Tuesday, May 30, 2006

sunday's adventure

i'm supposed to have gone out for lunch with cik pms but she postponed it for another 1/2 hour + so i decided to report sunday's adventure as promised to my sewel friend. for some reason friends of mine are only sewel around me. i bet if you meet them independent of me, they are all prim and proper. why ah?

anyways, last sunday i took a friend on mine on a field trip, just to teach her the art of shopping. it's easy to look gorgeous in prada + gucci or even zara + mng but to find something stunning at a fraction of the cost, that's an art in itself.

our hunting field: sungei wang plaza

for some reason, we both were going thru a patch of bad luck when it comes to mechanics + cars. hers were injured; a mechanic rammed the car into a stalled lorry. meself; the green car's timing belt was not properly done by the mechanic + the blue was not feeling too well. i told my mom her gearbox may need checking, the car is ageing, but of course, to her i'm still a minor so what do i know about cars. it could be wiring.

and so we went on our little adventure in the blue car.

to be continued ....


bertique said...

aiseyyy ..

ada to be continue lak ...

*eagerly waiting*

kalah crita maero attack nih ..

superdzu said...

oit sambung cepat...
i dah siap buat popcorn and sitting comfortably infront of the computer...waiting for your story.

hi betik!
nak popcorn?

ti.e.na said...

i suke cite ace ventura.