Wednesday, June 13, 2007

no storm lasts forever

"badai pasti berlalu" is a remake of 1978 indonesian movie with the same title. the original movie was directed by teguh karya, and teddy soeriaatmadja directs the remake.

it tells a story about siska, who's heart was broken once when her fiancé cheated on her + since, she had turned bitter + cold towards men. when she pulls her courage to love again, she got hurt-ed again, and again ... kesian.

the director tried to fit too much into the 90 minutes, he failed to allow siska's story with helmi, a conman, grow, so much so i forgot to hate helmi. one scene in this remake reminded me of "cinema paradiso", well it's actually an exact photocopy of the scene from "cinema paradiso". kantoi!!!!


if you girls want something light on a lazy sunday afternoon, i'd recommend the movie (not for the boys, they would tear their hair out watching the flick ... but brucie should see the movie, since the door to his heart had been bulldozed, i bet he can 'feel'). i wouldn't recommend mummy-o see this film though, bekos she'll definitely use up all tissue papers in the house. :op

another reason i think "badai pasti berlalu" would appeal to most readers, especially them who appreciate all things beautiful is vino goivanni bastian ...


sapa nak pinjam DVD (original ok, not bajakan) to drool over vino sila register diri di sini (this offer applies to both boys + girls).


ipang - 'ada yang hilang' from OST Realita, Cinta, dan Rock 'n' Roll.


Anonymous said...

eh, ada fasha sandha and que haidar?

mooke at wordpress

Anonymous said...


yup! fasha sandha sekadar posing2 ... but que haidar played one solid character in the movie ... his indon's quite good ... they could've just made him a malaysian medic student in indonesia but no, he's indonesian in the movie

Anonymous said...

dat gio guy was the one who played the gay-ish 'dao ming se' in 30 hari mencari cinta kan?;p

Erra said...


'iya ... tepat skali deh!

my next hunt "realita, cinta + rock 'n roll"

cpj said...

eeek! saya beratur duluu! nak pinjam weggieee! i tot there's a story book with similar title i read masa zaman skolah dulu... by khadijah hashim kot.. i might be wrong :p

cpj said...

owh.. urban outfitters blum summer sale lagi :p

Erra said...


novel khadijah hashim gimana sih jalan cerita nya? the flick is based on a novel by marga t <- i have no idea who this person is

owh ... gwe kangen banget sama urbanoutfitters ... nggak apa, nggak perlu buah tangan nya ... lho cuma hug + kiss pintu urbanoutfitters buat gwe!

*praktis slang indon*

elly said...

WAHH2 wegz! practise ek? hehe

After yeww!!

PiN(u/a)Ts said...

bak sini bagi pinjam.. pos pakai dhl, hehehe..

Erra said...


he he ... tak sabar gi jakarta ... pray with me, malid + d'essentials ada buat show in jakarta that night


pakai dhl ... bak mai address + your dhl account number