Thursday, June 01, 2006

misyar?? misha omar you mean??

Misyar marriages, a matrimonial pact where the man need not give his wife any material support – like money or clothing – except provide for her sexual needs; a proposal made by an academician to reduce the growing number of UNMARRIED + DIVORCED women in the country as well as OVERCOME INCIDENCES OF VICE among Muslim women.

Like that oso ken izzit?

A kelakar solution kot! Sebab, you wouldn't miss what you don't know. Is the only reason for marriage to have legal sex pun or for us to accumulate responsibilities? We are very material + physical, aren't we? We fail to look beyond. That's the impression I get from reading the abstract paper. They cited the filthy rich Arabs as example. Alahai! That's like comparing a yellow lamborghini with a yellow kelisa. Please laa...

A statement made by a girlfriend on misyar marriage over a meal bugged me til i had nightmares last night. I dreamt of having to help a friend deal with her dysfunctional husband. I donch know why that friend had to be our little Missy Dzu. Oi! In my dream oso you want to enter frame izzit? Oh! I remembered noticing a brochure on a coffee table of another friend's boutique, in the dream. I asked, is this done by the monkey clan? The answer was yes + I was asked how did I know. I said, I recognised their signature. Keh! Keh! Keh! Macam real!!!

I was too stunned to argue yesterday; I stuttered and stammered in shock. The reply to my incoherent protest was we women need to be smart when dealing with men.

Right! I hope it is that simple.

No, I'm not going to spell out why I'm a strong opponent to the proposition. I'll take pages and pages yo! Moreover, it'll be an opinion of someone who's never been married. I don't have the authority to say...

Just that when a bill is passed, it'll affect women from all walks of life. Not just the priviledged + educated who may be well versed with the game. Maybe you feel we don't need protection but how about them innocent simpletons who are vulnerable to abuse. Yes, you have to consciously enter into the agreement. When you're under that spell, you know how it's like.

More, what signals are we sending to the future generation?


cpj said...

hihihi.. i have the same thinking too... whot? misha omar?!! :D

i wonder is this what single women want?

Erra said...


i went: seriyesss??? misha omar nak kahwin???

is that what you really really want? *to spice girls music*

bertique said...

this is so funny. i laugh at it myself.

but who am i to speak.

the only thing i know is that, marriage is not only about sex. full stop.

TunaTurner said...

misyar husbands are opportunist.

misyar wives are stupid moron nymphs.

fook mishar marriage.

thank u.

Erra said...

misha omar ... i lobe you!!!!

eh korang! kesian misha omar, tersedak2 today OK!


yewww laughing at me???

*wegra walk secara macho towards her make believe lamborghini to get the paintball guns*

we're not that desperate to go that low

popcornelvis said...

p/s: bodoh ah misyar marriages tu.

hi wegrot!
hahaha dzu ada cameo appearance in your silly dream?
wahhhhhh u should feel special ok.

eh sapa monkey clan tu?

thank you for not giving up on me...
even though i clearly am broke and takda credit..
pls keep smsing me ok!
lap u!

hi pijah!
weekend ni jadik?

bertique said...

aiya weggy, dont la .. not enough lebam is it my badan? i laugh at the misyar thingy la .. seriously laughing ok.

i one my fren lagik best, dia kata "dont bother abt misyar .. we dont need guy to fulfill our batiniah need - we do it ourselves"

*gelak guling-guling!

tapi misha wedding, i akan lagi la terluka dan kecewa .. lepas siti, nasha .. no misha .. kena g batu belah nih :P

Erra said...


gila ke i should feel spesel????

orang tengah suspense, awaiting the next scene ... tetiba kuar muka monyet kemetot showing off her braces ... ish!

potong steam OK!


tu laa pasal ... sekadar chkonon nak service, yang tak tentu best ... baik i buat bungee jumping ke, base jump ke, cliff jump ke ... lagi ... err ... woot woot!!!

bertique said...

lagi wegra? lagi apa? hehe

lepak ngan rerakan blogger?

mkn ben&jerry's?

err ..

lagi apa?

aiyer .. u nih mmg suka adrenalin rush ler .. i takut bungee jumping ... *laaarrriiiii

Erra said...


best oooOOooooOOoooo ... free fall ... tetiba bloob bloob, masuk dalam laut ... aisey! tak bawak baju extra ... alang2 dah kuyup ... 'can i have another take pleashhhh ... a honey dipped pleashhhh ... sambil buat muka puss in boots from shrek


ada percaya bertique?