Friday, June 08, 2007

be careful what you wish for ...

thursday evening, thinking that i was hilariously funny (yes! i know, au contraire ... like daftness to the core), i wrote these lyrics on cik pms's comment box ...

i'm going to find a grill to close my heart,
from the ugly and the hurt,
that can come from people you care most,
i'm going to find the grill,
and call a locksmith,

mmm tak mmm mmm tak <- beatboxing

scratch! scratch! scratch! <- garu tangan

this morning, i was locked out of office. thanks very much to her royal highness (read: myself) leaving her set of keys inside the office, the night before.

the office clan had gone straight to cyberjaya, putrajaya + bangi. i had to prepare for an 11 a.m. + 3 p.m. ... having considered all options, the best solution would be to call the locksmith.

and so i called a locksmith... no, i did not fix any grill on my heart.

lesson learnt:

be careful what you wish for
'cause you just might get it all
you just might get it all
and then some you don't want
be careful what you wish for
'cause you just might get it all
you just might get it all, yeah

sekian, untuk makluman.


mental muz said...

you should have wished for a beemer or a beetle or for me to be ultra rich sigh..

Anonymous said...

i wish for a thousand wish.
does that count? hey still got 999 more wishes what if it comes true!!


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...


sadis gile okay !!!!


masyallah.. is that why you called? kesiannya.. i was in a meeting with some 'important' people, 'important' being their own claim, kalau tak, i wouldve come running and we can break the door to your heart, errr i mean you office door together!

be careful what you wish for !!

zuhri said...

shud call copperfiled maaaa....he can walk thru walls...

Ihsan said...
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Ihsan said...

check it out.. then go to the imran asma set..
i'll email the photos later =) said...

hahhaahh weggy,u ARE funny..;)

mummy-o said...

did it take long for the locksmith to arrive?!

Erra said...


kan??? tu laa pasal ... silap ...

daddy-o a.k.a. da-dad

then share them with me!