Tuesday, May 30, 2006

alamak ...

kacau daun laa sis ... i was chatting him up! (ya right) *wegra buat muka tak puas hati* :op

ok ... my mama feels that she's drop dead gorgeous that nite, so i'm supposed to post her picture here as well ... happy now, ma?

[for more @ tkcoga.blogspot.com + partying pictures tableh publish, sorry!]


bertique said...

yeay no 1.

err awat muka hang tuh weggy?

ifzan said...

yeay no 2.
where are the party pix?!!! where????

Erra said...


ske ah nak tarik muka cemana pun



party pictures tak bleh post ... nanti i kene ISA!

Anonymous said...


aren't u suppose to post a story but me almost becoming "tukang tolak kereta"?

Erra said...


lucky you're anonymous ... i'm gonna post your phewwwiiittt picture as well OK

oits! no fair! you can borrow my 15 hinggit clutch bag + chunky beads ... i can never squeeze into that small number wehhh ... demmit yewww for being so small!

bertique said...

hehhe .. oo ske yek.

your mama's drop dead gorgeous ok!

*wave kat mama wegra*

auntie mmg lebih cun dr anak auntie, bwweeekkk kat wegra.


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...


1) i want to pinjam the dvd bajakan u bought from your fren kat syed bistro tuh.

2) i want to pinjam prozac nation also.

huwargggghh. lunch?

cikPijah said...

weggy! u tgh chatting him up or tgh mkn tu? :P

i pun nak gak buku prozac nation tu! u have 2 right?

hi mama weggie!! auntie cun lah! when can auntie teach us how to be and remain cun like tht?

hi dzurina!

Erra said...


and you haven't seen my sis ... but i was exactly like her, once upon a time

*wegra fire bertique ngan paintball red pallets*

cik pms


excuse me ... alhamdulillah

you wanna take me out for lunch???


i think that was my excited look when i was told she's giving us a cheque ... and the conversation that followed suit was along the line

wegra: yey! we've got payment
amir: like your mom's money is your money as well? pn noridah is your mom right?
wegra: i meant we as in the company

bertique said...

ok la .. i feel like making you day today.

so here it goes:

"wow. i can see where you gets your beauty from"

so please, no more fire me with paintball red pallets okey? sakit oooo ...

la la la la ...

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

mamat tu punya seluar funny lah.
besar sangat ke dia punya 'anu'?
kelaka la.

jom la lunch. if you can, holla me. i'm at home. only going to the office after lunch.

Erra said...


i know what i am + what i'm not ... so by saying that you risk annoying me

cik pms

ya ampun!!! my eyes did not wonder away from his face pun ... so wa tarra perasan

tu lah mamat anchor astro yang expect me to know who he is ... sorry bro, i donch layan tv ...

bertique said...


what ever u think, i'm not.


nevertheless, sorry.

ti.e.na said...

ayoo wegra majoks.
i tgk gamba ngn bace komens jek.
gotta run!*bzbzbz*

ifzan said...

weggie, so apa plan for daddy-o?

Erra said...


apasal? risk is non definite, ada element of probability

eh ti.e.na

hi ti.e.na!


nothing fancy

expdiver said...

lama tak dengar berita?
nanti nanti akak sms u lah...

thank god gambar party MCG/TKC tak keluar!!

okay u take care sis