Tuesday, November 29, 2005

emily rose

Last Saturday, my friend and I felt the need to scare the s**t out of ourselves. So, we booked ourselves for the evening "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" show.

For, those who hasn't seen me watch horror flicks at home, you're dead lucky.

I may have this "macho" outlook, don't mess with me attitude, but faced with a scary movie, fuiyoh! chicken like hell. At home, I'd be circling the room, walking to the kitchen and back, occasionally sitting behind the sofa waiting for the horror to end, I'd pretend to be reading the newspaper or play with the cat when in actual fact I was dead nervous. And my friend, she wasn't any better. People alike flock together?

Anyways, the cinema....

To cut the story short, the row behind us spent most of the time gigling at us (the both of us were watching the movie from behind my friend's shawl) and the row in front was dead annoyed (I think I did some karate moves).

By the way, some subliminal advertising ey, the movie.


zuhri said...

was it good? the movie? anyway, i'm linking ur blog with mine. so u can expect me to drop by more often....hehehe...errr..is that good or bad? i also dunno, we shall wait and see....why did i sound sinister, eh?...aisay, tak betul dah ni. oops..i have to go, got a golf game at 5pm.

Erra said...

creepy indeed ... but then again, thank you for linking my blog to yours.

the movie, definitely not in my "favourite" basket. it's not even scary (look who's talking). the message was ... this is based on a real story and god exist or rather christianity is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

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