Monday, August 20, 2007

Jakarta City Blues

i'm falling in love all over again with jakarta indie music scene.

again, this trip, we sat @ a music store with one of them boys, going through what indonesia has to offer. the bloke was into free jazz + blues, + i discovered brilliant musicians from him. the damage? Rp. 690,000 worth of music cds. erk! (che'fara, i haven't forgotten my promise to you. will reply to your mail the soonest.)

i just love the fact that even in the 24 hours mc donolds they had a musician plucking an acoutic guitar; not just any syok sendiri plucking, ada soul ok!

if you don't already know him, meet indra aziz with 'jakarta city blues'

and tika, a fashion accessories designer, who has done back up singing for lauryn hill, with 'you belong to me'

but somehow, it was this song that mummy-o + myself kept singing, again and again ...

have a brilliant week ahead!

p.s. dvds bajakan are only RM 2.40 in jakarta y'all


Anonymous said...

weg, nak pesan Karimata & Krakatau the next time u ronda2 jakarta :P

Anonymous said...


kitorang dah janji ngan ujang nak gi lagi first/second week of september ... jom gi ... nina nak ikoot sekali!

Anonymous said...

weggyyyyy bukan ke 1st/2nd week tu pegi bangkok..*tarik muke empat belas*

Erra said...


tu sebab berhempas pulas biar cukup duit to do both trips

Anonymous said...

aiyark! balik sabah le that time.

nways, 'take off to padang' is my fav. u might like it. fusion/ethnic. cool jugak.

Erra said...

i've never been to padang ... maybe the next trip?