Friday, March 23, 2007

writings on paper

some may be aware that i strongly 'advocate' the "vida!" magazine; a local magazine for the stylish + intelligent (so i claim, chkononnya lah). if you fancy good writing on real issues being married into a stylo fashion magazine, "vida!" is it.

a recently launched magazine got my attention - "tell". vida!'s writings are more superior, in my humble opinion but tell is a refreshing addition, if you're into good writing that is.
incidently, on wednesday there was a book launch at the annexe + the whole tell team was there. imagine my excitement. then it click (after a few seconds of beyond words teruja-ness), dina zaman in tell is the same "i am muslim" dina zaman.

earth to wegra ... do you read me?

the do was fun, mummy-o + myself had a great laugh albeit at ourselves. i even naik sheikh with the kompang. :op
just before having to drag our feets out, a question was thrown at me, "would you like to do theatre?". unfortunately, the question found me when i was in my bimbo moment, "huh? do theatre ... on stage or sitting down watching?"

aiyoh!!! like d'uh!

(for more pictures, do visit my aunt's blog -


Imran said...

Woohooo put the pics up!

Erra said...


hey you!

you're coming home soon eh?

belum download the pictures lagi ... will do it when i can.

Imran said...

Yup very soon. Catchup when I'm back. Got some pics too.

gravtkills said...

is there still a problem from earth to wegra?

Anonymous said...


yup! speak to you soon. don't forget the cupcakes from selfridges. :op

gravt kills

i think so ... i'm here but i'm not here. :op

TriStupe said...

why is there men in toga?

Unknown said...

Ya, thanks for the mention here. Great do kan?

Hey, I must say you look good in that hairstyle. Glam. Keep that style.

Anonymous said...


so that i can ogle at them


wan bi

i thought it'll be another boring book launch but i had fun


Anonymous said...

waa baru igt nak beli i am muslim. best or not?

Anonymous said...


beli lah ... i like the playfulness in her writing