Sunday, June 18, 2006

do you believe in black magic?

i don't. to me - the situation of not knowing is real scary, to explain away by blaming it on black magic gives comfort.

i was in a taxi when i overheard a conversation the driver had with a girl; her fiance was having an extra curricular activity with some other girl. i said to myself: you just walk, girl. if he can do it now, what makes you think he can't do it later. from the conversation, i deduced the driver's a bomoh.

he later confirmed my suspicion by professing that he's a bomoh. he sensed my reservations when he was marketing his 'services' + started glancing at me to 'read' me. i panicked then. yup! tho i donch believe in black magic or hocus pocus, i somehow believe in physiognomy, palmistry and graphology. blardyhell you taxi driver!!!

he perfectly described my financials, family, past relationships + traits. the fact that i'm single pun jadi issue, saying many are interested but someone dah tutup my hati via black magic, then suruh me mandi bunga. blah laa! getting the reading right doesn't mean he's a good bomoh, just that he's experienced in face reading. i just smiled politely, when he was telling me his reading. lucky he didn't charge extra for the reading, kalo tak bankrupt oooOOoooOOooo ... once, one taxi driver tried to rip extra RM 50 off me for showing interest in his reading. :op

note to self: start wearing make up + plucking your eyebrows or maybe start wearing a full purdah + them big sunnies!

have a good week, peeps!

p.s. congratulations armi


cikPijah said...

kena ke pakai mekap, pluck eye-brow et all tue? aiyyoo.. duit lagie..

bertique said...

haha .. bomoh skang dah tukor modus operandi ekk .. bawak teksi ;). guess, it pretty easy to get more customer by doing so kan? lelama i think they will work out some member-introduce-members scheme ..

black magic, do i believe in it? not sure myself, but hmm .. i know they exist. just be extra careful next time when taking a ride or etc la ..

NaHLaH said...

ooo i like the pic!! very very nice :D black magic? agree with bertique... they do exist n let us all be careful, just in case...

PiNaT said...

seram.. seram..

kalau i dah mintak turun dah.. tak pun buat2 baca buku ke hapa ke.. tak mau layan..

ah, tak jadi gak.. sure nak turun time tu.. eii, takut..

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

eh.bukan salah disisi undang2 ke amik multiple passenger pada satu2 masa?

kusing tu pun terer black magic gak ke?

besar dan ramai sungguh ahli rap group husband your friend tu. said...

wegra,donch pecaye bomoh ok.
big fat liars la them.
donch go to bomohs,go la to darul syifa'.

and lets go eyebrow threading.
and wear colored contact lenses.
and a minimum bit of make-up.
and we'll be the honey to the bees.

Erra said...

adeh...deh...deh... sakit badan deh

yo, waddup cikpijoh!

wegra semangat nak buat 5 seconds after getting off the cab je ... pastu terus lupa ... wegra mudah lupa ...

yo, waddup bertique!

if they can hocus pocus, how come they are not a millionaire? still want to pow me who is the very pokai

yo, waddup nina!

which? kami rappers yo yo yo or smelly cat?

yo, waddup pinat!

kalau takoot pun mana boleh tunjuk. kene blakon confident, cool, calm + collected. notty peeps want to attack oso not sure if they should or otherwise.

yo, waddup cik pms!

'twas a phone conversation.
hi brucie!

kusing itu master black magic.
hi brucie!

i tak kenal the bride. tu kengkawan my brother zaman kekanak; bebudak yang sokmo tompang tengok tv kat my house, sesuka hati buat bbq, datang untuk free lunch, tompang holiday kitorang, jamming bagai nak rak etc etc. the one bersila in black kat depan is emi. armi is oso my friend, ms padded bra punya cousin.
hi brucie!

eyebrow threading = $$$$ fly fly ... colored contact lenses = $$$$ fly fly ... make-up = $$$$ fly fly

bye honey! bye bees!
hi bomoh! waddup yo!


Erra said...

today i learn something new

if you are travelling with a two month old baby ... you just request for a vaccinate seat ... you pay your airfare ... kalo ikoot travel agent, they want to charge 10% on top of the business class fare ... grrrRRrrrrRrrrrRRRR

sigh! lama2 leh jadi travel agent nih ...

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

why would i wanna travel with a 2 month old baby?
baby i sekor yang you duk hi, hi tu pun i tak larat nak bawak travel. erkk.

hi brucie!

eh tiena, moh join class jazzersize tu for real. montot i dah gerak2 nih. haaa teruja nih! said...

jazzercise can..!
but start next month can ah?
bln ni cam bz sket.:p

hi wegra's brudder.
woot woot!

bertique said...

hmm .. betul gak. tapi dulu mona fendey almost jadi org kaya tau .. plus, david blain .. david copperfield pun sama .. hehe

tapi depa use black magic utk entertainment la .. which is ok la kan ..

anyway seperti yg dijanji, pautan ke jazzercise -

selamat menari dan bergumbira. maaf saya tak leh join, lain jadinyer nnt .. hahahaha

Erra said...

ala bertique

apa salahnya! kita leh shopping baju sesama ... :op

amaran wat mereka yang dah tak fit, tidak ditujukan kepada + cik pms

first time wegra buat ... 1/2 way terus semput maut ... berdiri stone tengok orang ... :op

fuiyoh! terrer gila ... i had this song in my head + i was singing to it ... bukak radio the song was playing ... thank you

zezz said...

weg, lucky he didnt ask you to mandi bawah jambatan he he he

Erra said...


ada ke such thing????

*wegra imagine mandi kat sungai klang*


bertique said...

i'd love to join, tapi .. dont think so .. can imagine myself wrap in the latex baju and menari-nari riang :P ..

*gelak guling-guling*

semlm ngk capoiera kat tv, somewhere pj area .. rm100 per month, train until u die. hehe cam best jek .. hahaha

agus said...

i think black magic wujud. people do make use of the devil. i know a few people whose family are badly affected by others using black magic. it's very dangerous.

let's all be careful and watch what we say and do. there are very sick people in the world who are easily offended over tiny and unreasonable stuff.

Woh, serious pulak tone...