Wednesday, July 11, 2007

malaysian invasion ... eh?

i'm curious ... what do you see in this picture?

a convergence?

... or ...

an invasion?

perhaps a blasphemy? :op

or maybe you don't understand what i'm referring to ...

izan just rang ... told me to not fong fei kei on her ... aiyeh! ... macam boleh baca my mind je ... lucky the flight has been postponed to 11 p.m. i hope i get to finish all that needs to be done + hand over weekend tasks to my office mate before i leave.


was at yan + lin's wedding on sunday. saw allya's parents seated at the main table. after the dinner, i ran towards them to say 'hi' but immediately they were surrounded by peeps wanting to shake hands with them, so i decided to make a big u-turn. erk!

they had indonesian songs throughout the wedding - tompi, glenn fredly, maliq and d'essentials + others. but somehow, this song stuck ... 'tercipta untukku' - ungu

have a good weekend, y'all!


Desparil said...

language apostasy?

Erra said...

*betulkan skrew kepala*

language apostasy ... language irtidad ... hmmm ... interesting ... who is the apostate? which language is being rejected?

mental muz said...

its in penang for the first time! come on, no excuses. drag tiena along if u have to said...

so-called bestfren's the price u pay to get to know a person kan..but if i were u,i'd still ask for my money.even if it's $350 only.

neway muz,yeah im planning to go to penang for dat music festival.tak dpt pegi rainforest,pegi penang pon jadi lah..:p


wegra said...


darling ... i'm working that weekend laa ... :o(


yang i ralat sangat is the 'mengejar matahari' vcds. it was a hadiah from my mom + spot on, it was the kind of movie i like. '9 naga' is still being retailed, but i've been looking for 'mengejar matahari' belum jumpa2.

Stupe said...

actually, what right does anyone has to clamp your car? i saw on 5th GEar on Astro Channel 78 that it's illegal. Some driver actually hs ways to dislodge the lock from the wheels...

anyway..MEMARKIR? came from the root word PARKIR eh?

mummy-o said...

are u back yet?!

Desparil said...


that's in the uk lah. and it's not illegal, just that there are certain conditions that must be met e.g. must have signboard, can only be done on private land with permission of landowner etc..