Monday, November 21, 2005

too short?

After my last relationship of 5 years, I yearned for a 'break'. I decided to enjoy my new found singleton. I haven't been doing any dating since.

My friends have now started arranging for blind dates and match making. Probably, being single for 8 months is far too long for them. I know they have the best intentions but I'm not interested to date. I had to make stupid excuses.

Anyways, there's this bloke. My friends were throwing questions at me. I had to find an excuse. "He was too short". That was all I can come up with. Goh! The brain very the slow already. Yes! You can now call me shallow. I've become a convert.

Now, the story. Let's call this friend of mine, Ginger.

Ginger was having a chat with her Mom. I'm not sure how my name crop up but Ginger had to tell her Mom what I said about the bloke, that "he was too short". And came the reply from her Mom, "but your father, he's a good man..."


I shall never step into their house. Ever!


zuhri said...

my clerk...he's short but has 2 wieves who are taller, wonder what's his secret?..hihihi

Erra said...

probably his good personality made up for what he lack in height but don't get me wrong.

I have nothing against men who lack height. Just that my friends take 'no' as an answer, so that's the best stupid excuse I can come up with, then. :op

zuhri said...

personality? hmm... my observation says, ayat dia memang power!!!!

mawi fan? not really's just curious. like madonna, i don't really fancy her but she always come up with something fresh and exciting that i just have to buy her cd to discover myself...gitu ler