Tuesday, March 13, 2007

impossible is nothing

growing up to yasmin ahmad's petronas ads, i accept that you don't really have to 'sell' your product to 'buy' customer loyalty. 'playing' with their emotion works.

i quite like adidas's new campaign "impossible is nothing"; focusing on personal challenges the athletes have overcome in their rise to fame. each athelete tells their unique story through personal artwork.

i'm talking about adolf dassler's adidas not korn's adidas ok!

i leave you with some of the trailers ...

oh ya! i was surprised to find an adidas factory outlet in jaya shopping centre (thinking the place's dead), they retail quite extensive stylo adidas line (post dr martens craze, i suffered demam adidas trainers). and i so love the retro bags...



TriStupe said...

it's mind over matter.

if you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

the other brand, the just do it tag line, works well as well, it goes to tell you not to give excuse to do anything.

i think that the two brand komplot la...one telling you that impossible is nothing, one more ask you to just do it.

TriStupe said...

and by the way, why most of these ads only feature footballer? boring la!

i find ppl that does IronMan race more inspiring! 17 hours racing non stop just to complete a 140.4miles race!

The Momster said...

u never know what u can find at jaya supermarket... hehe...

*tempat jatuh lagi dikenang*

TriStupe said...

speaking of which, ther is one shoe shop inside jaya which still sell the good old cossack shoe for rm80!

Anonymous said...


the thing is when i make a choice, i'm not affected by the ads or whatever ... ha ah ... what they are actually saying just beli my barang!!!!


tak laa ... the ones i have are the ones i like ... two football + one rugby


teringat zaman kanak2 laa tu



i think that shop is opposite adidas ... right? :op

TriStupe said...

hehehe...sorry for flooding your comment box.

the shop is below adidas, but on the ohter end.

i' getting some goodies from Nike to run the KL Marathon through some friends that has the lead to this.

i'm not so much of a brand person, but i welcome freebies.

Anonymous said...


don't worry. :o)



i think i'm still loyal to adidas, i have nothing by nike. wow! like seriously no nike ...