Friday, June 15, 2007

awesome talent

i was reduced to tears, the carphone warehouse salesman blew me away. check him out!

+ update +

azean irdawati is down with breast cancer + is short of cash for the mastectomy operation. if you or anyone you know wish to chip in + help out. buzz me for her details.


Anonymous said...

*standing ovation*

he looks like william hung,but has the talent like pavarotti.:p

elly said...

wah! amazing..

bertique said...



gus said...

OMG! That was brilliant! I don't know whether it was induced by your 'tears' confession or the genuine effect it had on me, but I was reduced as well, short of a napkin wipe.

What show is that anyway?

gus said...

Or maybe it's amanda's obvious heavy breathing.

Yeah, checked it out. Britain's got talent is all over youtube. And Amanda is simply gorgeous...

Anonymous said...

I heard about azean irdawati's condition. how is she doing now? if you know by chance. *sigh*

2 new cancer case in a week. too much to absorbed.

Erra said...


pavarotti sang that once, 'twas puccini's "nessum dorma" from the torandot opera. i reckon the best tenor who've sung this number is jussi bjorling.

yeah! my other nerdy interest. :op


kan ... his voice touches you




i know ... he was brilliant!

'twas the song ... and his spot on delivery tugging the heart.


she's a strong woman but dah kurus. she's trying to raise a mere RM 50K for the operation + to finance her recuperating period. she asked for an advance payment from a director directing her next film, the director went quiet + cut her off. hence, her seeking help from friends. over the weekend, there was 2 events. dato' shake volunteered to sing for free to raise money at a saturday event which we were involved in, the event owner declined, saying it's not their problem. the sunday event agreed to help pass the hat around + called their guests in advance. so we raised some dosh for her.