Monday, July 02, 2007


'spiderman 3' + 'pirates of the caribbean: at world's end' + 'fantastic four: rise of the silver surfer', had left me leaving the hall unsatisfied. imagine how nervous i was stepping into the hall of my most anticipated movie, after three relatively bad experiences.

for mankind, us six stooges (read: mummy-o + daddy-o + raz + riz + en emi + meself) caught 'transformers' at 1:00 a.m.

if there is really a child inside every man, the latest actioner has the key to unleash the child within. the film is spectacularly loud + hugely entertaining + dorky cool. the plot lines were kept simple, but the snarl of action had kept me planted at the edge of my seat, even my in-case-of-an-emergency-strong-coffee was barely touched. be warned though, the movie is laced with some corny moments. yucky yucky!

honestly, this is the most fun i had at the movies, all year. 'transformers' is definitely movie of the year. i presumed the audience who saw the movie with me are on the same page on this since they applaud after the show.

i highly recommend 'transformers'!

p.s. mr dadad, it was 'to punish and enslave' instead of 'to serve and protect' on the police car, sharp eh your eyes.

7 comments: said...

yeah setuju!

i was gripping shrek's hand tightly the whole time,tighter at times sampai sakit tgn dia.:p..dat was how on-edge i was during the movie.

it brings back all the childhood nostalgia and i left the hall feeling like a 6 y.o again.

80's cartoons rock yo.;)

cikPijah said...

best giller!!!

beesssssttttt gilllerrrrr!!!!

agus said...

"You have to watch it! My heart kept pounding the whole two hours because of the action. You have to watch it!" A friend told me.

I have to watch it!

mummy-o said...

thank you thank you thank you for the superb seats we got!!!!!

superdzu said...

best movie of the year!!!

watching it again tonight..

che'fara said... come i tak watch lagik.
demmit lah.

nak gie tengok jugaklahh.

Anonymous said...

i saw to punish and bla bla
my eyes not so sharp wan...
my ears lagi teruk...
anyways..transformers at imax was rather disappointing no?

enche dadad
ps; y ar i got enche now?