Wednesday, May 31, 2006

sunday's adventure deux

i had to pick this friend of mine up from her office in damansara heights. as she stepped into the car, i reminded her that she needed to pull her seatbelt on + behave. she gave me this wierd look. "like i don't have a valid driving licence", i went. "oh!" and so she pulled her seatbelt on + behaved.

rather effective; i see no monkey jumping in me car, i hear no hayeena laughing in me car, it's all tranquil and serene.

that's done, off we went.
as i was turning into the main road, my friend started giving direction citing roads which i was supposed to take. erk! you give me landmarks, i can picture where they are precisely + i'll get there easy. you give me road names, that's like german to me ... no i don't understand german.
jeng! jeng! jeng!

to be continued ...


bertique said...

hmmm dzu nak popcorn .. tq

wah we sama la .. always remember landmark/drawings/map rather than the road names .. plus, it's so susah nak ingat ok ..

nak nak ada yg off jln tengkujuh .. how to carik la if got OFF OFF like that ..

*hulur popcorn kat dzu

sila sila

cpj said...

*amek popcorn from Dzu*

eh! dzurina! pop corn jek? cupcakes m kopi mana?

weggie! sila sambung citer..

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

owh.. ini pasal la anda lambat ke lunch date kita yer?

takpe, nasib baik i baik.

sila sambung cerita. tengkiu.

popcornelvis said...

korang habiskan my popcorn lah.
siot tul!

ok sila sambung wegra...
gripping man!