Thursday, June 07, 2007

life, interrupted

the last time i saw zt was when wes borland was here + that was a few days before my hair went 'frizzy'.

zt came home for a week, last week, to pack baby zaara off to the uk. she managed to squeeze us into her tight schedule last thursday.

hung out with mummy-o + daddy-o both friday + saturday evenings, the lepak sessions was laced with giggle-fest + fart-fest ... err ... did i just say, fart-fest? you know, when you're no longer a semi-alien, why do friends' boyfriend + hubby burp + fart + snore freely when you're a guest? (and i'm not talking about daddy-o)

for the record, since i was brought up to be prim + proper, i was badly traumatised by the assault ok!

we saw noryn aziz at alexis + most importantly "pirates of the carribean: at world's end".

OMG!!! will turner is very the hemsem!!! especially when he was at flying dutchman's helm. will must perform his duty for 10 years at sea, not allowed to set foot on land until the 10 years are up. i think if i were elizabeth, i'd be ok with the arrangement.

to me the latest instalment of the pirates of the carribean delivers its 'umph!' only at the final hour (time tu laa nak pegi loo! demmit!), the earlier parts were rather gorged + self-indulgent. nonetheless, the movie was wildly entertaining.

saw "hors de prix" with tiena + agus on sunday, not before having to suffer dave's deli food + getting confused because an absent someone decided to get emotional. i recommended the movie because i've seen many of audrey tautou's work + she's always been brilliant, so you can never go wrong with one of her movies.

from the poster, the title (’priceless’) and the opening credits, there is no mistaking that you are about to watch some light romantic comedy. in the style of quatre etoiles, we get to see audrey tautou playing the cynical seductress in a world of superficial wealth.

hors de prix is the cinema equivalent of that timeless fascination with watching the little bubbles in your glass of champagne as they rise; you know where it’s going, you know where it comes from, but it seems like magic none the less.

chop! i know because i've worked in a restaurant + bar tendered (back at university); in simple english i don't drink!


i leave you with 'kangen' by maliq + d'essentials

p.s. there's a wedding this weekend ... imran + asma are tying the knot + don't have anything in lilac. erk ... shopping time!!!!


Anonymous said...

aboy absolutely loves the band
we liked it too
tapi video clip dia horror siot!


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

i think i know orang yang emo tu. tak senonoh betul. ptuiii !

wow. i lupa skejap betapa chomelnya abang Wes... hmmm.. yumm...wess.... said...

ala,i je ke yg lom tgk pirates?*sigh*

Erra said...

daddy-o a.k.a. da-dad

have you heard kangen, the piano version ... umaaakkkk aiii!!! gorgeous!!!!

tu laa ... i just found out before the wedding aboy + i share similar taste in music ... kalo tau tak yah susah2 cari gang.

cik pms

ntah ... ptuiii! ptuiii!

nak ajak you tengok sekali ari tu ... we saw the 1:30 a.m. show ... but you have to catch the show!

Naziah said...

yeap... MY will turner looks good as the captain of the Dutchman. MY WILL TURNER! MINE! MINE!! (I need more brain stimulation... Too long of a holiday I have)...

Erra said...


excuse me?!?!?!?!?!

over my dead body!