Monday, July 30, 2007

to be continued ...


i was 25 minutes late for 'the simpsons' ... d'oh!

i tried to wrap up early, but you don't chase customers out do you?

post 'the simpsons' teh tarik session ...

anyways, good week ahead peeps!

p.s. Forever 21 is being sued by singer and designer Gwen Stefani for infringement on designs from her L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers line ... cepat beli the baju yang diorang copy!!! :op

7 comments: said...

20mins late?so how was the movie?:)

Stupe said...

like this, i feel you will go back and watch it second time. betul?

mummy-o said...

i like the last photo..

wegra said...


i think i laughed the loudest


definitely need a second take, bila tak tau


ha ah ... but i wish nampak you gaks ... me think da-dad took the picture

n|ns said...

i missed this one. :(

suka the last pic too!!

Anonymous said...

yeah, me hiding in the corner!! hehe


wegra said...


be at the next!


i just realised ... neng pun tak nampak