada.. i majuk ngan Brucie kat comic section tu. alaaa... kat manga tuuuu.. why go never calling2 also? said wanted to calling2?

i very the hurted.

but i still want ole2 from bandung and please, not in the form of mee bandung or sirap bandung.

sila ingat dan beli.

ti.e.na said...

babe,ive seen gubra oredi!
(sowwy fwenz,i ter-ghairah awal and pegi tgk dulu.:p) tapi boleh aje klo nak 2nd round ngn u ols..:D

superdzu said...

when gubra?
tak caya you boleh silap dates for bandung

hi pijoh!

Erra said...

cik pms

i tot you were bzbzbzbz with brucie, didn't want to kacau on a day off together gether. lagipun yewww seb you'll meet dzu in shah alam.

i lalu manga section 5 juta kali whilst trying to decide which book to hangkut, tak nampak pun. you dah balik kot. was there between 7:30 til close.


best tak????

Erra said...


serious s***!!! want to see my air ticket???

pagi tadi my friend izan rang to correct me + she went panic 'cos i sounded so confident. :op

tengok2 guwe terbukti SALAH!!! haiks! demmit! i want to cuti!!!!

cikPijah said...

cis! penat jek excited awal2! jom gubra!


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

haaa apalagi,
bila gubra? jumaat malam?
sabtu malam?

bila? bila?

apa2hal pun, tin2 layak dibelasah sampai lumat. dia dah tgk without us.

boo tin, boooo!

Erra said...

cik pijoh + cik pms

saturday bebudak zoo negara tak leh + sunday nite wegra ada lomantik dinner di bawah rembulan mengambang

so, we are left with friday nite + sunday daytime or mid week evenings

apakah keputusannya?

Cosmic_GurL said...

I watched Gubra last week. Somehow I preferred Sepet la. Think Gubra punya storyline mcm tak focus. Each scenes were good but somehow after dah combine to become 1 movie, it's just not as good. Pelik kan?

p/s : My word verification is "woazo"! Hehehe..Waahh Dzu kot?

ti.e.na said...

cosmic_gurl,u watched oso eh?
i cudnt comment on gubra sbb x phm sgt.
part the guy with neck brace in the bum-exposing hospital gown tunjuk arah toilet jek yg i phm.:p

eh u ols (wegra,super,cik puang,etc)...i nak 2nd round gubra ngn u ols ok..!!

Erra said...


you made it sound like yasmin was trying to pull a love actually

hmmmmm ... tak pe, nanti wa tengok

Erra said...


now i understan-g why you want a second take ... hehehehe! tak faham ropa2nya

word verification : gnftkcgo

go sekolah, go! :op

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...


hari ni bukan dah midweek ke?
midweek tu tak sama ngan midwife kan?

wiken cam jawwuuhh je lagi...
tapi kalau besok, kat OU dah ada ke? ke?
tapi wiken pun boleh ju ju jugak.

widz said...

dood! can e-mail me the bogel piccies?



(weggs should know which bogel piccies im talking about here)

anisism said...

saya dengan rasminya terasa seperti dianaktirikan.

sekian terima kasih.

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

anak tiri?
macam cinderella?

Erra said...

cik pms

tunggu laa feedback penduduk zoo negara dulu


aih! bebudak ni otak blue ... yewww seb bogel pictures ... their imagination would definitely run wild ... :op

forward bogel pictures i shall

baby anisism

alalalalala ... merajuks lak baby sorang ni ... bottom line: get your arse in town, i shall include you ... ok babes!

cool gambar, why red?

cik pms

be nice ...

Erra said...


baby anisism

i still have your share of the RM 100 bet i had with enche zuhri ... i donch forget!

cikPijah said...

i friday nite is the bz
i saturday nite is the bz
other than that ok.

Erra said...

at the mo

kalo weekend, sunday siang2 buta je available for 'gubra'

venue: gsc mid valley
12:15 pm, 2:35 pm, 4:55 pm

mooke said...

senpai, the end of faith tu buku dia menakutkan sebab dia narrow down his subjects to muslim alone. nggak fair!

gwe cadangkan buku jared diamond - collapse.

Erra said...


i know ... earlier i wrote some of my thoughts on him picking on islam but i deleted it fearing being too controversial ...

tapi basically bush administration is getting what they went out to do ... us muslims + world community fell beautifully into the trap ... i fear the future, but i donch want to die yet ... :op

once upon a time, not too long ago, the world view the concept of jihad = fight for freedom. today jihad = terrorism. bukan melayu je mudah lupa, world community gaks mudah lupa.
the thing is world politics + history are repeating itself over and over, just that they are called differently today. we’ve seen some of the strategies by the new imperial power being implemented during apartheid, by british imperialist, tapi entah lah we fall for it over and over again.
watashi no koohai, how’s you? lama tak dengar your voice here ...

Erra said...


baby zana's pics kene wait ah ... camera batt empty owedi ... i hep to charging the batt ... :op

Erra said...

*crossed from MSN*

y'all love menggosip liar eh?

lomantik dinner di bawah rembulan mengambang (reads: bbq at mummy-o + daddy-o + arina's new crib)