Monday, May 01, 2006

what do schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common?

a note of apology to A+W Subang Jaya cleaning staff:
i'm sorry ... the kittens seemed famish.

a conversation i had yesterday evening...

what are you reading?

freakonomics, the new f-word


it's by this young economist; my age, harvard grad, with phd from mit. he's saying the conventional wisdom is often wrong because 'experts' bend the facts. and that economics is with brilliant tools for getting to answers but lack interesting questions. so he's throwing questions. example: which is more dangerous, a gun or a swimming pool? obviously a swimming pool. nothing new but the delivery is quite good.

*a short void*

you have to stop reading these books. if you have to read, read bimbo books. you'll just scare 'them' all away.

really?!? that's the real patriarchy scenario here?!? or is it just a pejorative presumption?!?

but... but... tho i read them books, i donch understand them... what's conventional wisdom anyway?!? :op

have a good may day; international workers day, peeps!

p.s. paging baby anisism, kindly e-mail your mobile no to so that i can drag you to all our meet. thank you.


bertique said...

freaknomcis just superb kan? oh no, u do read those geek books (as tiena terms it) .. adakah kita ni sekapal cik weggy?

next book i'd like to suggest to u - the big moo (the one i just bought semlm remember?) - another superb book! seriously. i can borrow u mine if u one.

freaknomics power!

cikPijah said...

eh! nanti kasi i pinjam ek.. boleh wat baca those nites when i kenot sleep. hihihih.. i've yet to force myself to read this kind of book for knowledge sake.

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...


bertique said...

oh i no 4 .. hehe

dah la dpt no 1, no 4 la tuh .. best nye.

yaya, another book if you are interested la - blue ocean strategy. mana tau hehe you can use some of the points for you biz.

Erra said...


big moo i've done 'speed read', got the gist


sila2 ... kalu nak pinjam ... can, no problemo

cik pms

ske lah!


i'm into collaborations, smart partnerships, co-operatives + yang lain-lain seangkatan

i do win-win stuff said...

i oso read geek books.
like dvd terminology.
eh ur moo book's cover looked nice the other day.nak pinjam..:p

i baru prasan mlm td..
janji joni ade disc 1 jek.
disc 2 di manekah?

Erra said...

i baru teringat, the morning before meeting you peeps i tengok janji joni once more + i think i can safely presume it's still in my VCD player ... hehehe!

bestkan janji joni ... cute! + bertique equally geeky ... wegra ni cewek keren banget sih, gak sesuai tuk buku dan artikel di koran kaek gituan ... :op

cikPijah said...

betik!!! u got the blue ocean strategy book? nak pinjam!! then kalu best nak trus wat reta persendirian!!

Erra said...


i laik yewww, you are geeky laik me


we ship no same ... you read business strategy books ... i'm intrigue by human behaviour + themes surrounding it

bertique said...

ada. heheh nak pinjam? boley sesgt. nnt la i buat summary kat my blog - senang sket kan nak digest. err pinjam buleh, buat reta tok leh tau :P

ya tiena sgt pandai menyebut baka kambing saya. sebut betul-betul .. baaa--orrr .. hahaha apada bau.

i see. if that the case, than u must read the art of seduction by robert greene. tell me what's you take on that book when you are done ;).

Erra said...



gila nak baca buku robert greene ... i donch laik him, his methods are very the manipulative ... i'm familiar with the 48 laws of power ... i noticed you bought the 33 strategies of war ... and i donch need self-help book on how to seduce, i donch believe in sexual politics ... i believe in bergerak2 thru merits ... :op

bertique said...

wahahah .. 48 laws of power tuh best gak kan? hehe.

i thought u like human behaviour books. and my dear, it's not abt being manupulative la .. again it's how u take it la ..

for me, i just love it because - it's a good information to know. have u ever wondering why certain people are so different when they talk to female/male? why certain people acting a bit wierd? why some people need attention more than anything else.

the name is a bit misleading, i know but trust me - it's far from it. :) u think muka cam i nih kalau seduce still leh naik pangkat cepat ka??

i seduce kambing suh beranak byk leh la .. hahah

err something wrong with my words up there, just to clear the air - i seduce kambing utk dia buat sex dan bunting, err bukan i buntingkan kambing. for the record.

Erra said...


kemon laa

greene's language is more of a how-to rather than describing, siap bagi 'case studies' lagi. to me the art of seduction is a compilation of approaches to sexual politics. and dengan segala straight face, he's advocating manipulation, deception and expliotation of weaknesses towards a selfish end.

if you haven't experienced sexual politics in real life and would like to know how it's done, by all means read the art of seduction. lagi pun better the devil you know, than the one you don't.

i know, i went very the exhausted after reading the 48 laws of power

bertique said...

hahah .. there's some true in your saying. i agree on the author part. but, i think we have to live with different POV :D.

exhausted? hahah .. but greene ni mmg words-intensive. sampai kat tepi2 buku pun dia nak tulis cerita, at first, i cam terconfused nak baca yg mana dulu. hehehe

Erra said...


exhausted by what greene is advocating rather, as if there isn't enough evil in this world. said...

...point of informationnn...!!

anisism said...

terasa teramatlah bangga dipage-d.

dan anda juga harus berasa bangga kerana saya tidak meninggalkan sebarang comment di blog2 lain untuk minggu ini kerana jiwa sungguh kacau.

no. tipon itu akan diemailkan secepat mungkin. sekian terima kasey.

Erra said...

sila baca untuk menambah pengetahuan, cara2 untuk gold dig, win your way to the top secara notty dan seangkatan dengan nyer ... rohsia nyer pilih orang with weaknesses, never go for someone who can overpower you

sekian, terima kasih


why kacau? i have the RM 50 i promised you ages ago ... apa kata you make yourself free this Saturday 8pm so that you can teman me to suparrrDzu's cupcakes line nyer do in uptown + you can meet other whacko bloggers ... lets!

superdzu said...

yo wegra
i am very happy that you are coming this saturday.
do come with your new handphone...i will teach you how to sms properly.

yes aninism...datang sekali ok?

hi betik!
hi tiena!
hi pijah!
hi pms!

Erra said...



monyet laa yewww!!!

bertique said...

wah .. ngapa ni dzu?

weggy tersalah sms kah? crita la wey! heheh

i ingatkan perjumpaan u buat tuh jumaat mlm. sebaik i check calendar balik, heheh .. kalau idak haru.

cikPijah said...

hmmm... looks like betik is coming up with alasan to not go! oiy betik! u better come! don't you forget to bring along that blue ocean book. cheers!

bertique said...

pijah, sowy la BOS (blue ocean strategy) cannot pinjam - i blum khatam :D ..

ada ka buat alasan, i segan ok nak jumpa ramai org.. segan u know

Erra said...


mai laa coming to dzu's


come borrow my bohrink books, i khatam-ed all of them. Freakonomics is suitable for freaks like us, and ada satu research discussed will make us very the lega... :op


apa baca buku slow mo? copet jang oii...

bertique said...

weggy ..

sorry la, ada 3 buku pending perlu dibaca .. hehe plus, i mengeja ok .. haha kengkadang kena baca 2/3 kali baru paham .. maklum la, i ni tak berapa cerdik :D

Erra said...



banyak nyer buku yewww nak baca ... wegra dah lama gila tak membaca ... baru nak terkedek2 start balik, tengok2 dah abish.

tun tun tunggu lah sepurnama lagi to get another read... :op