Thursday, June 22, 2006

raw and real

anthony hamilton

have a good weekend y'all!


superdzu said...

raw and real
rock and roll
rest and relax

set ok!

superdzu said...

change of plans
pijoh wants to do it on sunday

bertique said...

jadi ke movie saturday nih? hmm .. kat johor dah that time .. but am sure no one miss me pun .. ngeh ngeh

have a good weekend to you too! said...

raw and real,indeed.

eh u ols,y movie dis sun??
i kenotttt..
u ols saje tanak kasi i join kan..:p

ruby ahmad said...

Hey wegra is it!

Ha ha ha. Been meaning to visit you and now at last tercapai cita2. Missed last night tak dapat join you guys. I have the same ailment as the singer, sore throat. The voice too sexy to let others hear me..he he. Making my rounds with our TKC bloggers. Thinking of making a list of our home-grown bloggers. Wanna help me out dear?


Wan Bi.

anisism said...

haaaaaaaaaai kak ya!!!!!!!!!!

*wave emi*

Erra said...

suparrrDzu + bertique +

sunday 3 pm?

(alamak!) hi wan bi!

wouldn't mind helping out, definitely!


apa kak ya? kak ya?

we all ajak kuar, eksen! kuar ngan emi + zul boleh! hmmmph!!!