Tuesday, November 29, 2005

kasa rubia

sometime just before raya, i went to embun to pick my baju kurung. i bought the baju kurung during embun's tsunami charity sale. that's like almost a year ago! :op

anyways, when i was there i saw a new bundle of kain kasa rubia. my "creative" head went imagining possible kebaya pendek bersulam i'd wanna make. i still refuse to follow the masses and call OUR kebaya pendek bersulam, kebaya nyonya. just because the nyonya adopted malay ways and infuse it with chinese heritage, what they adopt became theirs?! it pained me that all kebaya pendek bersulam today are generalised as kebaya nyonya. kesian moyang2 kita yang menyulam the kebaya pendek dulu, stripped off their IP Rights.

back to kasa rubia. i was holding the material and asked if they were in actual fact kasa rubia. natrah said they are and she said she had to wait over a year to get the shipment. told natrah, that i wanted to buy the kain. she replied, they are to be made into baju, if i want them i have to tailor them with her. there goes my kebaya pendek dream, and so i agreed to have them made into kurung pesak. she charged me RM 300 ++ for the kain and total cost inclusive of tailoring was RM 900. Gulp! all for a kasa rubia of my own.

last weekend, at the curve flea market, i saw a lady selling kasa rubia, real kasa rubia, there were a cheaper alternative which she called the-cheap-kasa-rubia (who are you kidding, customers are not dumb you know) but i don't like them. i was shocked to see the kasa rubia. when i asked how much were they, she replied RM 180. that's the only other place selling kasa rubia and it's half the price!

demmit! i just got punk'd by embun!