Monday, July 23, 2007

music and i

"ya and her music", bapak used to complain.

during my last trip to jakarta, i bought 20 music CDs + 3 DVDs. in the process, we made friends with the boys at the music store in eX + hung out hours listening to CDs by current indonesian artistes, discussing indonesian films before izan decided she was hugry.

oh ya! when you go to a shopping mall like senayan city in jakarta, make sure you dress up all stylo, in full make up, with your hair nicely done. leave your crocs + havaianas for tanah abang or mangga dua. trust me, you have to listen to this piece of advice or you'll regret it!

the three of us went to senayan city in our tees, capri pants + slippers. as we entered the mall, we made a big u-turn out. after pulling the courage, we walked back in. it was like being at a catwalk, we felt out of place.

after a while, zurra nudged me + asked me to look to my left. finally, we spotted people sharing the same fashion sense - two helpers taking care of a few kids for their ma'am, who's shopping in coach.


zurra noted, my decision to buy a CD is not solely based on the music but the cover design as well. so, if you want to sell your album to impulsive buyers like me, make sure you cover design is attractive. bila sampai rumah baru menyesal ...


i wanna share a song by mocca with you - 'i remember'

have a brilliant week ahead, peeps!


mental muz said...

i like tompi-salahkah tapi i tak beli la cd original like u. donwload mp3 sudah hahaha

gravtkills said...

i heard abt the stylo milo of senayan

wegra said...


i practice selective katakan-tidak-kepada-cetak-rompak. i only buy original CDs by local + regional artistes, sebab they need the money. americans don't need my money, so gwe bajak their music. i mean, i tak pernah beli CD original missy E but she's got a Ferarri customised bed



yeah ... we felt so comot. i mean, full make up + salon fresh hair, to a mall ... gila apa?!?!?!

the next day we put extra effort on how we dress. :op said...

tompi is good.but i only buy yg original dewa/dewa19's cds.yg lain2 download/pirated sajork..teeheehee.

wegra said...


tak pe lah ... asalkan ada that mix - original + bajakan.


che'fara said...

sell me the cds yang u tanak kat i okay tak?

by 1 free 1 okay dAK?

wegra said...


i ciplak all of them ... i sell RM 1.50 each to you nak?


che'fara said...


i serious neh.

wegra said...



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