Friday, March 16, 2007


zarique, a friend from university, once described me as "she's everywhere". i was young + full of energy + ambitious then.

sunday, i tested myself to see if i'm forever21; i went around town searching for ideas + observing, went home for a bit, saw cik pms + bodyguards, squeezed wes borland in, rushed over to my brother to send his work ID, went over to skodeng riz+raz's new crib (fell head over heels with bukit jelutong's township), conquered the swing at a playground, got bossed around by the 2 year old adib + didn't know how to handle him so i ended up being his kuli, saw mukhsin + i intended to continue working late night but i fell asleep as soon as i reached home.

aiyeh! i failed miserably ...

you know, perception can be orchestrated. what's important is the voice behind it; if its loud enough or influential enough.

the retail mix in subang parade reflects the perception the outsiders have on the community in subang jaya. people kept on telling me that the perception is accurate but i know my neighbours and myself do serious bhajus shopping elsewhere. subang parade is still where we meet to socialise and hang out. despite the extensive rebranding + repositioning strategy, it fails to change how we 'use' the venue. if you ask me, the retail mix is not attractive enough (+ i'm not the type of person who'll layan lame mall events + activities). perhaps, the 'we' i'm talking about are not their target market (i'm sure one utama + klcc + mid valley + petrol kiosks in between are grateful).

if i may ask. which is the case?

the pj community are duh when it comes to art-ish, so there are no the annexe or paul's place in pj (there are art gallaries though) OR because there are no offerings like such in pj, we had no choice but to drive into kl to get the fix?

do you really need to address the wants + needs of your existing surrounding community pun to ensure traffic? i mean, what is KLPac doing in sentul? well, investment on retention + acquisition should be 50-50 so...

stop feeding me with negativity. if he wants ted baker in pj, we give him ted baker and more.

yang benar,

the penat bekerja blogger


n|ns said...

i go to subang parade to avoid the crowd elsewhere... hehe... ouh, n to toys r us :P

Erra said...


i pergi subang parade gaks but for bergebang session with friends, carik foodstuff kat cold storage bukan tak pergi langsung but kalo ada anchor tenants yang guwe layan kan best. :op

i can't stand crowds as well, so my shopping hours biasa 10 am til 12 pm ... masa tu the malls are quieter. kalo kene cari baju laa ... i think i haven't been doing any bhajus shopping since october 06.

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...


stress ke kak?

relax, relax..

we'll knock em' dead. said...

i go to subang parade to teman my fren to destress.

and oso to teman my fren to scout for engagement ring.

teehee :p said...

oh btw,cant wait to see a re-vamped jaya.(i have faith in u).heheh

good luck babe!

cikPijah said...

the last time i went to subang parade was........ ngan korang lah! wht's this. no picture.

Gravt Kills said...

was wes awesome?

Erra said...

cik pms

boleh tahan gaks stress


yeah ... i forgot teman my friend carik engagement ring


huh?! re-vamped jaya? apa tu? a movie?



planned to but didn't get to downloading my images from the camera


he's sweet + adorable

(hi wes! i love you!)

RaNdoMHEarTsOfArMylla said...

i'm still sooo used to subang parade's old look man....almost cried when i saw the new look..and the carpeted walkways...and the bright lights..
it's all the sentimental value...the tempat lepak after school/ponteng..the first dating place..the smelly old cinema...*sigh

wegra said...

randomheartsof armylla

aiyeh! dating kat subang parade?!?!

i'm a late bloomer so first date tengok gig garbage. :op

kene buat subang parade fan club ah gini!!!