Monday, June 11, 2007

feng tau nation

i haven't been doing any feng tau since the salem genting rave party in 2004. al-maklum, dah tua. last saturday, kawan punya pasal, i feng tau-ed. that same evening (or morning, rather), i made another record ... things i've done before turning 30 now includes berbaring di tengah jalan, bersebelahan one utama + lari lintang pukang apabila kerata datang menghampiri. a moral police, upon reading my post, may group me with the others in feng tau nation + label us as 'rosak akhlak' or 'social'. a cool snob may cringe at the confession of my latest things-i've-done-before-turning-30 input.

i on the other hand, i don't think its fair to judge people by them superficials. what's important to me is that a person have a good heart, they have the best intentions + they don't intentionally hurt others.

live life to the fullest (how ever you define it)!

kaer - 'izin ku pergi'


PiN(u/a)Ts said...

berhati2 di jalan raya.. itu je nasihat aku.. hahaha..

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

hahahahaha !!

roadkill !!!

n|ns said...

alamak... sungguh best aksi itu :O said...

weggy,u ARE the best boogie-woogie partner,babe..she moved to the sound non-stop like she's energizer batteries-operated yo.;)

Stupe said...

LOL...would be more hilarious if yo gang up with another 3 friends and pretend to haul you up into the car...macam accident la..

then recite:

"girl, girl, are you ok?"

agus said...

Who dat moral police? Who dat cool snob? I just see shallow peeps.

Oops, did I just judge?

Who dat cares...

We gon' feng tau in borneo rainforest next! Yeh bebeh!!!

che'fara said...

ala bestnya.nak baring gak.heh. said...

agus,feng tau in the rainforest?erm well dat seems unlikely to happen.cost tinggi sgt..;(

wegra said...


terlebih berhati2 tu ... keta baru kona masuk jalan ... ada laa dalam 100 meter from us dah lari lintang pukang


cik pms

planning another roadkill shooting ... mau jadi extras?

you jadi crasy driver ok?


best? itu aksi tak sedau diri dah approaching the big




battery lambat start apa ... kul 12 baru start boogie full throttle



that would require an upgrade to a camcorder ... will be our next project ... you want to be an extra as well in our project?


eh? ... only i am allowed to judge ... you people kenot!!!


eh ... jangan!!!

itu aksi stunt master professional ... kids, don't try this at home.


korang kensel rainforest, i kompem jakarta ... i'm off to jakarta that weekend yo!


agus ... you feng tau in kuching + i feng tau in jakarta ... we telepathically feng tau together gether!

Anonymous said...

had a picture taken like that(one with u lying on the road),but that was one of the things i did while i was still in school!!!things to do before i turned 17..haha weggy dah tue..boleh feng tau plak..


wegra said...



hence me insisting arina call me kakak ... now you understan-g?

zezz said...

tsk tsk

pelajar bermasalah


Erra said...


pelajar?!?!?! (read: muda remaja)


bermasalah pun bermasalah laa

Anonymous said...