Monday, June 12, 2006

choice + consequences

choice entails consequences
for better or worse, each choice is the unavoidable consequence of its predecessor
a good choice yields desirable fruit
a bad choice carries the seed of its own punishment
how do you make a choice?

you made a choice; you sacrificed for the ones you love
warnings were right; your worst fear came true, you suffered the consequences
yet again you are at that very same crossroad
yet again you are required to make a choice
abort for that serenity you’ve almost forgotten or sacrifice for the ones you love
do you still make that same choice?

p.s. chop!!! my "let go, let flow" doesn't apply here. :op


superdzu said...

hey did you watch 'something new'?

simon baker is so hot kan?

Erra said...


ha ah! it reminded me of my girlfriends + meself, especially the earlier bit ... :op

am circulating the DVD to them ... on simon baker, you have to rebut with padded bra ... rite now, i'm into george from junebug ... please smile again!!! auuwww!!!

bertique said...

when u think that u've made a wrong choices before, u suffered but towards the end of the day u realised that - it wasn't that bad of a choice.

life goes on, until the next cross road.

where we are forced to make the same choices again, so what we did? we choose otherwise, and found out that - it wasn't that good either ..

and we will keep on looking at the choices, and start coming out with the potential consequences to minimise risk.

although, after the few SWOT and risk analysis, we found out that .. in life there's no concrete good-fit choices.

it's all about how you fit yourself into those choices .. and making the most out of it no matter what the consequences are.

and that's the beauty of it ;), kan?

life is all about making choices and facing the consequences dahling.

Erra said...

oits! i pakai games theory la ... tak main laa swot analysis etc


you are perfectly right in your analysis ... hence, the let go, let flow attitude i've been adopting + it being brought up in 'something new' excites me.

this situation is more complicated + delicate. it's a choice, which the predecessor i myself fear facing.

cikPijah said...

weggieeee... like this i have to read 10 - 20 times to fully understand. like got literature homework ok! :P

Erra said...

cik pijoh

you've got the wrong course laa babe

we're not having a literature workshop here ... we are doing analytic philosophy

oh pening!


bertique said...

relax la weggie.

that was the old predecessor, people-things-and-everything changes over time. and it get complicated too ;) hehehe.

you handled it before, am sure u should be able to handle it again this time around. cuma, always remember that .. if you are stuck again at the cross road - dont forget to ask for direction ;).

sometimes, the bystander on the road side could help to guide you :P

hi dzu!

pijah pening ka?

Erra said...


lek arr bertique ... i'm good with my lever; i can effectively switch it on + off whenever i want. so, i'm not at all blue! :op

just that at the moment the risk is greater to stay on the same road, yet the risk is equally greater, but onto another person, to move on to another path.

anyways, guwe tengah happy gegila ... our favourite new yorker just got back + made a surprise visit to our office ... got ole ole for me, wa cakap lu!!!!


bertique said...

ehem ...

dpt ole2, tak mo share kers?