Wednesday, March 07, 2007

busana melayu

i used to wonder why dulu2 kebaya pendek sulaman nyonya are worn with pesisir batik sarong/kain lepas; particularly those with pastel tints or a one colour design with many shades of the colour, whilst kebaya pendek sulam melayu are worn with batik sarong/kain lepas, which are of darker indo-european designs or javanese earth toned designs?

last year, in jakarta, i found out that them batik sarongs/kain panjang worn by the nyonyas with their kebaya pendek were produced by java's chinese community, introducing chinese design elements + colour palette. make sense doesn't it?

today, you see a multitude of design influence in a piece of batik; with hybrid european, chinese, japanese, indian + malay world designs. the way we pakai our kebaya pendek pun, we rojak everything asalkan it's aesthetically appealing to the eyes. talking about convergence of cultures.

why the sudden blabber on batik + kebaya pendek?

izan just rang to ajak me do jakarta with kairin again in may 2007. with them, it'll be about hunting for the best musical experience, best makan + hunt for the cun-nest materials for baju. anyone wants to come with us, ajakan secara serious.

this trip i plan to hunt for kain limar since malaysia don't produce kain limar anymore. berangan nak buat baju riau pahang. phewwit!


i forgot, i got tagged by nina ... 6 things wierd about me:

1. i eat my McD fries with ice cream.

2. i write with the margin parallel to me.

3. i remember faces extremely well, i need to meet a person only once + i'll remember their face for life but i'm crap with names. i met my schoolmate's hubby for the first time recently. i remember his face from kindergarten, i even remember his backpack + where he sat in class + that he sang nasyid at the school concert.

4. i can answer a phonecall when i'm sleeping + strike a conversation + not remember it the next morning.

5. when i'm at a counter in a bank or a shop, i have this compulsive urge to tidy the counter up if things are not in place.

6. i sometimes wave at a cat if i see them staring in my direction.

anyways, 'freak' by silverchair

grunge revival ... keluarkan your dr martens everyone. :op


Anonymous said...

kain limar tu apa? nak pesan! u go hunt for 'bahan' @ tanah abang ke? or cheaper place?

Anonymous said...


kain limar pakai ikat technique ... tanah abang singgah jugak biasa nya ... nak kirim, no problemo.

Unknown said...

yes doll, its either perhentian or lang tengah... care to join.. but first need to blog off the dates..

anis daud said...

nak itot!
since kompem tak kawen by then!!

Anonymous said...

drama king

nak ikoot!!!

which ever is fine, asalkan i get to swim 20 minutes every morning.


err ... kahwin?

jom!!! kalo tak kahwin kita beli kain wat baju gi wedding orang lain. teehehe!

TunaTurner said...

drama king + wegra + zeeka,

pls pls pls,lets do perhentian on mar29-apr1 y'all..!

TunaTurner said...

p/s i still dun get wut a kain limar is.

Erra said...

tiena + zeeks + baki

i've weddings to attend on 31/03 + 01/04 ... erk!

Erra said...


nanti i post gambar my grandma's kain limar + a little story about kain limar ... it's real halus + tedious to make.

zubin said...

check out, we share some interest in textile, I have some collection also, including Kain Limar. Also zubin mohamad