Saturday, March 03, 2007

life in cartoon motion

my dad + his school friends meet up weekly for a game of bowling at bsc bowling alley. mom's a good bowler (she's way better than dad), so dad would make her be on his team. i'd tag along sometimes for the bihun cantonese they serve, sedap gegila ok! when i'm around, dad would wear this mischievous smile, i reckon bekos when they compare individual scores, i'd always be on the tail end, instead of him. so yeah ... my pleasure, bapak!

recently, some young bowlers sarcastically commented, “kubur dah kata mari, tak reti-reti pergi surau ke?”.

wow! talking about being rude and arrogant. perhaps, they forgot that they’d grow old too.

come on, the group would usually start bowling at 9 pm + they do berjemaah isya' before the game. what's the difference between praying in the surau near your house + a surau in bsc? we don't have any problem with our parents having some fun + socialising, why should you?

and don't you dare throw any remarks if you happen to bump into my mom + her school friends doing the midnight movies.

shooh! shooh! mind your own parents.

anyways, a recent family affair

erk! and i've been tagged by nina ...6 things wierd about me? errr ... up next.

for now, i leave you with 'grace kelly' by mika


Anonymous said...

congrats to the happy couple!

neways, hop over to my blog. got some 'new' pics.. heheheheh (evil grin)

Erra said...

OMG!!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

gila ke widie?! the baju i was wearing!!!! what's with the 'key'?!

OMG!!!! widie!!!!! nasib baik tak nampak my doc mart ... hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

fuhhh ... dear tkc friends, sila ke blog widie for a good laugh, at ourselves. :op

Anonymous said...

and don't you dare throw any remarks if you happen to bump into me + my school friends doing the midnight movies, concerts etc forever-rever! ihihihihi

thanks to widie, am officially despressed ahaha why oh why

TunaTurner said...

*comment has nothing to do with ur post.

omaigawshhhhhhh weggy was dat really really seriously yeww??:p

and i bet dat was u too in dat kain pelikat thingy?

Anonymous said...

if u want to show the world those red doc marts, i have another pic of u wearing it. nak scan ke? :D

btw, hantu kain pelikat is not weggs, but another blogger whose name begins with N (alamak terbagi clue pulak wakakakak)

The Momster said...

iskk... takde keja lain ke budak2 tu comment2 org tua gi bowling?

have yet to see photos on widz. going over now... :P

Anonymous said...


tu laa pasal ... i'm worried about us too, we're capable of getting that remark when together ... tak main forever21 ... perasan 17 terus!

thanks to widie, i realised i once owned a colarbone + a smaller neck!


the pelikat looks like nadd's kain sembahyang ... lucky widie posted the more 'perasan glamer' picture of me.

*wegra does a mental scan for scary poses widie might have*


thank very much ... oh tidak perlu lagi ... time for damage control!!!


tolong!!! ... i think its payback time ... siap widie ... i korek for old pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

gambare pengantin pompuan tarak ka?tu kawin kat tepen?

Anonymous said...

en emi

ha ah ek ... jap ya carik


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

kuang ajau nye bebudak zaman skang.

nasib baik kita ayu dan bersopan santun, kan?

Anonymous said...

cik pms

sememangnya kita ayu + bersopan santun. err ... ye ke?

Mr Hobo said...

your dad pi bowling on wednesdays eh? And now sibuk dok cari tempat baru pasal Bangsar bowling dah tutup. Me wonder who your dad is ...

Erra said...

mr hobo

eh? you kawan my dad ke? or were you the one telling them off?

baru tanya my mom, they bowl on wednesdays + citer kene sound ni kuar last weekend, my mom gossip ngan her friends kata my dad + his friends agak sensitive (sebab dah tua). :op

my dad bowl with his star ipoh friends

Mr Hobo said...

I don't know who your dad ... don't worry ... i am not that old ... but we're from the same cobratasha clan :P, yang pi bowling ni are the ones yang selalu pi old boys weekend. Ni bangsa hardcore semangat sekolah punya gang

Anonymous said...

mr hobo

panic japs ... like kawan bapak baca my blog?!?! oh tidak! :op

cobratasha cobratasha shina shina star eh?