Thursday, November 17, 2005

a very much advanced new year gift

I got the sweetest surprise when mom's friend, Auntie Yen, returned from spending her hari raya with her two kids in the UK. (They are studying in the UK; her son in Oxford and daughter in UCL ... erk! too much brains there!!!)

My sister kirim-ed a new year's gift, very much in advance. I hope this has nothing to do with my birtday eh! The birthday gift is still pending. You can start buying now. ;op

It was the very latest in the cult best selling series from Benrik; "The Diary Will Change Your Life 2006". It's a weekly diary which supposedly offer extreme self-improvement tasks, they are bizzare and irreverent to-dos, many of which are boarderline-illegal activities!!!


Note to me sis: Thanks Bots! I love it, you think I've got the "balls" to execute the tasks?!
P.S. Would the mundane-ness cease with the existence of this to-do-list?


elly said...

arina's birthday is coming too!!! ;) same2 lar

Erra said...

bam! whack! slap! OUCH! yes ... mummy-o ... i shall remember arina's birthday ... til death do us part ... the "beauty" of sharing the same birthday ... must get a pwezzie for the jr ... hmmm ... what shall i buy eh?!