Monday, June 12, 2006

a nice surprise

this afternoon, my sister's friend since kindergarten waltzed into the office literally, we jerit-ed like two mad women. i haven't seen her for over a year. it was a nice surprise!

meet emylia.

she's just got home from new york for her summer, with a tee from urban outfitters for meself, y'all! donch jeles dzu! got a spesel message on the tee summore for missy suparrrdzu...

'okii oppai', not so much

and a purse ... why is everyone getting me purses lately huh? any subliminal message? my 13 year old boyish black torn + tattered fabric 'wallet' not cool enough? or is it a prayer? ... amin ...

p.s. ita a.k.a bibots, sila jeles ... emylia, merci beaucoup!

untuk perhatian bibots damdumdim (we know you jeles)

emi balik

my brother emi has been away for 30 months, i went to the airport on sunday to pick him up, mama tagged along. i told him i'll have my car parked between "Pintu 5&6" and "Pintu 7" signage. when we reached at the designated area, there were trolleys falling off the pavement onto the road.

mama : diorang ni tak reti tolong betulkan the trolleys ke? lalu lalang macam tak nampak je.
wegra : welcome to malaysia, ma. you want me to teach them how to do it?
mama : pegi la.

*wegra left the drivers seat to push the trolleys off the road + tidily group them*

wegra : ada orang tengok tak?
mama : tak de
wegra : demmit!

emi came + after we've unloaded his stuff, he went to push the trolley into the assigned area. mama + meself went giggling, "orang puteh".

now, meet emi's controversial hair-do. lek laa pak, it's just a hair-do, ada apa dengan rambut?

apart from my sister, emi is the other person i don't mind getting me bhajus bhajus. he's got good taste. i told him i've gone up to a size 12, he saw my blog pictures + assumed that i was exaggerating + got me a size 10 top. ayoh! bye bye cute top. i like you oredi but we don't fit.


anis daud said...

kenapa sumer orang asyik nak kene jeles?

Erra said...


saja, ske. hang kat penang ka?

Anonymous said...

Bestnye.. maryam, if you dun want the purse, I would love to have it.. or you can give me the black clutch that u stole from me...hahaha

so, drama dah abis ke?

Anonymous said...

oohh.. maryam.. the t-shirt is PINK.. suits u..

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...


he he.


Erra said...


belum ah, but i'm putting it on the shelve to think about later ... i really am sorry to bail on you guys like that

erm ... shocking pink OK! :op

cik pms

amender? apasal call masa wa tido semalam?

bertique said...

byk nyer dpt hadiah.

so this entry ala2 iklan la ek? hehe .. previous 1/2 suma cam drama/konflik .. ;)

Erra said...


nak wat cemana ... tetiba orang semua nak generous ... ma kasih, y'all!

colourful life i have, full of contradictions laks tu ... leh wat a few samarinda ... :op

cpj said...

waaa!! byk nye hadiah!!!

ehemm... weggie.. i can fit size 10! macam seswai kan?


bertique said...

hey, we all do face the same situation like u do la .. cuba the degrees adalah berlainan .. that's what make life fun kan? heheh

hmm .. biler nak sambung samarinda nih? dah ada tajuk?

*eagerly waiting ...

Erra said...


harks! but it's too cute to give away ... :op

di bi du bi du du bi du dam dam

Erra said...


memang laaa ... belakang2 kitorang gelak je, tapi bila berdepan kene wat muka serious ... :op

to write ... i donch have the luxury of time ...

gus said...

bye bye top...does it miss you, being size 10 and you 12?
...not so much...

anis daud said...

i'm an 8, but my boobs can fit into a size 10 top. so i'm happy to have them.

sila jeles.

popcornelvis said...


tak jeles pun

but if you dontch want the tee and purse..

i want.


popcornelvis said...

anisism....big boobs!

sini club house for big boobies ka?

Erra said...


apasal semua ada comprehension problem ni? ke i write poorly? :op

the pink tee fits me like a glove ;o)

yang problem the cute cotton tube top my brother beli ... he thinks his sister is still cute miut ... not anymore OK!

hi emi!

mana boleh bagi diorang kan! emi beli untuk ya! :op

Erra said...



tak jeles langsung. kalo you nak sikit pun i boleh bagi, alang2 biar fit size 12. ;o)

cpj said...

demmit! sini club utk big boobies ke?

damn! kena mkn ayam byk2 cammnih! :P

Erra said...

gedik laa cikpijoh

ohhhh!!! you want me to say it out loud ...

cikpijoh chang no oppai okii desu yo!!!!

waddup yo!

bertique said...

ni apa nih saiz 8 la .. 10 la 12 la ..

i saiz 34 ok.

sapa nak baju i?

cpj said...

oiy weggie!! kejadahnye! i no speaking jappanese!

where got gediks? normal whaaaaattt!!!

*back to mkn ayam*

(on the way balik kena singgah KFC ni!)

anis daud said...

heh. i said "i'm happy to have them" tuh, bukan means i'm happy to have my boobs. well of course i'm happy with my boobs lah, but i meant to say i'm happy to have them tops from NY.

what's with the boobs story la!

ifzan ibrahim said...

wei whats with the gambar pintu pecah?
mana gamba orang putehnye hairdo?
hi maryam

Erra said...


nak ikoot gi KFC!!!!

nak itot!!! nak itot!!!

rasa riang, rasa hebat di mcdonalds

eh ... silap jinggle


dzu started the boobs business ... che akak medium ... shooh! shooh!

i have no problem with NY gifts ... my brother's je yang apasal kechik sangat ... kene carik minimiser ah!

Erra said...


the last 3 pictures i wanted to upload to this post tableh upload ... dah max out kot ... so rambut ong puteh got dropped out

Erra said...

p.s. ifzan

the gambar is just a gambar my sister requested