Thursday, August 02, 2007


izan's wedding is this weekend + i'm stressed out.

apparently baju maid of honour is too lucah + to make matter worst, there's protocol istana. why didn't they decide that it was lucah when they bought the kain? i'm not sure if i have time to cari a new baju before the wedding because office work is killing me too.

can i leave the problem here + come back to it, after i'm done with work?


gravtkills said...

that bad ke the baju? park it here first la and visit later

cikPijah said...

huh? baju luc@h? explain pls.

Desparil said...

banyak sangat cleavage ke?

n|ns said...

alaa bolehkan aje baju lucah tu.. hehehe... said...

how lucah is the lucah?

wegra said...


i haven't got a baju baru yet ... lucah is the boobies part laa ... where else ... i think i need a breast reduction ah ... drew berrymore did it ... orang lain pakai baju cam tu tak pe ... i pakai jadi vulgar


agus said...

Wah, a reduction is like a downgrade. How can you blame your chest? The problem lies in your dress, not your breast.

wegra said...

gravtkills + pijoh

ada dua choice ... kebaya lace or kebaya chiffon with corset + sarong ... macam stylo tapi permukaan kulit terdedah besar sangat kot


mana ada cleavy ... corset tutup sampai atas maa


i think i'll just add a selendang to cover ... i'm still in the office, bila laks nak gi shopping ni?


no cleavy lucah


bridesmaid lain pakai the same baju ok je, asal i pakai jadi issue?

fara / ly-d said...

pakai selendang aaa make sure cover a bit
just to shop again for a function-manyak susahh wooo..

in my case, it will be more of a pasang-surut due to the fact of me still feeding my kid - so mcm choc fudge.. kejap ada kejap takde