Thursday, June 28, 2007

the bleeding child within

'the bleeding child within' is a title of the book vivienne freeman didn't get to write ...

‘snow cake’ is a charming indie film; a collaboration between british + canadian productions. sigourney weaver gave a stellar performance in the flick as linda freeman, an autistic lady, alternating between off putting brashness, engaging honesty + bursting of spontaneous, childlike behaviour.

the movie is character-focused, precise in its arc + just roomy enough to let its performers breathe expand at the languid pace the material demands. it is funny, quirky (in a good way) + ultimately uplifting.

if you like ‘beautiful mind’ or ‘by hook or by crook’, you may like ‘snow cake’.

oh ... and i love the tracks in 'snow cake'!

"same deep water as me" - i am kloot
"alright now” - free
"notteru ondo" - japanese folk song
"deep in the heart of texas" - sigourney weaver
"northern lad" - tori amos
"just looking" - stereophonics
"anthems for a seventeen year old girl" - broken social scene
"let it die" - feist
"hello sunshine" (Radio Edit) - super furry animals

so i leave you with hello sunshine by super furry animals.

have a good weekend y'all!

this weekend, i'm doing 'transformers' with a bunch of excited 28 year olds (tak mengaku 29 tu) ... transformers ... more than meet the eyes! woohoo!!!

i love you optimus prime!

and sapa berani ... gwen stefani @ 21 august 2007, lets yok jom!


Anonymous said...

transformers, eh? tapi i tak larat la nak beratur panjang and berebut this weekend. maybe next 2 weekends. F4 also best...hehehee

elly said...

joms! gwen also!

Anonymous said...

oy!tak ajak i pun tgk transformers..

mental muz said...

transformer a bit boring to my liking huhuhuhu

Anonymous said...


fantastic four?!

i saw it + was a tad bit disappointed


lets jom yok moh!


i ajak you tengok die hard 4.0, jom!

mental muz

the storyline is simple, but the delivery ... FANTABULOUS!