Sunday, August 12, 2007

interesting ...

i have this problem where i want things done fast. if i sense slow-mo-ness, i'll jump in + try help speed things up.

so i last saturday, due to accute slow-mo-ness in sight i dived in to help carry tables hoping that it'll speed things up. i zoomed in and out a shopping centre carrying tables.

when suddenly ...

jeng! jeng! jeng!

a voice went ...

jeng! jeng! jeng!

"tu laa dik, mak suruh belajar rajin-rajin, tak nak"


the guy actually called me "dik"!!!!! jangan marah y'all!

i leave you with float - 3 hari untuk selamanya OST

i'm off to *cough* jakarta again ... woohoo!!!

yup! i love jakarta that much! :o)


mental muz said...

ala a 62 years old pacik mmg la kena panggil u adik, takkan nak panggil kakak nanti u tuduh tak sedar diri plak hahaha

gus said...

Apasal u tak respon "eh, bila masa pulak mak engko borak ngan aku, dik?"

Hehe, actually, kalau kena kat aku pun tak kan ada respon nyer... except for the thought 'you have no idea...'

Anonymous said...


fuiyoh! apa rahsia a 62 year old pak cik leh nampak cam 25 year old?! pergh! i must go back and interview the pak cik!!!


yang penting he called me "dik"

his thoughts are not important but interesting ... tak pernah terfikir.

maybe tomorrow i should try do gardening at the sidewalk pulak. :op

TunaTurner said...

hahahaahh muz ni kelakar laa..:p

weggy,bile nak luangkan mase utk i ni?

The Momster said...

next jakarta visit count me in plzzz!!

cpj said...

ish.. jakarta lagi! jelessss.. ape yg best kat situ?

Erra said...


babe ... i'll only be back from jakarta sunday morning


will do + please come with an empty luggage ... i bet you'll go crazy following us but please don't copy what i buy ... hehe! ... last trip, my friend bought what i bought


jakarta feeds my hunger ... macam-macam ada!!!

Desparil said...


teh o ais satu!