Wednesday, August 29, 2007

visit palestine

a perfect stranger is holding a screening at his place, i was forwarded the e-mail. i'm dying to go or at least get a copy of the documentary. watching the trailer alone was heartbreaking. :o(


The Momster said...

heartbreaking :(

Anonymous said...

i kenot stream youtube @ ofis :(

nak pegi jugak!

Anonymous said...


heartbreaking ain't it?

i don't think i'll ever be that brave ... if confronted by a tank, i'd run.


kalo nak gi ... kene crash a perfect stranger punya party ... and at his place pulak tu ... kalo kat annexe ke boleh laa skodeng, ni kat rumah mamat tu ... not funny ok!

silap2 we end up in a lock up.


Anonymous said...


the dvd is not available in malaysia ... kene order online ... apa kata i order ... we do our own private screening ... ada mau?

elly said...

i pun tak sempat tgk the youtube lagi..baru a quater..

mental muz said...

believe it or not, i managed to watch the screening of "Visit Palestine" sometime last year in USM hehe

Erra said...


rasa sempat tak squeeze the screening in our schedule on sunday?!


asal tak ajak? you know i'm game mende2 cam tu ...