Tuesday, November 29, 2005

malaysian press, yet again

I'm very the critical when it comes to Malaysian press, aren't I? :op

I was reading Afdlin Shauki's post YOU CAN BE THE DIFFERENCE!, when bubbles of clouds formed next to me head. Ain't that familiar.

My conclusion of the Malaysian press:

Scene 1

Caller: Hi, I'm Wegra calling on behalf of NGO 007, we are having a press conference announcing our event. Can I fax the details over ....

News Desk: What is it about arrr???

Caller: We are holding a business networking sessions abroad under the Jalan2 Cari Makan branding. The event is aimed at creating new markets for Malaysian entrepreneurs. We realised that the year 2020 is only 15 years away and that we are no where near ....

News Desk: Got Minister or not???

Caller: No

News Desk: Sorry arr, we cannot cover.

Scene 2

Caller: There's a robbery next door and two people were murdered.

News Desk: What's the address? We'd be there in a heartbeat! It is our duty to the nation to report such cases!!!


zuhri said...

aisay, not all press camtu. i dulu pun from the press gak. if mainstream press, they have a lot of events to cover in a day and have to give priority. event cam yang afdlin cakap tu anytime boleh hantar press release, tak payah hantar reporter.

and the idea is to connect with the right editors. cam that event, it should goes to column or features editor, rather than news editor. features editor can give much bigger space than news editor who are limited with current news.

for this, sometimes i blame whoever the media relations officer or what. don't expect everybody will get excited with the idea, instead must know who will get excited with the idea. it's all about marketing

Erra said...

thank you for the explanation, enche zuhri.

true, AIM need to be creative in ensuring their feat gets featured in magazines and the newspaper and therefore the general public are informed.

i'm on about news desk’s prioritising. Priority = Minister? Priority = Crime? Priority = Mawi WORLD? :op

Lama-lama jadi Mawi fan nih!

zuhri said...

priority for news desk? well, since i've sat in that chair before i should say that most of newsworthy means news that can sell the newspapers, means people want to read.

for newsdesks, usually it's ministers (that's obligation), crime (including natural disaster/accidents), court news, local news (sampah tak angkat, jalan rosak) and human interest (orang gigit anjing, mawi nak kahwin). the others will be covered by features, sports, biz and entertainment.

Erra said...

basically, you're saying the newsdesk's priority coverage is a reflection of our society ... scary thought, that!

but the mainstream newspaper is alienating readers like myself wooo! i can only tolerate the "others" bit of the mainstream newspaper. the news collection most of the time make me go, "apa kes?". hmmm ... or am i alone. gulp!